RANTINGS OF A MAD WITCH: Gatekeepers Be Gone!

GK1I urge anyone reading this to read the piece in its entirety before commenting or passing judgment.

I write this knowing full well the backlash that I will face, but at this point it’s go hard or go home, and what I am about to say is going to be hard for many to swallow.

The inspiration for this blog is this delightful gatekeeping bullshit meme that has been making the rounds:


I want to make a few points and cause a few waves.

I am the first person to admit that humor is a key to life, and the Craft.

We must be able to laugh at ourselves, otherwise, the world will laugh at our expense.

Does that make sense?

The more you learn to have a thick skin and laugh at your own mistakes and the fuckery of life, the more you will be able to handle the world’s criticism.

And, trust me, the world always something to say.

Especially when it comes to someone else’s opinion or way of life.

Ah, the fucking irony.

I don’t think the above meme is funny though, I think it only further divides us and makes our community look completely uninviting.

It was for me—uninviting, I mean.

The community DID NOT accept me, and I was forced to create my own space.

Covens can be intimidating to Witches that are inherently Solitary; not everyone wants to be part of a Coven, or group.

So, the division this meme creates is issue number one.

Again, I am in favor of making fun of ourselves but this is gatekeeping.

You can have that.


The second thing is that this meme doesn’t consider accessibility.

This issue came up when the whole Sephora Witch Kit shit show went down, and people were up in arms.

Not everyone has access to buying things on the internet.

Maybe they don’t have a bank account yet, or they live with parents/family and can’t have packages sent to their house because their mail is opened (illegal or not, shit happens).

Then there are the people who are hearing the collective call to wake up, but they don’t quite know what that means yet, what it looks like, or how it will manifest.

A Sage bundle at Whole Foods, a crystal at TJ MAXX, or a tapestry at Pier 1 might help them on their journey—might trigger something in their memory.

The Witch IS the tool, I know that, many of you know that, but that knowing comes with time and practice.

Heck, even after all my years of practice, I still like using tools; ambiance, and focus and all.

Overharvesting of herbs, and ethical sourcing of minerals is a concern, and a valid one; not only the effects it has on Earth, but HOW the crystals are mined.

You would be surprised to hear that many of the big chain stores do ethically source their products; other’s do not.

You must research anything you buy, that’s your responsibility as a consumer regardless if we are talking Witch tools, or food you feed your family.

Obviously, in an ideal world we would be able to trust all sellers, but that simply isn’t the case.

Do your research.


The next point is something that so many Magickians are missing.

The use of herbs/botanicals, gemstones, Sacred Geometry and the like are all forms of Low Magick—not everyone aspires to be a High Magickian, not everyone is about ceremonial Magick; some are about dirt and bone, blood and earth.

Some are all of these and more.

Magick, and the Craft—how we experience them and how we practice is so vast, so unique that it almost cannot be quantified or individualized.

We all have our own experiences, our own reality and we all found our way to this path some way, somehow.

I think the further we go into the Abyss, and the longer we walk our path, we forget how we started.

We forget where we started and how we stumbled.

I was raised with my Mother teaching me the Old Ways to wash out the Catholicism my Father was attempting to teach me.

But it wasn’t until I was 12 and watched The Craft that I willingly approached my Mom with real interest, and at that point was gifted my first Tarot Deck, and my whole world changed.

As they say, the rest is history.

Not everyone has supportive parents, and with the boom Witchcraft is experiencing in Hollywood, you can expect a lot of young Witches to start waking up.

Also, the collective is breeding rebels.

That’s another post entirely though.

These baby Witches could benefit from having tools accessible in big chain stores.


Another point, someone commented on this meme saying that “having the girls who bullied, tormented and threatened to burn them alive in high school now call themselves Witches is a slap in the face”.

That is a valid point, and a valid wound.

High School fucking sucks.

It has sucked for everyone since the beginning of time.

And, yes, it is super irritating to see the people who taunted you for being authentic back then, claim to be a Witch now.

I get it.

Maybe we should approach with a bit of compassion though, instead of pain.

Maybe they grew as a person and they really are a Witch.

Maybe they are using the aesthetic as if it’s a trend.

That’s not for you to judge nor is it your weight to carry and it’s only a slap in the face if you give that hand power.

Witchcraft, and Spirituality in general have become trends, they are commodities for sale; they have been for decades now.

Read it again, and let it fucking burn because it DOES BURN.

It fucking sucks to see our Craft become watered down and commercialized to make it more palatable for the masses.

But, on the flip side, it’s empowering to see it become mainstream and hopefully, slowly, breakthrough the lies and stigmas told about us.

I see a new wave of Witches waking up, and I embrace them with open arms.

We all must start somewhere, and who cares where that starting point is?

When did we become so rigid about who we allow in our ranks?

Last time I checked Witchcraft is a personal practice.

And, an individual’s personal practice is not open to public interpretation, or prosecution.

Live and let live.

And for those who want to proclaim that their path is Sacred, so is mine.

I have put blood, sweat and tears into my Craft and it’s my lifeline; I don’t think it is something that is free for the taking, and that’s the beauty of the Craft.

Yes, people may find it buying Sage at Whole Foods, but the Craft itself, the Magick and egregore that Witchcraft carries, will weed out the real over the fake, you needn’t worry.

There will always be parts of the Craft that will remain hidden, and known only to those who truly walk the path of the Old Ways.

We cannot bring down this patriarchal system, these misogynistic religions unless we are unified, and we cannot be unified if we are distracted gossiping and judging each other and where we buy our tools.

We’re better than this.

Blessed Are the Witches.

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Jaclyn Cherie is a Word Alchemist, Witch, Herbalist, Shaivite Hindu, and Torchbearer with her roots planted in New York. © Jaclyn Cherie, Creatrix & Owner of The Nephilim Rising LLC (2015-2023)


I am one of those oh so very unsure people who has always been drawn to the trees, the moon and always felt “different” I was raised very Carholic which created more confusion and this dichotomy of light and dark. Thank you for the kindness to those of us who have no teachers no one to guide us, thank you for your gentle compassion as we seek to try to belong to something deeper.

It is important that we nurture faith in nature (choosing my words with care), so that our young people start to see the foundations of who we are and where we come from. It is distressing to see The Craft commercialized, but as you say, it is encouraging that there is more exposure to it without the persecution. Yes, high school sucks, but as most who survive it know, the bullies usually fail in the real world, and the introverts who ask questions grow and become true humans … !

I totally agree with you sister ! There is a war against us and against freedom symbolised by Lucifer. And the wheel is now turning at least. You site is a light for the witch community… and for myself 😉 keep going and be bless

Love this KEEP GOING! Yeah spirituality has become a trend like fashion now. And there are gate keepers in the Tarot and an line community that place themselves higher then the rest and they do volging / ranting videos no stop and think it is actually “Helping people” and think that others should aspire to look up to them. They have a closed tight circle and speak with authority over others and their work. Approving what is acceptable in the community or not. And they all kiss each others arses. It’s so sad. This narcissistic behaviour is becoming a real problem and people are scared to say any thing about it because they will be turned on against as the rest follow and support them because of their following which is feeding this behaviour.

I love the way that you have explained the issues between different witches. We are all witches here and all deserve to be treated with respect, no matter where we are in our craft. I am so happy that you wrote this article and the way you wrote it is lovely. I dislike that other witches are judging other witches. We needed someone to discuss this issue for sure, and thank you for it!

I love the way that you delivered your opinions here. 🖤 And I was one of the Witches who shared this when it was doing the rounds and lost your fb friendship for doing so. What I failed to clarify, though, is that I love and welcome true fledgling Witches! I have not a problem at all with where they acquire their tools or begin their journey along the path. As long as it’s true and not just trendy. My shares on this type of feel is based purely around my own experience with a woman who was so toxic in my life, and who called herself Witch, but to her, it was just a cool trend, not a true life existence. Witchcraft isn’t a trend is my feeling. That is what I get bothered with. Never ever true newcomers who want to live a magickal lifestyle. 💕

I sent you another request–I never meant to unfriend you, and it was by mistake if anything; not because of something you shared. 🖤🖤🖤

I meant to comment earlier about how much I agree with your blog. New witches have to get their tools from somewhere? So I can’t see the problem with chain stores supplying them, as long as they are ethically sourced of course. All witches should stop judging others for what they do and just worry about what they are doing and practicing themselves.

I wish all witches from new and old and in all in between, all the best in their magickal journey. We are all equal and are we are all one of “the Craft of the Wise” no matter whom we are.

Blessed Be & Namaste to you Jaclyn🙏

wow. there’s a quote in the article that I said but changed a little. Bullied by White Catholic girls who are now witches. yep. but I hate the terms High Magic and Low Magic. that’s just for snobs. it’s Ceremonial Magic and FOlk Magic or OCD magic instead of ceremonial because let’s be honest there

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