Basics of Botanicals: ACACIA



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Necromancy, afterlife, spirit commune, psychic, protection

Associations:  Sun, Masculine, Air/Spirit

How to use:


Anointing oil



Senegalia Senegal

Encyclopedia Britannica mentions that there are over 160 species; (true) Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal) comes from the Sudan Africa (western). It serves quite a few different uses; most of which are controlling or maintaining levels of cholesterol to a healthy level or for weight loss (dietary fiber source), more studies are needed to support these claims. Depending which species you are utilizing generates the types of applications it can be used for. Generally speaking, acacia has been used to promote wound healing, lessen inflammation, or glue/adhesives. This is an introductory classification; we will not be breaking down the different species or their multitudinal uses.


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