Basics Of Botanicals: Mugwort


Occult uses (1):

Smudging/Cleansing Sticks


Dream/Psychic work

Breaking up negativity

Associations: Feminine, Venus, Earth, Violet

How to use it:

  • Smoke Cleansing: In a fireproof container, I stick with cast iron because I don’t have to worry about wondering, “is Universe trying to tell me something??” if I had of put it in a glass, or ceramic, container; it has a strong propensity to break. Cast iron, on the other hand, I’ve yet to see crack or bust. Anyway, make a dry loose-leaf incense with the herb and light a charcoal disc on fire to activate it. Please make sure you use tongs and not your fingers to be handling the charcoal disks you just lit. Place charcoal into fireproof container, then add in your herb. Be careful, open a window so you don’t set off the fire/smoke alarm. If you’re asthmatic or have allergies associated to this, I don’t recommend as an incense as it may set off an asthma/allergy attack.
  • (As a non-incense version) Stuff it in a sealable yet breathable type pouch, something other than plastic, so the aroma is able to permeate through for your dream/psychic work. (dream pillows)

Medicinal Spectrum:

Artemisia douglasiana (California variety)



  • You could, theoretically, drink this (as directed by an appropriately licensed healthcare professional) as a tea to “break up” a stale/stagnant energy, or any spiritually related congestion

Traditional medicinal uses are varied as a diuretic/tonic/stimulant or for women’s reproductive issues (treat premenstrual syndrome or hot flashes). Typical parts used are leaves as a tea, chewed, or as poultices.

California mugwort leaves contain the neurotoxin α-thujone, which constitutes 10% to 68% of the essential oil (Garcia et al., 2003Setzer et al., 2004). Although α-thujone is not readily extracted by water, it is extracted by ethanol (Tegtmeier and Harnischfeger, 2006). It is, therefore, not surprising that tinctures of A. douglasiana are not consumed in Native communities, and that non-Native herbalists are urged to use caution when prescribing tinctures (Christopher Hobbs, personal communication). (2)

Important information about why Mugwort isn’t for pregnant women who’d like to stay pregnant:

Pregnant women are warned from taking Mugwort during pregnancy because it contains compounds that stimulate menstruation and kill fetal tissue. Eucalyptol, also known as 1,8-cineole, is a monoterpine produced in the leaves of A. vulgaris.  Eucalyptol acts as an abortifacient, harming umbilical cells in human fetuses (Linghu 2016). α– and β– thujones, also produced in the leaves, are the psychoactive compounds found in the drink absinth, which is brewed from A. absinthium or wormwood, a close cousin of A. vulgaris. (3)



Link to photo:

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I highly recommend Maya’s Take Back Your Uterus with this Pyschedelic Herb of the Ancient World article, for further in-depth reading material. They cover more scientific findings for those interested in studying mugwort. It has an extensive list of citations that I suggest you look through if you have the time. Visit HERE






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