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“Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.”

Benjamin Alire Sáenz

I had posed a question to NR a few weeks ago asking what topics my readers would like me to discuss, and this post is a product of one of those requests. I had written about Soul Wound’s when I first started writing for DW, but I don’t think I did the topic much justice. Some of you are probably wondering what a Soul Wound is, I think it is important to point out another term, Fragmented Soul. A majority of us are or know someone who is a fragment. I think this is why Americans are so overly medicated with anti-depressants. This is my personal opinion, and it is important to note that none of the claims in this post are backed up by any medical doctor. I am speaking from my experiences with fragments, and my personal account having been one.

A Soul Wound is when an event/experience causes a piece of your Soul to leave in order to survive the trauma. Some examples of such events are accidents, rape, surgeries, a relationship ending, and even a hex from a Witch. The term itself is used mostly among healers, primarily Shaman’s and other Holy people. It was not until fairly recently that the term Soul Wound became popular in modern Christian culture, and you can find articles scattered all over the internet from the Christian perspective.

I was a Fragmented Soul, and what is this you ask? Well, a Fragmented Soul is the end result of a Soul Wound, you are quite literally fragmented. The piece that decided to leave will usually come back on its own free will. Think of this piece as being just as powerful as the whole, therefore, the piece has free will just like the whole.

In some cases a Shaman or Witch will step in and can do a retrieval spell, or healing. Both are tricky to do, and it would take a skilled practitioner to even think about taking on such a task.

The main part of the question asked to me was how do you know if you have a Soul Wound? And, how do you get it back?

There are usually warning signs, I think it is safe to say that 99.9% of people born are whole Soul’s and it takes an event, or trauma to become a fragment. The born fragmented soul is rare, and tortured; I don‘t mean in some poetic, metaphoric way, I mean literally a tortured Soul. At least if the trauma happens in this incarnation you can pinpoint where the trauma took place, in order to trace the steps to a previous incarnation is next to impossible, and can only be done by the individual breaking through at least 12 levels of “consciousness”. The trip back would probably cause more damage than living a life as a fragment.

The telltale signs of a fragmented Soul is depression, addiction, behavioral issues, insomnia and misplaced anger. The subject will be unable to live a fulfilled life, and will feel the need to fill this void until the demon is faced.

I personally had “daddy issues”, sexual abuse in my past, and abandonment issues. It started off as mood swings, which wasn’t really that much of a red flag for me because I was always moody. Hello, Cancer? It escalated in my late teens (18-19) with a slight rebellion, you know, smoking cigarettes, staying out all night, dating men I was not supposed to be dating. Hell, I even moved across the country.

It was not until my mid-twenties that I even began to think about looking within myself, I wanted to blame everyone else except myself. Not that I was to blame for what happened to me, but I didn’t want to face myself, I was being a coward—eventually being a coward is not an option.

Once you face your demons, once you start to get your pieces back (for me I was missing more than one) you don’t have a crutch anymore. You don’t have that card, you know the one I am speaking of, that card you pull when you want pity or sympathy, attention, or when you need an excuse for something: “Yeah, well (insert tragic event here) happened to me! That’s why I am behaving like a raging bitch!” Then you follow this with the ugly cry, and it will literally get you out of any situation, or accusation that you might be facing.



Save your judgements I am not the only one who has done this, I may be one of the few willing to admit aloud, but either way, this is a no judgement zone.

So, how did I get the piece back? Or, how do YOU get your piece back?

Sure, you could totally visit a Shaman and have that person do the work for you, but it won’t be as effective. That being the exact reason that I did not go to someone to get healed. I am not undermining any Shaman’s out there, but I personally think people should do the work themselves, or at least attempt to.

This usually requires meditation, and can be the act of meditation or something as simple as finding time for yourself that is just for you. You must make time for your thoughts, and then silence them.

Once you get to this place, you start to stir the pot, and stir some more. Drudge up everything that has sunk to the bottom, and start grabbing pieces at random.  You have to put the pieces together, adjust them and try again. You have to accept what happened to you, you have to face it, you forgive, and then you move on. The last two are tricky, and take the longest time to follow through with.

Some other forms of therapy that are effective are Reiki, crystal therapy, yoga, binaural beats (I personally hate them) and talk therapy (Counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, even a Social Worker) because sometimes a medical professional needs to be consulted to rule out all possible causes, but also they can help. I know I learned a ton when I was in therapy, and often use the skills acquired to get by in life.

The whole process is not easy, and a lot of people would prefer to walk around with pieces missing than face themselves. I hate the term broken because to me it means something beyond repair, and none of us are beyond repair.

We are all just a bunch of souls trying to find our way through the rabbit hole.

I am going to link you to a few articles, some a little more extreme than others if you wish to further explore this. I think the summary of it all is, you have to face the pain, then heal it.




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