The Individual


Image: The Non, ‘Alchemia Mysteria’, 2010

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The individual is the most endangered species in our world today. I find that even those who are ‘rebels’ by their own definition are doing nothing more than following the mentality of other self-proclaimed ‘rebels’. I understand that human’s need definition, or whatever (touchy subject because I despise labels) but to call yourself Free while following another seems counterproductive. I know that I personally have sought out like minded individuals, and yes, I now prefer the company I keep to have somewhat of a similar view. However, I do not require us all to be the same, or all have my personal Philosophy. What is the point of keeping company if they do not challenge you, in a positive way. I find that people who are different than I in regards to Philosophy teach me tolerance, and remind me how far I have come with maintaining respect.

Our society is nothing more than a social structure that “they” claim to call Democracy, and we follow suit like the good little herd we are. But, what happens when you wake up? What are the consequences of a Spiritual Awakening? What do we lose when breaking the illusion? What do we gain?

I think these are important questions to discuss if we want to get more free thinkers on our side, and no one seems to answer them. I feel like our community is so divided, and full of Ego that when a “newbie” comes along the dynamic becomes one of dominance instead of one of teaching. Why do so many feel the need to establish dominance when an individual does not threaten you, or your ‘pack’?

First thing is first, I had no one to help me on my Spiritual path, and I am sure it is the same for many of you who are reading this, but just because that was our situation does not mean we have to inflict that same fate on another. I am the first to say that an Awakening sucks, it is terrible; I had physical pain that I cannot even put into words, I had visions from far beyond this place, and my “reality” was destroyed, I lost friends, I became an entirely different person. And, I would never choose it differently.  We need to establish that yes a lot of the “stuff” on a spiritual path is up to the individual, and they are required to pass tests from the Universe on their own; that doesn’t mean we can’t help them. I believe that the more support we give each other, the further our cause will spread.

I have lost everything, but I earned my Freedom. I walk an Ancient path, one that many will refuse to understand but I still walk it proudly; I am no longer in the shadows.

I would secondly like to address this whole dominance thing; I get it, and am guilty of it myself. I am an Alpha personality, and it is in my nature to test anyone who tries to come near me, and mine. But, I am trying to ease up on this mentality a little bit because I truly believe that I have the ability to help people on their path. I also think that when one feels the need to constantly establish dominance, it only shows how weak they truly are.

The possibilities of what we can attain together as a collective unit are boundless, but a unit of individuals CHOOSING to work towards a common goal without sacrificing Self are infinite.

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Owner and Creatrix, Jaclyn Cherie, has her roots planted in New York. She is an Author, Word Alchemist, Witch, Luciferian, Wild Woman, and Torchbearer. © Jaclyn Cherie, and The Nephilim Rising™ (2014-2018)


The Left Hand Path


Thank you Noir, this was a very useful read. It has calmed my energy too. And I do believe you are right..there is nothing I would disagree with what you have said. My sorrow lies in those who do not seek their true identity…as a Fae, this makes me very sad but I have a Spiritual family I am blessed with, who keep me on the right track…with Balance, and always with LOve. They never tell me what to do…like you said it is a CHOICE. And I wish more “people” could see or understand your unique gift of sight…..because you chose to seek. Thank you, x Em xx

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People like to be slaves or masters because they think someone else will do the work of thinking and living for them. The individual neither is slave of others nor master to them, they have taken full responsibility for their own sovereignty.

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