Basics of Botanicals: LEMON VERBENA


Lemon Verbena

Associations: Masculine, Mercury, Air, Violet

Occult uses:

Connecting with inner child, Astral travel, Breaking Bad habits, Purify Body and Mind, Cleanses space, Purification, Beauty (inner)

How to use it:

As an incense, offering, sachet, glamour spells

Medicinal spectrum

Aloysia triphylla

          Bedtime tea, digestive aid

There are roughly 1,200 species within the Verbenaceae. Typically cultivated for its oil and as an herbal tea. (3) This particular plant has calming, and soothing qualities aimed at nerves or anxiety.  Interestingly enough, “may reduce your sex drive when you drink it, but its scent is known for its aphrodisiac qualities” (1) It is mentioned also that this isn’t a drink or tea that should be consumed regularly because of the camphor content naturally occurring. Too much can result in toxic levels that may induce seizures or death (4)

Pregnant, or possibly pregnant/breastfeeding, seek a pharmacist or your doctor or an appropriate licensed health care provider to see if you can utilize this for consumption




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