Writings of a Wild Woman

The goal of this blog is to promote free thinking in a society that tells us who and what we are supposed to be, how we are to love, live and believe.

The Nephilim Rising Brand is the product of stagnant creative energy that needed an outlet. This is a place that welcomes all paths; all those who wish to step outside the confines of mainstream society, religion and seek their own personal truth.

Jaclyn Cherie, who is also known by the name Noir has her roots in Upstate New York. She is an Author, Writer, Hedge Witch, Feminist, Luciferian, Student of Herbs and Jewelry Designer; referring to herself as her own Muse, she will try any outlet to release the creative energy.

As the Owner and Creatrix of The Nephilim Rising all written work here and items in the Shop are products of her creative madness.

She prefers the Shadows to the Light, and her Magick, writing and fiery personality are a reflection of this.

It is in the depths of darkness that she found her true form. Stories told here originate from the watery depths of her Cancerian Soul, and chronicle her cyclical death and rebirth from the Womb of the Dragon.

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