LESSONS IN MAGICK: Justified Hexing

Hex 1

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“Juju is not enough to protect you. Everything you have I will turn against you. I’ll turn sugar bitter for you. I’ll take your very shield and crack it on your head.”

Helen Oyeyemi

Jinxes, Curses, Hexes, Crossings—these words are well known throughout our community and they invoke a certain level of curiosity in many practitioners; an irrational fear in other’s.

I walk the Left-Hand Path, so for me, there is no rede, threefold law, karma or any other form of retribution; I obviously believe in cause and effect, seeing how it’s Newton’s Third Law (every action has an opposite and equal reaction) and I believe it applies to everything, but I am not scared to act because of this Law.

I will defend what is mine with the tools that I have when I am attacked. This is where it gets tricky because what is deemed as an attack? What is worth letting go, and looking past and what is worth facing head on?

What is deemed as an attack will differ from person to person; it’s entirely subjective but I also believe there are some base lines.

Me? Regardless of Laws I will do what is required because I believe wholly that there is such a thing as justified hexing.

Much like justified rage, these justified hexes are our way to protect ourselves, defend what is Sacred and fight back against a system that wishes to bring us down and further oppress us.

Witches ARE feared; we always have been, and probably always will be (merit based or not).

Hex 2

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We are misunderstood, and with misunderstanding comes fear, ignorance and herd mentalities.

There are three kinds of people in our community when it comes to the topic of Hexing or Cursing: those who hands down, under no circumstance will hex (they either believe in a threefold law of some sort, or they believe that the light is the only way); those who are hex happy (the people who will hex you for just looking at them wrong. They are neglected, bullied children who grew into Magickal adults with bleeding wounds and now use their Magick to get back at everyone they perceive to be a “mean kid”).

Then there are those of us who understand that one cannot cure unless they can curse—they cannot heal unless they can harm.

We must know both sides of the coin to understand the power of gold; that is Magick.

That is Alchemy.

I don’t believe hexes are dark/black and healing is white/light—I don’t even equate dark to black and light to white.

I believe Magick is a spectrum and we must walk along all shades of the spectrum to be a well-balanced practitioner.

There is this idea that if someone hexes they cannot live an attitude of gratitude, or they are somehow lowering their vibrations and therefore cannot manifest the life they want.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Sure, there are practitioners who, as mentioned above, are hex happy and absolutely that affects their vibrations, moods, and how they maneuver through and handle life; there are also practitioners who hex when it is necessary, we know the power of baneful Magick and only draw from it when all other resources have been tapped out.

Not only does hexing take a lot out of the practitioner—it is quite alarming to see your hexes come to be. Anyone who says differently has never seen the full potential of a hex and stood in its shadow.

I am sure we all recall the first time we cursed, saw it coming to fruition, and sat back in awe, and horror at the greatness of it all.

Witches are powerful, powerful creatures.

The words we speak equally create and destroy.

Hex 3

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Just because Magick isn’t always instant people think it isn’t real, or potent.

Magick has its own rhythm and it follows its own drum; we simply step in, play instruments occasionally adding our tune, and eventually someone will hear our war song and suffer the fate of doing wrong by us.

While on this topic, lets address what is considered justified.

I am not in the business of telling other people what to do, how to practice, or fear mongering so I am just going to tell you what I believe.

I believe that if someone causes bodily harm to myself or my family, it’s justified.

I believe if someone is relentless with their evil eye and Magickal attempts to bring me down, it’s justified. I also believe blessing the person, silencing the person with a freeze spell, cloaking myself from them, and doing a cord cutting are necessary steps before I will full out hex someone.

There’s levels to this shit.

I don’t hex on a whim, I don’t like the idea of destroying someone’s life (but I am not above it if they come for me, either), and I know the power I wield.

I am cautious, careful, and calculating; I consult my Ancestors and Spirits before I do anything, and then I sit in long meditation and listen to my inner self because that is where the truth always dwells.

Never be afraid to protect what is yours.

Blessed Are the Witches.

Coming Into Power: Beyoncé, Lemonade and Black Girl Magick

Black Girl Magick 2

Image: Maher Jridi

“I am the Dragon breathing fire, beautiful man I’m the lion, beautiful man I know you’re lying, I am not broken I’m not crying.”


On Saturday I, along with millions of other people tuned in and watched Beyoncé’s ‘visual album’ titled Lemonade. Before I get into why I am writing about it on my Occult themed blog, let me tell you why I watched it.

I am from New York, and Brooklyn is where most of my growing occurred, not just as a Woman but as a human; I saw so much culture, and began to understand the human condition through my days and nights running the streets of that borough. It seems like an entirely different lifetime now and when I look back at how I behaved, and the situations I found myself in, it’s surreal.

Just proves that we really do die and rise many times throughout our lives. It’s called evolving, experience, and maturity; they are all healthy and paramount to personal growth.

You simply cannot be in Brooklyn without finding yourself immersed in Hip Hop, and I am not talking about the shit that floods the airwaves now, where half the song is gibberish; I am talking about real Hip Hop, where lyrical prose flows from the lips of people who have experienced a struggle a majority cannot begin to comprehend.

Real Hip Hop is using words to tell your pain, and cut your enemy.

Real Hip Hop is when life simultaneously is the beat and the lyric.

Hip Hop in Brooklyn is based around Biggie, Lil’ Kim and Jay-Z (just to name a few icons that have emerged from BK). Every street corner you hear a different style of hard basslines and lyrics that take you on a Spiritual journey, and tell a story.

Since Jay’s first album I have been a fan, far before he became associated with being a member of the notorious “illuminati” and a high level Mason. If you listen to his lyrics closely you can tell that he absolutely holds a Philosophy very close to many Left Hand Pathers and it has nothing to do with Secret Society’s. He is in to Esoteric studies, and since when is that a bad thing? I am not going to get into the conspiracy theory of the illuminati, though (they did exist, and I am not disputing that).

Tin Foil hats don’t look good on me…

I have been a fan of Beyoncé since Destiny’s Child. Cliché, whatever. I was about 13, I think, when they came out and it was my first look at Women being strong, and making decisions for themselves as far as life, and love; the music industry at the time was very male, and boy band dominated. And, let’s face it, I just wasn’t a Spice Girls kinda person, haha.

Let’s fast forward now to the Documentary.

I had heard about it on Thursday and Friday via Social Media when she released a teaser trailer, and to be honest, it was pure speculation what Lemonade was going to be. I had put it out of my mind, but happened to be watching the movie that premiered on HBO beforehand. So, when I noticed it was coming on, I thought what the hell let’s see what this is about.

Within the first five minutes I thought initially “Am I witnessing a public divorce?!” but then the Artist in me was completely intrigued, the Woman in me felt something aching in my Soul, the Lion in me started to roar, the Occultist started eyeing symbols, the Witch in me noticed another Witch coming into power and I knew I was about to witness something amazing. The Ankh she wore between her breasts was just one of the many times where I found myself giving so much props to the strength of my Sisters all over the world. As I have always said, I am my Sister and my Sister is me.

To many commentators on Social Media they are only seeing that it was about cheating, and her calling Jay (her husband) out but it was, in fact, so much more than that.

This piece of Art was not good just because Beyoncé did it, though I don’t know if anyone else could have executed it the way she did, it was good because the message needed to be said.

The Divine Feminine is Rising, Shakti is Rising and She will not be silenced, She will not be pushed down.

This documentary is about the plight of Black Women and how they are the most underrepresented and misunderstood group of people in this country, and on this planet. It tells the story, and insecurities that EVERY single Woman faces. This Documentary showed us the Power of Woman, the voice of the Goddess embodied, the fierceness of justified rage, and how beautiful it is when a Witch rises in power with her Sisters by her side. This Documentary was so much more than cheating rumors and scandal.

Besides all the Magick and Occult symbolism, and the strong Feminist message, the Documentary portrayed a real struggle, and told a story of forgiveness.

Forgiveness for most people, myself included, is next to impossible; especially when forgiveness has to do with infidelity, love, abuse, etc. We are so quick to walk away rather than fight for what we want because it’s easier, and we have become an easy society. Everything must be convenient for our fast paced, technology based lifestyles.

I suppose lots of things are easier than the act of forgiving someone we love who made a mistake. I am not condoning cheating but humans by nature are not monogamous creatures; we make the conscious choice to be with one person. Should it then be shamed if someone fucks up and acts according to their nature? It’s a hard question, and an even harder answer.

The Documentary was so much more than an album, it was an experience and one that I won’t soon forget. She showed us the power and necessity of Black Girl Magick, and I don’t care if that makes you uncomfortable.

Blessed Are The Witches.