LESSONS IN MAGICK: The Luciferian Witch


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“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

In previous posts I have discussed what Luciferianism is, how I found it, and what it means to walk this Crooked Path of ours; what I have not dived into is Luciferian Witchcraft itself–what it is, and how it differs from other areas and aspects of the Craft.

As always, I claim to be no expert in any area of life or the Occult, I am simply sharing my experiences as they have happened to myself in hopes they help guide another to their own path, their own truth.

Nothing said here is universal truth, nothing said here should replace your own feelings and personal philosophy; if anything, let this piece allow you to think deeply.

So, first, who is the Luciferian Witch?

Well, the short answer?



The Luciferian Witch is an individual who lives and breathes their truth; they have asked themselves the hard questions, and went searching, seeking for the harder answers.

We do not look a certain way; we are your neighbors, your teachers, your postal workers.

We are not just the quiet Goth wearing all black.

We are Philosophers, thinkers, revolutionaries and rebels; dare I say, all Occultists and those who step outside of the status quo are.

Luciferianism is a Philosophy, Witchcraft is a Practice and it’s important to understand this as we go forth.

Both are open to interpretation, too; this is how they allow room for the individual to blossom and thrive.

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As mentioned in previous writings, Luciferians can be Theistic or Atheistic. If they are Theistic they do not necessarily believe in the actual deity Lucifer, furthermore, they don’t necessarily worship him, either.

I worship no deity; I worship truth, and knowledge, if anything.

I acknowledge the existence of Lucifer as a deity and energy/archetype.

I do not believe in the Devil.

I do not believe in an omnipotent God.

I do not identify as Pagan (even though by pesky definitions, I am one).

As far as Witchcraft, I am a Traditional Witch (another umbrella term, in my opinion). The practices I follow were handed down to me by my Mother, taught to me by mentors and learned through the grueling process of studying the Occult.

I would be defined most closely as a Hedge Witch since herbs and plants (in all their forms) are the center focus of most of my work; I am an animist, too. I also incorporate Rootwork, and Hoodoo; least we forget the influence Hinduism has had and does have on my practice and life. Not to mention my Seership abilities and how they affect my perspective on things. The Dark Goddesses are also paramount on my path, and have been some of my best Teachers.

It’s a hodge podge, really–of the best kind.

For some it suits them to follow a specific tradition, and that’s fine. Luciferians are not all Witches, and if they are, they are not necessarily Traditional Witches. There are all kinds of Practitioners in the mix; remember, Luciferianism is a Philosophy, Witchcraft is a Practice.

What I like most about this path is that we can forge our own way.

This, of course, is harder than walking an already established path but, anything worth having is worth working hard for. Plus, I can only speak for myself, but I don’t want to go where the crowd is; the exact opposite, in fact.

I follow this path to better know myself, to better understand why I think the way I do, and to re-establish my connection with the Old Gods and the Old Ways.

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So, what are the pillars of Luciferian Witchcraft, regardless of all the other moving parts to Philosophy and Practice?

Personal Responsibility: The Luciferian Witch understands that they, and only they are responsible for their actions, and reactions. They do not create a space to be a victim, they do not allow themselves to get into that mentality; everything does not happen for a reason but there is a lesson in everything that happens. Luciferian Witches can seek out those lessons and dissect them, no matter how ugly the truth is or how much it hurts.

Claims Their Power: The Luciferian Witch claims their power by establishing boundaries (for me, this is an eternal work in progress). They claim their power by connecting with their Higher Self, and their Ancestors. They claim their power by facing and acknowledging their pain. They claim their power by living authentically in a world that demands them to live otherwise; the ultimate rebellion.

Speaks Their Truth: The Luciferian Witch is not afraid to speak their truth, and they are not afraid to burn in it, either. Living in a world full of illusions and lies, we must speak the truth any and every opportunity we have; even if that means we stand alone. The Luciferian Witch understands the power of solitude, and the strength of connectedness.

Lives Their Truth: Just because you can talk the talk doesn’t mean you walk the walk, and the Luciferian Witch must do both. They must live their truth, as much as they speak it, otherwise they are just another hypocrite spouting off bullshit about how we are supposed to live instead of putting it into practice. Real Magick yields real results; real practice yields real results. This is not a path for an armchair Occultist, you are required to put in work; part of that work is living unapologetically in your truth.

Follows No Creed: The Luciferian Witch follows no creed other than their own conscience. They respect and understand Universal Laws, and the Laws of Magick (Hermetic Principles) but they don’t decide to not act based on fear of retribution, or Karma (most of us don’t subscribe to the idea of Karma).  The Luciferian Witch knows they are the Master of their fate, actions, morality and ethics; they need no God, deity, supreme power or book to tell them how to act. The Luciferian Witch acts in accordance to their own Laws, their own feelings and nothing is more liberating or powerful than that.

Individual Sovereignty: The Luciferian Witch knows that they belong to nobody but themselves, and as much as they may respect the collective and understand their role in it, they understand they are still an individual. Their actions, thoughts, opinions and experiences are their own; no one can take that from them. The Luciferian Witch does not concern themselves with the opinions of others because the only opinion that matters is their own; the only actions that can be controlled are their own. This lesson is profound.

At the end of the day Luciferian Witchcraft is the alchemy of combining Philosophy and Practice to create something magnificent: an empowered individual.

Lessons in Magick: My Take on the Devil

Alex Stoddard3

Image: Alex Stoddard

“The devil is an optimist if he thinks he can make people worse than they are.”

Karl Kraus

I was never given a choice if I wanted to be a Witch or not, it’s something that was formed already deep within my Soul; I suppose I didn’t really have a choice if I was going to be a rebel, either.

There has always been this darkness with me (about me), along with a heaviness, and depth about myself that has influenced greatly the path I have taken regarding Magick. I don’t consider myself evil by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, I am extremely compassionate and empathetic, I get a little showy and snappy at times because of the Capricorn Rising, and Taurus Moon (those stubborn horns) but I’ll be damned because every time my Cancer emotions triumph over everything.

I have never really considered myself part of any crowd or community; I have always just wandered alone doing my own thing, picking up pieces of wisdom to collect in my jar (my brain) for later use.

What a wondrous collection I have.

I observe the Pagan and Witch community via comment threads, and discussion boards; often finding myself enraged with what I see, I am still trying to work on the whole “don’t allow others to disturb your inner peace” thing.

Among the endless discussions and debates I read there was a common dispute that came up among all the groups, and I feel like I want to address it myself, as I have never done so before. I do not consider myself an Ambassador for the Witch community, the Luciferian Community, or any community for that matter—I speak for no one, and nothing but myself. I like to make this clear when I write pieces like this because it has gotten me into trouble when I have not said clearly that I am speaking from my perspective only.

With that said, I do not believe in the Devil. Since I am so often associated with him when I tell people I am a Witch I think it’s time to speak about it all.

The statement itself is so much more complex than it seems, and the path I had to take to get to this conclusion was not easy. First and fore most the Devil is a Christian concept that I do not subscribe to and in my logical mind, I simply cannot.

I just don’t believe there is some red dude with horns and a pitchfork who is going to condemn me to eternal pit-fires in a place called Hell for my “Sins” that are dictated and notated by some other dude in the sky.

For a very long time I was terrified to face my darker side, even when it was staring me in the face, manifesting in the most horrific ways; you can only run from who you are for so long before it finally catches up to you and often with devastating personal consequences.

I did not want to develop this part of my Philosophy because I was scared, period. It wasn’t until my late teens that I knew I had no choice but to face the fire because I was the fire. I also knew that once I opened that door, once my fingers began to grasp the handle, and once my thoughts began to wander into that territory I would unlock a force within myself that would never be contained again.

There are some in the community who don’t believe in the Devil at all like myself, but they also don’t believe in Satan, and this is where I personally get confused with their duality theory.

I believe in duality, thus I believe in Satan, but not as a being—as a collective Adversarial energy.

This energy does not necessarily have to be blasephmous, sacreligious, or extreme in nature (outward appearance, taboo lifestyle, etc) as the masses seem to think it is; it can and often is the promotion of individuation, free thinking and the idea of living, burning, breathing, and existing entirely in one’s truth.

Satan goes against the status quo, and refuses to conform simply because it is told to do so.

Are you not Satan?

I know I am.

If you subscribe to duality that does not consist only of the Masculine and Feminine but also dark and light, evil and good (subjectively and relatively speaking), above and below etc. Many Pagans and Wiccans have never been able to give me an answer when I ask, “Who or what is the opposite of your God(s)?” Even in the stories and mythos themselves there is always some great battle with an evil being, I mean, duh, all good stories have a bad guy and some bloodshed; I just don’t think our/my/the bad guy is the Devil.

We’re our own villain, just as we’re our own hero or heroine (though I don’t think we need gender specific titles or names for being bad ass, feel me?)

We should not be asking God for help, and fearing the Devil (or any form of retribution); we should be willing our wishes and desires into fruition, and fearing nothing.

Rules and ignorance do not and cannot confine me, fairy tales and holy books don’t scare me; I have been to Hell and back, dove into the Abyss, burned in the Black Flame, rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and shed my skin like the Serpent—there is nothing that can be thrown in my direction that will scare me, or that I cannot handle.

“Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.”

William Ernest Henley

Aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone and What It Means to Not Belong

Boris Ovin

Image: Boris Ovini

“Where there is a woman there is magic. If there is a moon falling from her mouth, she is a woman who knows her magic, who can share or not share her powers. A woman with a moon falling from her mouth, roses between her legs and tiaras of Spanish moss, this woman is a consort of the spirits.”

Ntozake Shange

This blog was a request that I am finally getting the time to sit down and write, I am not sure if I am fully prepared for a piece such as this for a couple reasons. First, this topic is entirely about the Divine Feminine, an aspect I have only recently started to work with, and embrace. I always had Masculine energy around me, I was also always more comfortable with the Masculine side of myself and my Magick; not that I didn’t like being a Woman—I didn’t understand how to be a Woman, huge difference.

Then, I had my hysterectomy, and I really lost touch with my Feminine side; it was not until the Dark Goddesses, and my Beloved Crones came forth that I began to realize I am as much of a Woman and Witch as my Sistren who still have their Wombs, and Sacred Blood. I do, however, still hold onto some regret, or guilt almost for not cherishing my Blood when I had it, for not understanding that part of my life and for expressing myself sexually in all the wrong ways. It’s one of those “If I knew then what I know now” type situations while at the same time being an “everything happens for a reason” situation.

A bittersweet, catch 22. Aren’t they all, though?

The second reason that I am freaking out about this post is because it’s about a Pagan concept. For a long time, I have denounced the title Pagan even though I understand it is an umbrella term that I technically fall under, blah, blah, blah. For some reason I hate the term, that’s really all there is to it. I feel like it does not accurately describe me, and I also feel like it hinders me, it binds my power for some reason.

If I were to describe myself it would be, and has always been, a Luciferian Witch, though even that morphs and changes because I walk a line between Satanism and Luciferianism; as similar as they are, there are several differences. For me, Satanism is much darker, and when tapping into the collective adversarial energy that is Satan it entirely changes my Magick, and my mentality; when I tap into the Luciferian energy of illumination and knowledge, it changes my Magick and mentality in totally different ways. Same goes for Draconian Fire.

I like to tap into all forms of energy as I see fit. Why does one have to limit themselves with titles, words and colors on a spectrum that doesn’t even really exist?

Hell, if I am going to be honest I feel that even the title “Luciferian Witch” hinders my growth, so I have recently chosen to just say, I am.

At the end of the day, myself just like all you are everything and nothing existing together at the same time. What wonderful contradictions we are.

With all of that said, the request was to write about what it is like to be a Woman whose age is supposed to be in one phase, but she feels, and is in an entirely different phase. I am obviously referring to the Maiden, Mother, Crone idea. I have always found it interesting that Women of the Craft are divided, but our Brothers do not have anything similar. Part of me feels that it is because Women are inherently more spiritual than Men; I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. The Feminine and Masculine are different because they need to be in order to balance each other out, if we were both emotionally and entirely intuitively based, we would be a heaping pile of chaos, and tears. We need the Masculine’s logic, and stoic, solid foundation to anchor us when the tides of emotion become too much to bear alone. I am not referring to gender, either, I am referring to energy; Women can be Masculine, as Men can be Feminine.

There is this other part of me that feels this is yet another way the Patriarchy has had some effect, or conditioned us. And, before any of you start to freak out thinking I am some extreme, neo-Feminist for using the word Patriarchy, I am not, I just know this is a male dominated world.

Before I get into my opinion and experience being 31 and using Crone energy, I am going to define the terms. The Source I am using is a book from my personal collection called: ‘The Three Faces of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone’ by D.J Conway.

“The first aspect of the Goddess is the Maiden, sometimes called the Virgin or Huntress. She is spring, the fresh beginning of all things. The Maiden is the continuation of all life, the repeating of endless cycles of birth and rebirth, both of the body and of the spirit. She is the dawn, eternal youth and vigor, enchantment and seduction, the waxing Moon. Traditionally, Her color is white, denoting innocence and newness.”

“The Mother aspect of the Goddess is summer, the ripening of all things. She is the re-creation of life, both plant and animal; She is also the creation of universal bodies. She is the high point in all cycles, whether of living or creating, for the Mother blessed and gives with open hands. She is the Great Teacher of the Mysteries. Symbolically, the Mother aspect is the boiling or churning cauldron, the re-creative pot, and the ripeness of womanhood (or adulthood in general). The day, lustiness, reproduction, creation in any form and of anything—these are all within Her realm. Traditionally, Her color is red, the color of blood and the life force.”

“The Crone aspect of the Great Goddess is the least understood and the most feared of the three aspects. She has been called the Terrible Mother, the Hag, the Dark Mother, the Wise One. Because She deals with death and the end of cycles, most people tend to avoid this face of the Goddess. Black is Her color, and sometimes dark blue and the deepest of purples. Black is the absorber of all light, the color of darkness where all life rests before rebirth. The Crone is winter, night, outer space, the abyss, menopause, advancement in age, wisdom, counsel, the gateway to death and reincarnation, and the Initiator into the deepest of Mysteries and prophecies. The waning Moon is Her monthly time of power.”

“The Crone’s number is nine and multiples of nine. This number symbolizes wisdom and Sacred Magick. Nine is also a Moon number, which means spiritual completion and wholeness. The Moon goes through its phases from New to waxing to Full and back again to New. In life, we go out from the Crone’s recycling cauldron into existence, then eventually return again to Her waiting vessel. Physical death is part of life’s cycle of wholeness.”

Personally, I believe that we have the ability to be all aspects of the Goddess at once, or when we choose; I do not think numeric age has anything to do with the power we tap into. I believe that we, as Women, are able to tap into all aspects of the Goddess because all those aspects already exist within us.

So why wouldn’t I conclude that we can tap into them?

When I went into menopause at 27 (equals 9) it was intense, to say the least. I noticed a dramatic change in my power, my way of thinking, how I viewed the world, and even my moral compass; I seemed to suddenly give zero fucks.

The first of the Crones to come to me was my Beloved Baba Yaga, followed by other Dark Goddesses such as Kali, Hekate, Lilith, and Demeter. There is a level of humility gained when working with such powerful aspects of the Great Goddess. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is I now understand life and death more than I ever have, all because I am held in the embrace of primordial Darkness. I sit on the edge of life and death, teetering back and forth.

It’s interesting, and intriguing to be drawn to an aspect that most people feel is earned only through years walked on this Earth. I find that fellow Witches are more interested in my energy now because I am so young but my energy is that of the Crone. Conversely, fellow Witches are equally confused as they are interested when they realize how Motherly I am. Chalk it up to my Cancerian Soul, or the fact that I am both Mother and Crone, I know my truth.

I walk among all aspects of the Goddess because I am She, and She is Me; I limit myself to nothing and no one, no spectrum or creed because I am everything and nothing and so are thee.

If you are interested in purchasing the book I sourced:

Lessons in Magick: Morals, Ethics, and Magickal Attacks

Stacey Shipp

Image: Stacey Shipp

“So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”

Ernest Hemingway

I am going to take this time to write about a topic that I think is long overdue. This opinion piece may cause you to feel some type of way.

Meaning, it will conjure emotions and provoke thought.

Topic is: Morals, Ethics (what they are and how they are different), Magickal attacks and how they all effect each other.

I am a Luciferian Witch, devotee of La Santisima Muerte and a Shaivite Hindu who incorporates many aspects of different traditions into my Magickal workings and personal Philosophy.

I am not part of a group, coven, sect, or any other social organization.

I do not adhere to “do no harm” as I believe those who cannot curse, cannot cure; you cannot do one without efficiently being able to practice the other.

I know many of you have just scoffed at such a concept, but it’s true.

When you are being attacked by a Spirit, fellow Witch, or an onslaught of negativity from wherever or whatever, you let me know how well that “do no harm” works for you.

I am not trying to mock another path but there are times when Wiccans become the Christians of Witchcraft and either judge us (ie. those who will hex, curse, defend themselves) or condemn our personal decisions, as if they are the morality police. (Yes, I know, not all Wiccans).

It’s really, really common. Like I said, not trying to mock paths, just calling it how I see it.

And, to be fair, I know some fiercely badass Wiccans.

A Witch is free to do what they see fit without being judged by others for it.

However, this is where it becomes blurred.

It seems that some people have lost all sense of ethical thinking, and have absolutely no moral compass.

So, on one side we have people (not necessarily just Wiccans) finger pointing for our decisions to do harm if the need arises; on the other side we have people who are hex-happy and have absolutely no sense of right and wrong, good or bad (no matter how subjective they may be).

It’s like we are suddenly defending ourselves from every direction.

Now, let’s talk about morals and ethics and how they are different.

Morals: “The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group or culture”.

Ethics: “Principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. While morals also prescribe dos and don’ts, morality is ultimately a personal compass of right and wrong”.

Get it?

Ethics are based upon an external source and/or influence; be it society, peers, or just your general environment (nature/nurture type thing).

Morals are your personal compass; how YOU, as an individual, view right and wrong, good and bad (or evil– interchangeable in this context).

As a walker of the Left Hand Path, I am all for the individual, but I am not for the individual who is a douchebag playing with Magick, attacking fellow Witches all because they have Ego and are oozing with jealousy; the weak always feel the need to prey on the strong, which is the dumbest logic ever.

Newsflash: there will ALWAYS be a stronger Witch out there.

Deal with it, accept it and move the fuck on.

After talking to a few fellow Witches, I found out that “Witch wars” are actually really common. I was shocked and horrified.

I have experienced this firsthand when some Witches had the nerve to come after me.

I am not suggesting that we all begin to think the same way, but I do believe there needs to be a baseline established of what is and is not acceptable conduct for a Witch.

Rules of engagement, maybe?


I look out at our community and the behavior I see sometimes is absolutely disgusting.

Whether you believe in do no harm, or will fuck someone up with a hex, just because you CAN do Magick doesn’t always mean you should.

Unless someone has attacked you first, unless you are under direct threat, there is NO need to send Daemons, bind Spirits, or attempt to hex another Witch (basic examples).

Drop the egos, and jealousy; that is usually where Magickal attacks stem from, anyways.

Rarely are these wars actually warranted, or have any merit whatsoever but the aftermath is tangible and tragic.

Is it really worth it? Are those few minutes, hours, possibly days draining another Witch of their energy really worth the wrath that will be unleashed when they come back to full power?

Just because a Witch has no coven doesn’t mean that Witch has no backup.

Like attracts like: Strong Witches attract other Strong Witches, unfortunately we also attract parasites.

It is a fine art to decipher the two.

For me, I know a strong Witch because I will not like them when we first meet; if I click immediately I know something is wrong.

I have always been proven right with this theory, not suggesting it works for everyone.

When we attack our Sisters and Brothers it is like spitting on the Craft itself, on our Ancestors and all they fought and died for.

Again, I am not saying we need to be all peace and love, blessed be, and full of light, but goddammit stop attacking each other without reason.

When you become power hungry in the Craft, that power will consume you and it’ll be your downfall.

As I mentioned above, there will ALWAYS be a Witch stronger than you.

Stop poking your wands where they don’t belong or you might poke a Beast you cannot put back to sleep.



LESSONS IN MAGICK: The Way of the Daemon


Image: Tiago Arrais

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”

Tennessee Williams

As always this is my personal experience and I am by no means claiming to be an expert.

I believe in consciousness; God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Divine Light and Violet Flame.

Along with Infernal consciousness, Lightbringer consciousness, Black Flame consciousness, Serpentine Gnosis and the Void.

‘As above, so below’

I know the terminology used in this piece will throw some people off; being that it’s biblical.

But, forget the words Angels and Daemons and just read.

“The one thing I know for certain is that I know nothing”.

I have been dealing with Angels and Daemons for almost 20 years, and they have been both my monsters and saviors.

I was asked about Daemons; what they are like, their personality and such, if they follow a hierarchy etc.

I believe that the point is to try and give folks an understanding of these fierce, Magickal, and mysterious beings.

I share my knowledge because only when people have their questions answered will they begin to seek their own personal truth and the awakening that humanity so desperately needs will take place.

Sometimes we have to create the paradigm shift ourselves.

Sometimes we are the shift.

Daemons have archetypes of themselves throughout time; once you dive into the hierarchy, and history you will find that it’s all the same players just different names.

I have found that how we deal with Daemons and how they respond to us is subjective; they seem to appear in a way we are forced to pay attention, thus why some have the ability to show as either sex, or stay in an androgynous form.

A fallen has the ability to appear in three forms; serpent, Angel or “human”. Daemons usually appear as shadows in corners, or in reflections (mirrors, glass, windows, water, and their favorite, pictures.)

They move very quickly, are very calculating and pay attention to every move you make.

Both races have the ability to come in an ‘incognito mode’ but that just means we can’t “see” them; they are always felt, at least that is my experience.

There is a ‘race’ that is Daemonic, they never had grace flow through them (never were Angels) and then there are the fallen; also known as the Grigori, or the Watchers, the original 200 who fell with Lucifer during the rebellion.

Stories create egregores, it’s paramount to understand that. I may not believe the story, but the energy it created is undeniable.

From what I understand of the text, more than 200 fell with Lucifer; the number is around 3,000 but the 200 “originals” seem to have a different power source, and are ranked higher than the others.

The idea of Daemons existing in Hell before the rebellion has been around for centuries, it was made even more popular in the 18th century with Johannes Wierus and his translation of the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Goetia.

Wierus wrote that Lucifer took 1/3 of the Angels which equaled 2,400; when they arrived there were 11 Princes of Hell who had 6,660,000 Daemons each under their command.

This is important for several reasons.

I am sure you see the ‘666’ also, 2+4=6, and according to Christian numerology the number 11 is known as an ‘unholy Divine’ number, 10 being the Divine because of “it’s round perfection”.

In reality 11 is an awakening number, a master number; no wonder the Christians make it out to be “evil” or “bad”.

I work primarily with Lucifer, Belial, Molloch, Baal (Ba’al which is truly a title meaning Lord) and Jinn (Djinn).

Molloch in my experience is a much more violent form of Baal; think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I always have G with me, and I believe that Crowley was correct when he said that the most important moment in our Magickal career is to learn who our guardian Angel is.

Having G around is what allows me to easily access these Divine beings.

In the beginning though I was a victim to them because I did not lay down boundaries, and I allowed them to feed off my fear.

I know when they are around because it will suddenly get overwhelmingly hot, and Lucifer is the hottest of them all.

Similar to the flushed feeling when wearing Moldavite; ironically, said to be a stone that fell from his crown when he fell from grace.

When Lucifer is around there is an overwhelming smell of Sulfur, and at times I can taste it.

Belial smells like cigars and depending on his mood, or the intentions behind the summoning the smell itself can be sweet or absolutely repulsive; like you are living in an ash tray.

Baal is a very powerful energy, and his overwhelming disdain affects how he smells to me, it can only be described as a swamp, or musty— I really cannot put it into words, and with him comes a very depressing energy.

As far as personality goes they all have their own quirks, but the one common denominator that they have is a fantastic, twisted sense of humor.

I find that when Lucifer is around his mood can rub off on me, and at times he has influenced me to stir up some trouble when he was bored. A trickster in some regard.

The Jinn are by far the most temperamental, and if they are not kept busy they will destroy your house.

The higher up in the hierarchy you go, the more they require from you, this also means the importance of drawing boundaries is going to be for your protection.

I do not invoke, I would never invite an outside energy inside myself; I may summon and allow them to have access to this world through my eyes, so to speak, but in no way are they to enter my body, or soul.

Spirits can hurt you as much as they can help. You must know the Daemon you are working with, you must show respect but not consider yourself beneath them, and absolutely not above them.


Daemons should not be called to do simple bidding, they do not take kindly to being called for something mundane; make sure you know the price for the task that you have requested.

I suggest when summoning to offer them something. For example, I use incense, candy, wine, cannabis, vaginal secretions, cigars, blood and saliva.

Not everyone should be offering bodily fluids because this can cause an unhealthy bond with the Daemon (or any Spirit).

As for the hierarchy, it is a nobility ranking system and it goes as such: Prince, King, Marquis, Duke, Earl and President.

Each noble member has “minions” or “foot soldiers”, these are lesser Daemons who do the bidding of higher ups.

They are ruthless, and have absolutely no moral compass; nothing to lose, everything to gain.

If you are ever visited by one of these it is best to banish them, and do note that the lesser Daemons once banished, can usually not get back to this plane.

Each Prince is in charge of one of the Cardinal directions: North, South, East, West.

The important members to know are the big three: Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan.

When working with these Daemons they seem to be more diplomatic but this means that they also require more out of you; except Leviathan, she is a beast and will test every limit you have placed on her, and then devour you.

The last question I was asked is, are Daemons the old Pagan God’s.


This goes back to the whole archetype, or shadow theory; the idea that Daemons or fallen have created other beings from pieces of themselves.

Examples would be Set, Pan, Hermes, Prometheus, Enki and Cernunnos to name a few, are all said to be versions or shadow selves of Lucifer himself.

Daemons (Daimons) used to be messengers to Yahweh (YVHV, YHWH), and they were given the duty of delivering human prayers, and souls to him.

I believe that Daemons themselves are demonized.

The word Demon is what Christians refer to when speaking of “Evil beings” whereas the spelling Daemon, or Daimon shows respect, and Divinity.

I have worked with all kinds of deities, and energies and the ability to work with Daemons is not something that is just bestowed upon us; it takes time, effort, motivation and concentration because if they sense a weakness, they will feed off it. You will become psychological prey.

If you show them that you are a predator just as they are, they will allow you into their Kingdom and show you the ways of the Ancients. 

For what it’s worth…


Image: “Daughters of the Underworld”, 2014.© Nona Limmen

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I am not known for being an overly friendly person, I blame it on my gift of sight. Once the façade is gone, people aren’t as exciting to interact with. The reality though is that the past has taught me a lot about the things that can happen when I allow people to get too close, or too comfortable. For a long time I thought that this was a defense mechanism, but I know now it is to keep me sane. I already walk a very fine line, a line that has complete Madness on one side, and Enlightenment on the other. I don’t keep many in my circle but I love this community like family. We can relate so easily to each other because we face the same hurdles. I believe that a lot of us look “crazy” because there are many who really don’t know the truth, who refuse to see the truth, who would never believe the truth even if it slapped them in the face. The masses are threatened by anything different, but especially something as taboo as the Occult. This goes equally for Right Hand Path, Left Hand Path, Satanist’s, Atheist’s, Witches, Pagan’s, Wiccan’s and every belief system that is not “the big three”; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

We are judged, and ridiculed by society, and for these reasons those of us who choose to walk ‘alternative’ paths should stick together. We need to remember that at one point we knew nothing, and we also could have been viewed as naïve when it came to our personal Philosophy. Shall we not forget how fucking terrifying it is to break away from a thought process that everything in your ‘reality’ has told you to follow. I look around and see cliques of people claiming to be “this” or “that” and trying to start wars with other groups. I see people cracking jokes about where on the spectrum others fall. I see people not only using, but teaching violent rituals to serve Lucifer, Set, Baphomet, Baal, and others, thinking that this brutality is how you get the attention of a Fallen, Daemon, God, etc. They require us to be true to Self, the rest is based upon the individual. We do not need to add more stereotypes by teaching rituals that require blood sacrifice to appease these Fallen. Firstly, because blood, semen, vaginal secretions and urine should be used by an experienced practitioner only. Secondly, not everyone will be comfortable using bodily fluids, and some will not be comfortable performing a ritual at all.  That IS ok, it is ok to not practice as another does. We must follow our own path, and for the record, blood, etc. does not make them more or less willing to work with you; Bodily fluids just add potency.

We have strayed from our path, and before we can begin to fight the outside world, we must fix the problems within our own.

I think everyone needs to first and foremost have respect for their fellow human being, and we cannot go around lashing out “just because” or because they do not agree with us. Newsflash, a lot of people don’t agree with us, but we must always give respect. I could be getting screamed at by a Christian, Atheist, or even a fellow Witch but I will always maintain a level of composure because I will never give my enemy what they want; a reaction from me. The minute we stoop to the level of our opponent, or someone who is trying to engage in a debate, is the moment we hand the win over to that team. We cannot continue to react in the way that “they” think we will. Mind your manners.

Another issue I want to discuss is this whole “bursting someone’s bubble” thing. I understand that because we are on the path to Enlightenment that we sometimes feel the need, or impulse to spread truth. Why do you think I do what I do? However, we cannot go around destroying another’s illusions/delusions. That is not fair, and often it is unwarranted. We do not need to “prove” ourselves to anyone except ourselves. We must focus on the ones who are new to the path, and those who have an itch, or yearn to come over to our side. We must be willing to accept others, and help them thrive. We cannot take away free will, and like I have said before, we cannot force our beliefs on another. That makes us no better than Christians preaching to us about “Hell” and “eternally burning in fire”. We must allow people to naturally evolve and by choice come to this side.

Lastly, we need to stop judging those within our community. There are many who practice their Magick in a way that I never would, but if it works for them, more power to them. We are all individuals, and we have to be more accepting to those who do not walk the Left Hand Path. We also need to stop being so judgemental to those on a similar path to us. I think that comparing ourselves to another will surely be our own destruction. We each have a role to play, and they are all equally important. We cannot afford egos when we are facing a massive change, paradigm shift on the horizon.

I don’t know what made me write this, I started off wanting to write about something else entirely. There is a reason for everything, I suppose, so there is a reason for this, too. I don’t want to come off as trying to give others rules to live by, and I do not want to sound “preachy”. But, being who I am, I cannot help but notice the fatal flaws within our own community. I know that weaknesses in time of war can be used against us, and I do not want our inability to stand with those who are different than us be the reason we fail.

We are seekers of Truth, practitioners of the Old Ways and keepers of Knowledge. I do not care what title you wear, or whom you do or not worship. I only care that when the battle starts our soldiers are ready.