Celibacy and Magick: The Dynamic Duo of Sacred Sex

Benjamin Goss

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“Sex is the sacred song of the soul; sex is the sanctuary of Self…

Sex is the supreme sacrament, wherein the body and blood are offered up to the soul. The elements thereof must be worthy, their consecration absolute…

The sexual nature of a man is his most intense expression of himself; his subconsciousness endeavors thereby to inform his consciousness of his Will… It is supremely sacred to him, and to interfere with its expression, or try to edit it, is an abominable crime.”

Aleister Crowley

This is a follow-up of sorts to my Masturbation and Magick post, which did really, really well and I am super happy because that piece took a lot of courage for me to put out there in the world. This is an equally important piece for me, I find that the more personal I get with my audience the more personal realizations I have; it’s a win/win, really.

Before I get into the main part of this post which is how to practice Sex Magick alone, I want to clarify a few things. I get hit with a lot of backlash for being celibate, I have had people denounce my sexuality, and a few gentlemen even said I was not really a Luciferian if I was not engaging in sexual activity. “I am not allowing my primal, carnal side to surface”, they said.

The question needs to be asked, under whose authority is anyone to denounce my sexuality, or my status as a Luciferian? Luciferianism is about the individual, and not all individuals engage regularly in sexual activity, some don’t engage at all (A-sexual, virgins, or those who choose celibacy) for a variety of reasons. That does not make them less than, especially if they are only being true to themselves. Anyone who denounces another’s Philosophy in general is a dick; one who does so based off of sex is simply pathetic, and lacks the understanding of the core principles of Luciferianism.

Also, why is there this huge misconception that the only way to be sexual, sexually empowered, and sexually free is to have a sexual partner? In my opinion, from my own experience, this is so ass backwards it’s not even funny; I feel more empowered now, then I ever did having sex, and no I am not saying this will be the case for everyone, nor that one cannot become empowered by sex, the irony is one can only become empowered by the RIGHT sex. Random hook-ups are not going to help you on your path to enlightenment when looking at the bigger picture.

Above all else, sex is sacred and should be treated as such, in an oversexualized culture it is hard to understand this in most cases until it is too late. When I found out about the sacredness of sex, I was already bogged down by the sexual demons I had attach to me while out on my romps.

Sex Magick can be used for just about any, and everything. When one thinks of Sex Magick there are usually two images that pop into their head, Aleister Crowley, and orgies but it is so much more than that. I practice by myself, I practice forms of it with particular deities I work with, and I believe that everyone should be proficient handling their own Life Force, and bodily fluids before they go and start performing ritual with another.

This form of Magick includes the use of Semen, Vaginal Secretions, Menstrual Blood (some consider Urine part of this, too, though I do not) or the Orgasm itself in Magickal workings, castings, rituals, and rites. You can use a personal incantation, or one borrowed, there are many books on the topic with rituals given; I personally always write my own spells.

I use Sexual energy to heal my body and Soul, and I do this by absorbing the orgasm back into myself. You see, the moment of orgasm is like two stars colliding, it packs a powerful punch of potent energy, and that energy is usually wasted because we are so caught up in the moment that we don’t channel it, or we freely and without thought give it to our partner; which if you are practicing with someone is usually the idea, but I am referring to cases where it is just sex.

There is no fancy ritual that I do, and often find myself lying in bed late at night or early in the morning with wandering hands ready to heal my body. During the moments pleasing myself I chant quietly, or sometimes just in my head, “Sana me, prima vitae” which is Latin for, “Heal me, Life force.”

The moment right before orgasm I say it as a command, my body begins to slither like a serpent as I am in the throes of passion, I can literally feel the Magick coursing through every cell, molecule and atom. I lay there afterwards thanking my body, loving my body, no need to feel self-conscious about if I performed well, or if my partner enjoyed it, because that partner is me, the only one who matters.

When I wish to use an element of Sexual energy for actual castings, I don’t ever use the orgasm but I have used vaginal secretions for binding, and protective Magick. If you consider urine to be part of this, it is also really, really good for protection, specifically of territory.

I do not menstruate, so I have used urine, and secretions more than others, please feel free to check out the links provided, and to use your menstrual blood to its full potential!

When in need of said secretions, I will set up my ritual space, and masturbate right in the circle, I wipe my Yoni with a (clean) cloth, one usually color associated with whatever form of Magick I am doing, or deity I am working with. I then place the cloth upon my altar, or working space, and voila, I have the element of sexual energy, and the end product without needing a partner.

Sex Magick is a fantastic part of Magick as a whole, and one that is very fulfilling to personal growth and development but the individual often forgets themselves when dealing with this form of the Craft, and that is where emotional instability, dependency on others, and cracks in our foundation begin to occur.

We must take care of home, make sure our home is in order before we invite anyone else over, and our bodies are our homes; they are our temples and we need to treat them as such.


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Sacred Sex


Wow! So interesting.. Those that give you a hard time clearly are only in it for the thrill.. Obviously they lack proper understanding of the whole practice.. Stay True You 😉

I would think the purpose of taking Lucifer’s as a part of oneself would necessitate becoming an autonomous being. An autonomous being can decide for him/her/hirself if he/she/ze should have sex or not for any particular reason and at any particular time. As long as you aren’t refraining from sex because of some childhood programming that tells you it’s “wrong,” I think the decision to refrain from sex can be just as Luciferian as having a sex orgy. I realize Satanism is different, but Anton LaVey said much the same thing in his Satanic Bible. Sexual freedom means just that: being free to have as much or as little of any kind of consensual adult sex one desires. I may not be a Luciferian per se, but we Sethians/Typhonians think much the same way.

I absolutely love sex, and actually am excited to find a partner to begin having sex with again. My choice to become celibate was so that I could focus on myself, my spiritual path, my writing, and my journey, it had nothing to do with anyone else, any past traumas (though I did have to heal some, they did not stop me from having sex). I am very much a sexual being, a sensual being, and I am absolutely an individual above all else. Thank you for your comment, it helps back my thoughts already. Darkest Blessings.

What are your thoughts on using pornography during sexual magic? Visualization isn’t my strong suit and I have trouble climaxing without visuals or a partner.

I apologize for the late reply, this comment went to my spam folder. I believe that pornographic images (of a consenting adult) can be used for sex Magick.

I’ve been reading much of “IN-voluntary CEL-ibacy”–“INCEL(s)”–and I’ve been through a Tea In The Sahara dry spell myself (progressed Lunar return to exalted Taurus natal 7th house/5th progressed house is going to end this, right?) So along these lines I’ve had the creative idea that the woo-woo-koo-koo-voo-doo MO-JO forces don’t CARE why you’re celibate, and the whole dynamic works a bit like Vesuvius/Krakatoa (I’m a volcanic double Skorpion along with that TAU Moon). In fact, would extended celibacy make the ensuing BANG that much more thermonuclear (and I’m a Strangelove/New Frontier Camelot baby as well)?

i find you a very interesting soul!

Simply because you talk of magick, however your a witch,

this where the interesting part come in…

Magick need power, now by a curse handed down,

learn this art has been truly uniquely interest in every moment,

now about power, well this where i found the post extremely interesting (SEX) between two loving people can build an extreme amount of power!

Must do realize this..

Nonetheless there point when the power reach it’s highest point…


need i say more

with honest love chris

I have been a Luciferian since I’ve been 11 years old. I am now a widow in my 6th decade of life. My husband and I had a loving passionate relationship.

If there is anything more revolting to me is any religion using their debased and perverse sexual proclivities under the guise of spirituality. My relationship with Lucifer is a long, deeply spiritual one and I have been celibate for seven years. How dare some repulsive wannabe criticize what, when and with whom you choose to share your body? Even LaVey said it is your right to have lovers or not as you choose. How else is one to maintain their own autonomy?

How dare these sleaze bag fuckers try and deny you Lucifer’s most precious gift of free will. I have managed an occult shop for 15 years and can spot a phony as soon as they open the door. None of them are serious scholars of the occult, esoteric knowledge or dedicated practitioners. Their knowledge is purile, their “abilities” non-existent. Their phony persona lies in dressing in ostentatious robes, wearing outrageously garish inverted pentacles or Baphomet jewelry while getting drunk or high and attempting to fuck everything in sight. They glean all they know about the occult from watching B movies. Lucifer himself wouldn’t spit on them.

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