Basics of Botanicals: CALENDULA


Occult uses:

Definitely great for “washing away” auric debris in a bath. Set them out in a sunny area to “collect” sun energies

Associations: related to Sun Gods; Masculine, Sun, Fire



Positive Outcomes

How to use it:

charms/wards/dream pillows

Consecration oil (an infusion w/olive oil or sunflower oil)

I would recommend springing for the sunflower oil to give it that Sun power-boost, but olive oil is an acceptable stand in. I will cover oils in another post.

Medicinal spectrum:

Calendula officinalis L.

 Tea, although there are other indications for use, we’ll keep it simple under introduction.

Would seem to be useful as a broad spectrum with multiple applications internally and externally; however, if you are taking medications that cause sedation, anything for blood pressure, or medications relating to diabetes please seek the appropriate licensed healthcare professionals.  Also mention-worthy, is if you have any allergies relating to the Asteraceae/Compositae, to avoid taking it altogether.




Promotes wound healing

Petals (dried): ointments/tinctures/face washes

Pregnant, or possibly pregnant/breastfeeding, seek a pharmacist or your doctor or an appropriate licensed health care provider to see if you can utilize this for consumption



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