THE DARK MOTHER: Lessons from Lilith

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“I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears.”

George R.R. Martin

As I wrote in a recent blog I have been noticing a trend of the Dark Goddess calling to, and appearing for many people; it seems that as our world has plummeted into times of uncertainty and darkness, so has the collective conscious and unconscious; there to greet us is Mother.

We are in Her domain now.

At first, I was unsure how I felt about the Dark Goddess, in all Her forms, particularly Lilith, becoming trends—more and more I would see articles about firsthand experiences with Her; Witches and Mystics were finally opening up and telling their stories and sharing their lessons learned from the Dark Mother.

Conversely, I also saw a plethora of historical texts that vilify Her making the rounds, as well.

Is it at all shocking that a Woman who chose Her own path, showed strength and fought for individual sovereignty has been dragged through the mud?

Is it surprising that she is so misunderstood, and even those who choose to walk Her path are demonized, too?

What is it about this primordial energy that draws people in? Why are some terrified, and others fascinated? Why are people, especially (most importantly) Women finding resonance with Her?

What IS all the hype about?

Well, to put it bluntly, the world is full of angry Women, and the people who love them.

The days where the patriarchy rules, and Women are treated as second-class citizens are coming to an end; I know that it seems like it’s getting worse, and in some ways, it is—but it must get worse before it can get better.

There must be a catalyst; that catalyst must affect a lot of people so that the Revolution can gain momentum.

And, a Revolution is coming.

The Divine Feminine is taking Her power back.

The Divine Masculine is taking His power back.

We are taking our power back.

Monotheism, and the divisive tactics of “the system” are being destroyed—piece by piece, layer by layer.

So, what is She?

Who is She?

A Sex Goddess?

A Daemon?

A Sacred Whore?

A Monster?

A Mother?

A Succubus?

A Serpent?

She is all of this and so much more.

Lilith is everything that is wild and carnal within us.

She represents uninhibited sexual energy.

She is unapologetic rage.

She is the Womb of the Dragon—the spark of Creation.

She is the epitome of rebellion.

She is both apple and Serpent.

She is the Dark Mother who teaches us tough, hard lessons.

She is the personification of Shadow work.

She is every Woman.

And every Woman is Her.

The more Women and other groups of marginalized people are blatantly beaten into submission, the more power it gives to these Dark Divine Feminine energies, like Lilith.

These are the deities, and energies who refuse to accept oppression of any kind.

They are Dark Goddesses such as Hekate, Kali, Morrigan, Brigid, Hel, Baba Yaga, Aradia, Isis, Persephone, and Ereshkigal; they are rising from their dark abodes and daring us to jump into the Abyss.

Asking us to trust our senses as we navigate our way through darkness, the underworld and the unknown.

They are teaching us to fight, to have a warrior mentality, and to rely solely on Self.

The Dark Divine Feminine lives in all of us—regardless of gender but She is awakening rapidly inside of Women and THAT is the key.

When that Divine spark is ignited inside us, a door opens and there to meet us is our Magick; this is a huge reason why religion and monotheism are dying (I don’t necessarily think religion is the problem, as I have said in the past).

People are sick and tired of being told how to live, love and believe based on words written thousands of years ago that have no real-world application today. I would go so far as to argue that they never had any real-world application to begin with.

Lilith teaches us to submit to no one, to live on our terms, and to be free in our wildness.

She is not for the faint of heart and asks a lot of those who answer Her calls but, it’s worth it.

Every single moment spent in Her darkness is worth it.

Every single drop of blood, sweat, and tears have purpose.

So, if you can’t handle that, then ask yourself what are you doing on this path?

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Jaclyn Cherie is a Word Alchemist, Witch, Herbalist, Shaivite Hindu, and Torchbearer with her roots planted in New York. © Jaclyn Cherie, Creatrix & Owner of The Nephilim Rising LLC (2015-2023)




iv’e recently got an interest in Lilith and have started to study her ,a lot of what i found makes sense and ,i used to be non religious didn’t believe in god or whatever you want to say … that’s changed i thing higher powers and such do exist … just not the way i have been taught in the catholic school …

As a gay man I have always stood Outside. I stupidly craved acceptance and absolution for the longest before I FINALLY realized I have NOTHING to repent. My very Nature is an affront to the Patriarchy and so I renounced it….and Him.

I turned to many Ways seekong belonging, errantly thinking in my programmed way that it was necessary for my happiness. Never did I find it because it doesn’t exist. She taught me to accept MYSELF….how to stand alone. She has taught me not in a loud voice bellowing from the heavens as He does…but in the quietest whisper.

I Know that in the end I will be in the Void with Her awaiting rebirth into a world remade in Her image, where all live with Her according to their own natures.

I have never belonged anywhere. I was a micro premier and should not have lived let alone been able to walk talk or think for myself. Some how I have not only serviced but managed to over come every obstacle I’ve ever had to face not only can I walk talk and think for myself but I’ve managed to complete School and complete classes to become a certified nursing assistant and now at the age of 38 I am starting over yet again
I am not religious I have for the past 2 years Ben introduced to paganism through Asatru has well as my recent ex worshipped Sante Murte. I believe greatly these are the powers that have helped me since birth.

My earliest memory of Lilith was before 2012. 

I saw an orange light (UFO) cross the sky and stop at an orange star(I later learned this star is called ALDEBARAN). 

Eventually a friend introduced me to Lilith in astrology.  I realized True Lilith was in the same degree as Aldebaran during my birth.  Both in my 7th house of contracts.

Upon discovering the novel LILITH: A ROMANCE by George MacDonald, I felt called to help redeem Lilith and the ugly rumors of Her hatred.  (I’m a 33 year old virgin now, so years back when I realized the UFO/Lilith/Aldebaran conjunction in my 7th house of marriage; well, talk about giving inspiration to a reject…)

Back then, I also dreamed an friendly/loving/protective/lucid alien(Gray/Human hybrid; 6ft; dark green; nude) who’s name is made of several languages.  Years later I found their name’s numerology: 119.

119 reminds of Lilith’s introduction in the Zohar 1:19b.  Here the patriarchy introduces Her as a shell that seeks to cling and imitate; as if Lilith is what you make of Her; like the outer electron-shell of those lil’ lithium atoms eager to work as batteries. 

11:9 also reminds of Gemini(twins; 11s) at 9 degrees; this is the tropical zodiac’s coordinates for Aldebaran.

Perhaps Lilith and Semjasa made the first Nephilim…  I’ve researched Clark C McClelland’s claims of a giant astronaut interfering with a NASA mission.  Perhaps these are the beings Hitler wrote of fearing… I bet the rumored Vril Women who supposedly channeled Aldebaran could be on better terms with Nephilim than Hitler.

(I also respect The Thunderbolts Project, who’s works include theories of a Proto-Saturn Plasma Cosmology, and their interpretations of ancient Goddess relics.

If only Mary Blue’s research in LILITH: KEEPERS OF THE FLAME included the possibility of Plasma Cosmology…)

Anyway, Lilith might symbolize ancient spirits that tend to peoples’ sexual energies; this can be consensual, as records indicate plenty of spirit marriages. …Perhaps sometimes those spirits got violently jealous, like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell…However, maybe patriarchal tampering cursed Lilith to be a baby choker in general–though the curse might only have created an egregore.

Mary Blue claims the women-only menstrual rituals were the original blood sacrifices; no killing. It seems the patriarchy replaced these with animal and child sacrifices.

The Lilith I know: She motivates minds to disrobe opinions; She inspires naked minds’ openness to Originality and Instinct.

Above whistle whisps
they loop for dupes’ poor;
Of shoves bristle Miss
She swoops to coop more…

Kotel Ebol Eban = 119

Kotel backwards is Letok, which is Martialese for charity, and Macedonian for pamphlet.  My literary labors are charitable pamphlets for any to freely study or ignore.

The KJV Bible’s Psalm 119:119 is under the heading of the Hebrew letter SAMEKH, which Wikipedia and says is also called SIN. 

The debated glyphs for Samekh/Sin include what looks like an ouroboros, yet most often a rod of THORNS(bristles)…or perhaps fingers grasping a rod.

According to Mark Wayne Biggs’ THE CASE FOR LILITH, the Bible’s original Hebrew Genesis codifies THORNS(bristles) as the giant offspring of Lilith, who were mostly killed during the deluge.  They were called thorns because their surviving ghosts complained a lot.

Biblically, after the deluge, giants continued to exist(at least as the Canaanites). 

Kotel Ebol Eban, along with their mirror-reverse spelling(Nabe Lobe Letok) translates from several languages.  The translations are capitalized in this metaphorical formula:

Meditation’s BOILER,
alchemically WALLING the WAILS
of hot-blooded COLTish lusts;
the lusts evaporate
through pixies’ pixelated
which MUST NOT forget
Ether’s Either:
the essence of choice;
the honest HUB(axis)
connecting each LOBE
of the brain;
witnessing whether
the vapors condense
as fay-pours inking

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