Tales from a Torchbearer

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The goal of this blog is to promote free thinking in a society that tells us who and what we are supposed to be and how we are to love, live and believe.

The Nephilim Rising™ was birthed from excessive creative energy that needed an outlet.

Jaclyn Cherie is a practitioner of several forms of Folk Magick. Her Catholic upbringing mixed with various lineage based traditions, culture and Magick are paramount in her personal Practice.

From Appalachian Granny Magick, Slavic Witchcraft, Stregheria, Hekatean Witchcraft, or as a Devotee of La Santísima Muerte, her Craft is like a quilt; stitched together in beautiful patchwork patterns are the  experiences, deities and Spirits that shaped her.

She is well versed in Hinduism (a practicing Shaivite Hindu), Luciferian Witchcraft, Eastern and Western Left Hand Path Philosophies, Jungian Shadow Work, Hedge Riding and Intuitive Psychic Magick.

As the Creatrix behind The Nephilim Rising, she strives to provide stories, practical advice and applications to bring Ancient and Modern together.

She’s also kept busy adorning the world with her signature Wearable Magick Amulets and otherworldly Herbal offerings.

What started out as a cathartic journey and process for Jaclyn has now turned into a Collective of Writers who offer their own voices, experiences, skills, and knowledge.

This is a place that welcomes all paths, all those who wish to step outside the confines of mainstream society and seek their own personal truth.

We are Legion.

Lux in Tenebris Lucet

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