F*CKING: Screw Your Definition of Sacred

Matthew Gaynor

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“Sex is kicking death in the ass while singing.”

Charles Bukowski

It seems since the page has taken a different route lately that I am being met with a lot of resistance, and back lash from my readership; both males and females alike have been up in arms over the sexual content and discussions happening regularly now.

Quite frankly, I’m shocked.

I am not new to the blogging/writing world, or being an Admin and I am most certainly not new to the concept that people don’t agree with everything I post but, to see people so upset over sex, and sexual articles on an Occult page is baffling.

I thought, overall, that we were a pretty open-minded community to all kinds of taboo topics, lifestyles, and desires; even though we need to do some serious work within the community about accepting our own.

Have I underestimated my fellow Witches and Occultists, or have I just been blessed with meeting some glorious douchebags?

I wrote a little rant on the page recently, and a blog a few weeks ago that touched on this topic and I thought for sure it would die down but, it’s only gotten worse.

One comment that was made twice has been ruminating:

“The Admin of this page is promoting empty Spiritualism by promoting Whoredom. There is no such thing as a Sacred Whore.”

First of all, I was offended.

I don’t “promote” anything; I tell my story from my perspective with a splash of practical advice and interesting articles I find along the way.

I have stated MANY times that I don’t want people to think like me, therefore what do I promote?

Whatever. I let that part go but, empty Spiritualism?

There is nothing empty about me,

Or my page.

Let’s make one thing clear: Consensual Sex is always Sacred.

Yup, even drunken one night stands; the boring, the passionate, the sloppy, the kinky, the sweaty and everything in between—it’s ALL Sacred.

You can give it pretty names like “making love” or “physical union” or you can simply say fucking–either way, it all originates from the same place, and it truly is all Sacred.

Let us not forget the emotional part though; different types of sex do require different emotional responses and sex is an amazing outlet to express oneself.

I debated with one guy who commented and his rebuttal at one point was, “by commercializing sex (ie. Sex work, prostitution, etc.) and engaging in casual sexual activity that it took away the sanctity of it all.”

I couldn’t disagree more.

Sidenote: sex work is work and I fully support sex worker’s rights.

There are many facets and layers to sex, sexual acts and sexual desires.

Sex is not “one size fits all”.

As stated in posts before if there is suppression of emotional, physical or Spiritual trauma that is causing the sexual promiscuity or perversion, if you will, then the issue needs to be addressed so that you can heal and move on.

But, if you happen to just really like sex, if you happen to just like multiple partners, or kink, or orgies, or anything else that your heart desires simply because it feels good and it is what YOU WANT TO DO, then more power to you!

To be inclusive, if you aren’t interested in sex and are a-sexual, or gray ace, more power to you, too!

Sex and sexual identity are complex issues.

Back to my point, the thought that I’m promoting “empty spiritualism” is crazy…

True spirituality is found in living, breathing, and becoming our most authentic self; one could say that Nirvana could be reached by this very practice.

Our truest, most authentic self is the pathway to our higher self which is the gateway to ascension.

Maybe my authentic self is being celibate for now or forever, maybe yours is one partner, maybe someone else’s is fucking the whole neighborhood; we each experience sex differently and no one way is the right way.

Our sexual Self is our primal nature embodied; it’s one of the rawest, truest forms of expression (this part is key which is why I said it twice).

As for commercializing sex as said in the comment, I don’t see a problem with it. People have exchanged sexual favors for money/goods/status since the beginning of recorded human history.

Let me point out that I am not including the horrific practice of sex trafficking (obviously) nor am I suggesting that there is no such a thing as forced prostitution; something that is very dangerous for the worker.

My keywords here are: safe and consensual.

I am talking about the fact that there *is* such a thing as safe, consensual sex work (regardless if it is illegal or considered immoral by some standards).

And, I personally do not think that money being involved takes away from the act being Sacred.

Since when does Sacred mean unity with one other person under specific circumstances, candles lit all around, and chanting some Ancient hymns?

Why can’t someone’s Sacred be wild, passionate fucking and/or multiple partners?

We all get off on different things, and I think that just like sex, Sacred is subjective.

When we start to force yet another stereotype of how we “should be” we lose sight of who we are.

We all judge people to one degree or another it’s human nature but, we really need to get over ourselves and stop judging people for their sexual desires and what they choose to do as a consenting adult.

Judging someone based upon the type of sex they have is self-righteous, sanctimonious, and rooted in superiority; not to mention it’s none of our goddamn business.

To sum it up, sex is energy, Sacred energy at that; energy may change but it always remains.

Certain situations make the energy more potent than others but it’s Sacred, even when it makes you uncomfortable and challenges your moral compass.

If you are projecting your morality on to others, something tells me your true motives need to be brought to light and questioned.

“Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike.”

Oscar Wilde


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Sacred Sex


Love your articles..The ones that’s say that there is no such thing as sacred whore or prostitute need to do research …Sex is a gift from the Divine..😘

I am happy to hear that you enjoy my blog, I thank all my readers.

However, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of my current state of mind/state of life, and your observations of my blog posts.

I have been more sensitive than usual to people’s criticism, I will admit that, but that is simply because the insults and instigation have been coming left and right on the page; only so much one person can handle, and it *is* a lot to handle with so many readers/page followers. Not to mention that I am a sensitive person in general and I do not consider that a fault, I will not apologize and I will not try to build a thicker skin–I am who I am, and if my readers don’t like the direction my blog is taking then they do not have to read anymore.

I am known for my fiery reactions to all sorts of topics, perhaps you have not been following for long enough to know that or maybe you have not seen it in action.

As for your opinion that I have anger and negativity towards other practitioners, I couldn’t disagree with you more. I am about uniting the community amidst all of our differences, and this blog did not once promote any sort of divisiveness.

I thank you for your commentary but, you are out of line. Have a good night.

You do not need to explain yourself at all… and you did! You could simply ignore the haters but you chose to help them understand… in the end, they will still hate and stay the same, confined in their self-restricting bubble of one dimensional consciousness. You on the other hand are ever evolving, growing, nurturing the real, and living your passions in life. Big love to you and yes, fuck the haters for they have always been, are and will always be. It’s so refreshing to read your work and to know that the evolution of human kind is still thriving in this uber-inhibited and self-righteous world. Keep being beautiful you and use the hate to continue to be ever stronger. The haters will fade away into their dimly lit caves and look for others to attempt their self appointed duty upon. You go girl! LOVE everything you write and everything you stand so strongly for! <3

great commentary!! Some (those you seem to be directing this posting toward) just can’t let go of the Victorian era christian version of how sex should be managed (control of the population)
Rock on

If they restrict your opinions and feelings on the matter of sex, then clearly they have a long path to walk before noticing the neutrality of it All.
Restricting anyone’s view when it comes to spiritual matters is dogmatic and before you know it the mob will come with pitchforks and torches.
Deep down it is because the mob is scared and you are challenging their comfortable little existence of ignorance. So you keep standing out, standing tall and expressing your innermost… you have the divine right!
Keep rocking, keep well and let love and sex fly free!

I love your thoughts always, while I might not always agree with them they are your and have been informative. Others may rant and complain on what you say but I have found in the past that they are mainly very shallow. In the Occult World there is no ONE right path or opinion for each of us. Continue on My Lady and speak your mind. Worry not of the narrow minded Victorian people out there. After all they were the ones that were so afraid of the Occult that they burned so many. I look forward to many more of your thoughts. Thank you

I love your thought processes. I love your courage. I love the fact that you stand tall and take the high road. I love to read what you write, because it challenges me to look into myself, my beliefs, my norms and values. This is what a 63 yr old witch knows is true. Everything we do…everything we try…every step we take is our own personal path. The lessons and triumphs and failures are what makes us keep our eyes open and our awarenesses active. So much in life is joyful. When weak people react it is their only recourse. A warrior sometimes has to step aside and let things, and people go where they go, even if they’re stepping off a cliff. They have to see, feel, taste and choke on their lessons too. Keep up your wondrous work. Please

I just need to say that I find your posts eye-opening and helpful at the exact time I lose faith that I might not be on the right path. I really shouldn’t doubt myself because of what my life choices could provoke in other people.

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