LESSONS IN MAGICK: The Unethical Practice of Spirit Binding

André Varela

Image: André Varela

“The risks involved in the pursuit of magic are–put simply–either getting frightened by unpleasant perceptions or becoming deluded. Unfortunately, it is possible to suffer from both symptoms at the same time.”

Philip Carr-Gomm

I am not sure how this piece is going to be received but I have to write about this topic because it keeps coming up. I don’t know if this is because I am in the business of online sales now, so I see what the Pagan/Witch community has to offer, or if I was just completely ignorant to this “common practice”, in any case, it’s wrong.

I am referring to the sale of Bound Vessels. I am not necessarily angry at the sale; I am truly angry that the practice of binding Spirits to objects even exists. I am going to tell you my story, and speak from my experience and why this has me so upset.

Let us go back to about 2 months ago when a friend encountered a large group of Spirits that she could not identify. She is not new to the Craft and she is most certainly not stupid when it comes to identifying entities, or their origins; confused as she was, she came to me and a fellow Sister Witch. What I saw horrified me.

There were hundreds of human Souls that had this thick, black oily substance all over them, and energy signatures of Angels, Daemons, and Gods alike. It was chaotic, and (literally) swirling all around them.  The sound of them mumbling, “I don’t know who I am. We don’t know who we are” is something that was not only deafening, but I will never forget. My Soul is forever haunted by what I saw that day.

Slowly my Sister Witch was able to heal them, and send them on their way but we never could place why Human Souls had energy overlapping their own. Any practitioner knows that even in death the Human Soul has Free Will, and they did not do this willingly.

Remember this story, I will tie it in at the end.

This same Sister Witch is very active among the Polytheist community and because of this she has quite the following, and friend list. You see, personally, I like to lay low in regards to my Facebook page. I mean, people know who I am; I receive messages, and followers but no friend requests anymore because for the most part they know to keep their distance. I would prefer to be contacted via the Nephilim Rising page, you know? It’s just a thing I have, a safety blanket, maybe—a barrier, even.

I just feel like I give so much through my writing that I need to be able to keep something to myself; even if it is as stupid and mundane as a Facebook page. To be honest I would still only be known as Noir, and not as Jaclyn Cherie and/or Noir if it were not for people stealing my work, Copyright purposes and the fact that I started my Shop. The gist of it, I am a private person.

Back to the Sister Witch; she always posts fun things, interesting things, and people are quick to comment. So, being the nosey, stalker that I am, I always read the comments. This one day a name hit me like a 2 x 4 to the face, and I took note that she had no Soul.  The Soul that once belonged to her was claimed by so many entities, and in so many fragments that I don’t even know how she is alive. I have seen humans with no Soul, but not a human who had a Soul and lost it.

This Woman was tormented beyond anything I have ever seen, and it was all self-imposed. I was fascinated! But, as badly as I wanted to “look” further, I did not because my sense told me *DANGER*.

Not that I was in danger, I can hold my own, but that the situation, the Woman, just me picking up the scent of what was happening was dangerous and sent my guides into a bitch fit; they made sure I knew that I was not to go digging anymore. They should know me better by now, though.

That same day about 5 hours later I received a message from another Sister Witch of a screenshot. It was a picture of a piece of jewelry for sale by that Woman! Mind you, I told no one of what my intuition told me about this Woman.

I was so freaked out by the synchronicity that I had to put my phone down and collect myself.

A few minutes later I did indeed pick up my phone, and re-open the message. This Woman sells Bound Vessels and has been doing so for years. Years, I tell you! Apparently, she is known as a “great Conjurer”.

Because she traps Spirts to vessels and sells them, she is a great Conjurer?

Don’t fucking insult the Art of Conjuring, or Evocation by comparing them to this Woman.

I now had to go look and see for myself how deep this went and what I found made my blood boil, my hands shake and rage blinded me.

Before I continue on with what happened next, and how it ties into the Souls I mentioned in the beginning let me say that I do not believe, at any point in time that a Spirit needs to be Bound to a Vessel. I have only found myself having to do so when working with Djinn, and after the bidding was done, they were rewarded and released. I would NEVER in my mind think to bind Spirits to trinkets, Art or pieces of jewelry and sell it to people claiming that it will bring them protection, luck, love, etc. etc.

I think the entire thing is absolutely disgusting, and I believe that those who partake in this sort of unethical practice will be served the retribution they deserve.

Spirits are not our play toys, and in my entire life of practice I have yet to encounter a Spirit who wishes to be bound to a vessel. I am not saying it does not happen, but how common can it really be if I, nor anyone in my immediate Witch circle (I even consulted Crones) have encountered this (other than with Djinn)? If this is so common, why are the Witches I confided in as appalled as I am that this even exists?

I try not to judge another and how they practice or what they feel is morally or ethically okay; I am sure I do things that make people raise their eyebrows but this is an entire new level of insanity, and disrespect for Spirits that could squash us like the bugs that we are in seconds.

No matter who or what our Soul is, we are in human form, and we must never forget how fragile the human body and psyche can be.

How pathetic to feed off of another’s need to fit in by selling them (at really high prices) objects that are supposed to have a Spirit attached. We should be guiding them on how to find their personal power and how to work with Spirits through Evocation, not encouraging them to rely on an object.

A Witch needs to do Her or His own defensive, and protective Magick. If a Witch cannot conjure and banish a particular energy, then perhaps that Witch needs to think again about dealing with said energy.

The most common, and most fatal mishaps in Magick occur when the practitioner pisses off Spirits or does not correctly Cast their intentions and they backfire on the Witch directly (had it happen to me multiple times as a budding Witchling).

I finally went to this Woman’s page and found an album, along with several posts of Bound Vessels. She promised people that there was a portal in one, a “high Watcher” in another, and it just carried on, and on, and on.

I remember making a status on my personal page about it all, when this first happened and I said, “I don’t know what is worse, selling these Vessels or buying them”.

I still don’t know that answer.

As the days went by I came to find out through a series of dreams, and two divination sittings that this Woman was responsible for those Human Souls I mentioned earlier. My guides confirmed it for me.

Apparently, she would promise these Human Souls who were trapped in the “in-between” whatever their heart most desired, and they would in turn willingly and ignorantly follow, then she would put a different energy signature over their own. I don’t even know how she did that part, I have my theories and I don’t think it would be too difficult but I can’t imagine that the Human Soul or the energy that she tapped into for the signature (Azazel, Ba’al and Queen Mauve (Fae Court) being a few) is or was too happy about this. Her deteriorating physical and mental health are proof of that.

Tsk. Tsk. Silly Witch.

I let this battle go, and decided to just move on because I have faith that she will be dealt exactly what she deserves. That good ol’ retribution I mentioned earlier.

It all came back this morning though when I was added to a group on Facebook, and I noticed several people selling Bound Vessels!

What I found most disturbing is that this group is for gemstone jewelry (over four thousand members) and most of the Vessels ARE jewelry. Yes, they are described as being a Spirit Vessel or what have you, but you cannot tell me that every single person is going to understand what that means. You can’t tell me that someone doesn’t (or hasn’t) come along and said, “Oh, look, what a beautiful citrine pendant!” and bought it, only to have this wretched streak of misfortune because the energy in the piece is angry.

I thought that Witch Wars were the lowest our community could go, surely we could not descend any further, and now we have this.

I am truly disappointed in the people who partake in this type of practice. We not only owe it to those whom we are helping, teaching and/or healing to give them our all, but we owe it to the Spirits we work with; both Celestial and Ancestral.

Half assed attempts of Conjuring and Evocation along with fake bindings are not giving them your all; it is making a mockery of the Ancient Ways, and I hope the Old Gods fucking devour you.

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Jaclyn Cherie, who is also known by the name Noir has her roots in New York. She is an Author, Writer, Hedge Witch, Luciferian, and Wild Woman. © Jaclyn Cherie and The Nephilim Rising, 2015-2018


Lessons in Magick


I’m not too sure this individual is nothing more than a gimmic…

But giving her the benefit of the doubt…my question remains…

What would happen to the wearer or purchaser of these Vessels if the Vessel was to some how open up and release a very angry Spirit?

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I agree that she and many like her are a gimmic, however, I’ve seen some of these Vessels and they have *something* inside. I guess I just didn’t realize how common this was. One person even said these Vessels are sold on Etsy!

To answer your question, it depends on what/who the Spirit is. I would think that most would seek retribution or justice if you will against whomever bound them, more so than the wearer.

I am actually concerned about the Vessels in general because even if the Spirit isn’t released; say it stays in the jewelry, the wearer could then be influenced by the Spirit. Which can be far worse than a Spirit running amok. At least, that’s how I look at it.


I have an Etsy shop myself so I know something of their policies. Somewhat recently they made some changes to the rules, regarding witchcraft. To illustrate those rules I’ll tell you about myself. I make and sell blank journals, artisan grimoires, which do display occult symbols, but I do not sell “magical books of shadow, blessed in the venusian hour and imbued with lustful magics”. Under these new policies, one can sell objects used for magic, but they can not sell magic — they can’t sell spells, and they can not sell spirits. So, it matters a lot how a shop is marketing. If this person is selling their items on the premise that these things are imbued with anything more than arts and crafts you may be able to file a complaint and have those items or their shop taken down.

When these changes of policy occurred on Etsy it was a big deal. There was a petition to fight the policy. A lot of noise was made about the establishment attacking witchcraft. I did not sign that petition because, frankly, reasons exactly like you wrote about. But I think it says something that there was such a huge backlash against that policy. It makes me wonder just how many people are selling items like you’ve mentioned.

Witchcraft is capable of so much, it’s such a shame to see it being used so despicably. Thank you for putting this article out. I reblogged it on my tumblr, here – https://waywyrdmay.tumblr.com/

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Morgan, I remember Etsy changing their policies, and I was thinking about if I should or not start a shop. I didn’t sign the petition either because I knew why Etsy cracked down.

Then I read an article by the Divine, Sarah Anne Lawless and she basically said if you don’t want to get in trouble with Etsy or your clients, don’t sell Magick, sell actual goods or start your own site. I agreed with her.

I’m also, personally, very old fashioned and I will not charge for my Magickal servies, then again I would never think to sell bound vessels or spells.

On Facebook alone I have found over 80 “Conjurers” doing this and on Etsy, it’s almost too many to count. It’s quite disturbing both ethically for our community but in the Spirit World as well.

Someone tried to leave a comment under this piece calling me “delusional, and an egocentric megalomaniac”. They must have been one of the people I spoke of in this piece. They also called me a “misguided fluffbunny”. 😂

Apparently they don’t know me and/or my work.

Moral of the story and my comment, don’t be a douchebag and sell Bound Vessels.

P.s I would love to see your shop. 😆


I cannot really describe what I saw. Some had energy traces or signatures, like I mentioned in my post. But there have been some that I have seen on Etsy and other groups on Fb that have enchantments on them, but also something trapped inside. I will try and find some free time to find one of the listings so that you can see for yourself. I am not saying that the Vessels carry Azazel portals, High Watchers, Pegasus and all the other non-sense I have seen but they DO carry something. To put it bluntly, it is fucking irritating and infuriating as a practitioner. I am all for working with deities, and I practice the Dark Arts, so my moral compass is often questioned by other people but this, this is completely unethical for multiple reasons.


I have a great deal of remorse and regret for some foolish things I did along these lines as a young man. I did them in ignorance of the hurt and consequences. I caused a great deal of suffering. Despite my crimes, I was shown mercy by a servant of the Old Gods, a spirit I’d sought to imprison. It didn’t just beat me. It eviscerated me before dragging me pointedly to the very edge of oblivion. It then transported me to a bound spirit vessel owned by Papa Doc. I understood what the artifact was, but I didn’t understand why we were there until it forced me to see it. The spirit showed me the object through his own perceptions. He wanted me to understand where that path led. I was 15, and that was twenty years ago – but I will never forget the horror and torment of those poor souls. The hopeless anguish. I can see it now like it happened a few seconds ago. I will likely spend an hour or more reconstructing the shield I’ve placed around that memory, because I am, right now, a grown man bawling just from the memory of it as I type this. But I needed to revisit it, to try to help anyone who might read this to see: You don’t do these things, people. You don’t even think about doing this, and if you find it, you unwind it if you are able and call for intercession if you are not.

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I’ve just come across this site. I like the name ‘The Nephilim Rising’, and well done for making a stand against ill-treatment of spirits of any kind. I remember a forum discussion I was involved in once about Creepyhollows in which I and several other people said that attaching a spirit or a jinn to something is the slave trade,and very evil. Maybe you could check out Creepyhollows as well if you want to rescue victims. (Although some people said that one was a scam and the spirits were not real.)

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I will check it out, and yes there are plenty of fakes out there, but there are plenty that are not. Again, not saying that what they are described as is true but they definitely have some kind of energy signature in them (some of them). I find it disturbing that so many people are involved in the creation, sale and purchase of these objects. I will say I work with Djinn, and I do bind them to a ring because that is really the easiest, safest and best way to benefit from their energy. Once the bidding is accomplished, I reward them, and release them. They are never forced to be bound, and never stay bound more than a few hours.


This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Most witches condone abortion. Abortion is chopping up helpless, innocent human beings. Now, I do understand the difficulties women encounter in unwanted pregnancies, I do think that men are at least as responsible for unwanted pregnancies, and I do think reckless reproduction harms our planet Earth, but nevertheless abortion is only acceptable if there is a counterbalance in the right to euthanasia. Euthanasia is NECESSARY both for reasons of ethical reciprocity as for reasons of demographic balance.

Calling yourself “black” could be seen as racist for its eurocentrism and cultural appropiation. There is a reason Set is often portrayed as a white-skinned redhead, and another deity of thunder, Indra, as blond and blue-eyed. For a related reason “left-handed” is dodgy, as it suggests links to the political Left, which is as anti-Nietzschean as they come.

Consider this: spirits that allow themselves to be summoned by puny little humans are unlikely to stand a chance against Jesus or Allah, and deities that could crush the former like flies, don’t let themselves be pushed around by us mortals.

I don’t identify as Jew, Christian or Muslim, yet I do not rule out that there is an eternal price to pay for angering Someone.

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As someone who walks with, talks with, works with, and lives with spits and demons of all caliber…..this infuriates me and my own. It would be in the beat interest ofany spirits of you would kindly direct us to who you know that commits these atrocities.

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If you go to the “contact us” portion of the page, send me a message and I will give you all you wish to see. It is insane.


I have a lot to say on this.
Being a medium like the rest of my family, we’ve seen stuff that is hard to even fathom.
I’ve made it a goal of mine to release the ones i come across.
This gal, like other soulless humans I’ve met or came across unfortunately doesn’t feel like we do, literally no feelings except memories of how feelings should feel. Anyways, thank you for sharing this publicly.

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