Tips for the Modern Witch, Part Two


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“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”

Anthon St. Maarten

I am a person who likes to observe, and through my observations I have found that people want to know how to incorporate Magick into their everyday life; how can they make Ancient techniques practical in this modern world?

The texts out there are great as far as information goes but how do you APPLY all of that? How do you bring real Magick into your life?

It’s rather simple, really.

If I were not an insanely (literally, insane) creative person, I don’t think I would have come up with some of the tips/ideas that I have; not all of them are original ideas, they have been tweaked but the inspiration will be sourced and linked.

Magick is complicated but I think we overcomplicate it when it comes to practice, and application.

The first tip is kind of silly, I admit it but it works.

NAIL POLISH: I know, I know, you are thinking what in the fuck does this have to do with Magick? Well, this tip is two-fold. First, color therapy is real; not only are specific colors associated with our Chakras and Auras, colors themselves are associated with our brains. Psychologically speaking there is a connection between thoughts, stimulation and decision making and the colors around us. There is also a connection to color and energy; color is energy. Here  is a link that goes further into color and the brain.

Choose a color associated with a Chakra, or goal. Example: Purple and gold would be great colors for abundance, success, strength, connecting with Angels and prophecy. Purple is associated with the Third Eye and gold is associated with your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

The second part of this is, you can wear a color associated with a specific Magickal working. Say you have done a truth Spell; paint your nails blue beforehand (blue associated with the Throat Chakra and speaking truth). When you are writing your spell, and mixing your herbs/dressing your candle, you are infusing everything you touch with the truth energy. All because you painted your nails blue.

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but it really works. You are then connected to the Spell while the polish is on. Another, perhaps better example: say you want to bring love, lust and passion back into your relationship, or in your life; follow all of the steps listed but with a fiery red nail polish color instead of blue.

The general rule is, whatever colors correspond with Candle Magick (see below) would be the same for nail polish Magick. It works! Seriously.

White: Spiritual Blessings, Purity, Healing, Peace, Attracting Love

Pink: Attraction, Romance, Clean Living, Reconciliation

Red: Love, Affection, Sexual Passion (Sacral Chakra), Body Vigor (Chi, Life Force, Pranic energy, etc) Luck and Energy

Orange: Changing Plans, Opening the Way, New Roads, Prophetic Dreams

Yellow: Devotion, Prayer, Rewards, Happiness

Green: Money, Gambling Luck, Business Success, Good Harvest, Steady Employment

Blue: Peace, Harmony, Marital Fidelity, Joy, Healing, Truth

Purple: Mastery, Power, Ambition, Success, Control

Brown: Court Cases, Mediations, Neutrality, The Natural World and Animals

This is an excerpt from a past blog of mine on the Simplicity of Magick. Click here to read more.

The idea of nail polish Magick leads me to my next tip, and while I am a huge advocate for using herbs in as many hygiene and household products as we can, this is focusing on lip products.

HERBAL INFUSED LIP PRODUCTS: I recently bought a lightly tinted, super glossy and smooth Alkanet/Mint Lip Balm.

Alkanet is primarily used for dye, hence it being used for the tint, but it has properties like all herbs! In Hoodoo traditions, Alkanet is used in games of chance, to bring good fortune in matters of business, and love. When made into a lip balm, it allows the words you speak to bring you good luck; you can use the product during spell work but also on a day to day basis.

Mint is good for breaking hexes, jinxes and to undo the tricks of an enemy; perfect combination with Alkanet when you are trying to bring good fortune into your life.

Other herb associations that are good lip products are Cardamom; this will allow your words to be sweet. Which is good for court cases, when speaking to a lover or boss and the situation requires your words to be delicate and not forceful. Cinnamon is another example; this is good for making friends, and connections, it also allows your words to be sweet, but it has a protective, and even defensive property to it. Cinnamon can add a fire element to your words, and it is known to naturally ward off bad intentions and “evil” Spirits.

The next tip was one that I thought sounded crazy (even mocked it on the page) until I tried it.

SALT ON YOUR CARPETS AND IN YOUR LAUNDRY: I shared an article and I thought all the tips were good but, I thought, salt on the carpet? So, two weeks ago, I added a half pound of Pink Himalayan Salt to my regular carpet deodorizer, mixed it all up, enchanted the finished product and went to town sprinkling it all over my carpets!

The change in energy was not only tangible, it was immediate. I let the mix sit on my carpets for about 20 minutes or so, and then I vacuumed it all up. The trick is to make sure you empty your vacuum immediately afterwards and get the garbage bag that contains the dirt OUTSIDE to the trash.

I thought well, if this works with carpets, what else could it work with? Then it popped up on my newsfeed: mix salt with your laundry! Now, you only want to add a small amount (about a teaspoon) to your laundry, and make sure to use fine, granulated Himalayan Salt and not the chunky stuff.

What I do is add the granulated salt to baking soda, enchant it, and keep it next to my washer machine. It not only gets any odors out of the clothes, sheets, and towels (or whatever else I am washing), it gets out the bad and/or stagnant energy, too.

This leads me to one of my favorite blogs on being a Modern Witch. This is how to cleanse your clothes with sage, but also how to CHARGE your clothing with protection power!

Click here to read!

My final tip for today is one that I think everyone needs to adopt as a practice of theirs.

TAPESTRIES: I don’t know if this is strictly my Taurus Moon speaking but I love the ambiance of tapestries hanging on my walls; it also beats painting. Haha. Seriously though, tapestries can add not only color to your space but they add energy, too! I had for a very long time an OM tapestry hanging up, and it added the OM vibration to my space.

I now have a round, white and blue Mandala on my Southern Wall; this adds a fantastic, light, energy because one of the colors associated with the Southern direction is white. I also have a Shiva tapestry in front of my East facing window, and an Astrological wheel, and Elephant Tree of Life on my West facing wall. My North wall has a collection of personal items, and shelves of all my crystals as this direction represents Earth. Here is a resource for direction correspondences.

These simple but effective tips will add energy, serenity, power, and Sacred intentions to any Modern Witch’s life. The times may have changed but we have not, we simply adapt.

Blessed Are The Witches.

MY DEAREST EMPATH: Don’t Let the World Get You Down

Riccardo Melosu

Image: Riccardo Melosu

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.”

Tahereh Mafi

This is a completely spur of the moment blog—haven’t had one of these in a long time…

Recently I have been keeping a memo pad on my phone, so when ideas strike (usually sentences, topics, or paragraphs at a time) I jot them down, and will reflect on them later; right now however, I am being pulled and forced to write this.

I have said that the page is therapeutic for me, and so is my writing. Often I will sit down with one idea, and not only do about a million other ideas form in the process but I find that perspective is gained, anxiety is lessened, and clarity received.

I am big into politics, and social issues; I don’t talk about them too, too much because I am an extremely passionate person and that passion can be interpreted as anger.

I have found that I meet 3 types of people: those who have similar trains of thought as mine, those who are so ignorant it hurts my bones, and those who are full of fear; sometimes if I am really lucky I find someone who is a mixture of two.

An opinion based from fear is the most dangerous.

When people are scared they not only react, as any animal would, but they are easily manipulated in many cases, and this is when the herd mentality forms.

As if the herd mentality wasn’t bad enough before 2016 began.

I must say that this year is most certainly going to be a year that humanity will never forget, and it is yet to be determined if that is a good or bad thing. The irony of this is that 2016=9, a number of completion; a number that haunted me steadily for 18 months before this year even began, and many of you, and my close friends can attest to this because I mentioned it in many posts. The number haunted me to the point where I thought I was going mad.

As the clock strikes 8:30 am here in New York I am drinking my coffee while relaxing in bed and catching up on the news I missed overnight. It’s funny because I can go months and months without watching the News, and in fact I did just that until all the craziness of this year started to happen; I now find myself back in the cycle of constant thought, anxiety and worry but also seeking, searching.

I have this insatiable thirst for the truth because what we see on TV and what we are given in media reports is but a fraction of a fraction of what really went down.

I sit here and I look out at the world, as I often do, and I think, what an orchestrated shit show.

I have been extremely introverted and heavy with emotion (easily the last 4 weeks, probably more) and I can’t seem to shake the feeling entirely. I have my methods of lessening the “symptoms” but even those seem to have minimal effect of dulling this intense, aching pain.

I feel so much pain for humanity, and this world. I feel so much pain for what we have become, and how blind we are to the human condition we all share; if only we could see our similarities and how we are all pawns in a bigger game.

I feel so much pain…

So, how DOES an Empath cope in times like this? How do we stop the absorption of all the bad juju going around?

As I mentioned above, I am struggling, too, but I do have some tips that seem to calm my pain, if only for a short time.

I don’t know if it’s as simple as distraction of the mind or if the activities suggested here truly work on some spiritual and physical level; maybe it’s a little of both.

Nonetheless, here are my tips for getting through these next few months (things will calm a bit after the election, in theory at least.)

  1. GROUND! GROUND! GROUND! – We have to make sure that our Root and Sacral Chakras are firmly planted into the Earth’s energy. If we are not grounded we will get caught up in the emotional whirlwind from the collective, and total breakdown will surely follow. We have to make sure that we are shielded from outside influence, and this can be attained by wearing or carrying some of the crystals suggested below; I would also suggest reinforcing your shielding in times of great collective stress because Empaths are the first to be pummeled by the waves of mass emotion.

Tips: Walk outside barefoot, take a salt bath/shower, wear or work with crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jet, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Garnet, Ruby, Red Tigers Eye. Malachite is also an amazing grounding stone; good for healing, too. Yoga, hiking, and swimming (water cleanses Empaths of emotional stress) are good ideas as well.

 2.POSITIVE SELF TALK! – I think that Mantras are powerful, and they don’t have to be ornate, or in a foreign language to have significant effects. Our bodies react to our thoughts, so when we are overwhelmed or bombarded with negative thoughts, images and energy it begins to manifest in sometimes ugly ways. If we tell ourselves positive things such as, “I am strong, grounded, and balanced. Today will be a good day, and I will be better than I was yesterday. I will not allow another to disturb my inner peace.” As corny as you think you may look doing this in front of the mirror, it works. You are not only opening yourself up to the manifestation of positive energy, but you have taken control of your racing thoughts and gave them a goal of “having a good day”. You can create your own Mantra or you can find one online; regardless of where the Mantra comes from, I can guarantee almost instant results. This exercise of standing in front of the mirror and proclaiming master over Self is extremely important, and very powerful. It can also be repeated numerous times throughout the day, and altered to fit the situation. (Ex. You are about to give a presentation at school or work, and you need a little extra courage. Give it to yourself with POSITIVE Self Talk!!!)

Tips: Have a few Mantras handy for different situations, meditate daily or at least every other day to allow your inner voice to be heard, surround yourself with people who build you up not bring you down, give yourself a pat on the back when you have done a good job and always give yourself positive reinforcement when you have acted out (I know when I act out, or disappoint myself I can be really hard on myself afterwards. Learning to be gentle, however long a process it may be, has proven to pay off big time.)

We are at a pivotal point in human history and just like the rest of the world I am watching, listening, observing, calculating, forming my plan, and preparing for battle. As a collective unit we are in for some hard times ahead and anyone who tries to tell you differently is filling your head with lies. We must be prepared for the dark times ahead because as Shiva has taught me many times over the years—destruction leads way to change; change leads way to growth.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, too, because soon enough the time will come where a passive, calm demeanor will not do; eventually the warrior will breakthrough.

Blessings and Love.

Tips for the Modern Witch

luis cardenas

Image: Luis Cardenas

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.”

Natalie Babbitt

I have been receiving messages asking me about how formal Magick should be, and what my opinion is on formalities when dealing with my personal craft. I think the question is an interesting one, but I also think the question is a personal one. For me, I have learned the most about my own Philosophy and practice/craft from others. I like to tweak things a bit and make them my own, but I think we can learn a ton from each other. The greatest gift that we can give each other besides respect, is knowledge. We don’t have to agree, but planting the seed of thought alone can blossom into another branch of thought.

I want you to know that Magick is supposed to be personal, and yes formal Magick with rituals, drum circles, and fires are a beautiful sight but not all of us have ways to practice like this. I have seen other Witches feel down on themselves because they can’t practice with elaborate formalities.

I think it’s wrong, and I think the issue needs to be addressed.

First of all, we cannot compare ourselves to anyone, especially other Witches. Some of us were blessed to live in the woods, and have the gifts of nature and the freedom to dance under the moon light sky clad. While others were blessed to live in an urban jungle where we are forced to practice in cramped apartments, using our ingenuity. Some of us were blessed with having a deep rooted Pagan/Witch family, and are brought up in the craft. Some of us were blessed with having deep connections to Brothers and Sisters of Magick, and have found comfort, unity, and stability with a Coven.

None of these options are better, or worse than the other, we are all blessed, and we are all Witches. There should be no competition, no jealousy, and no betrayal within our community, the outside world has let us down enough.

So, with that said, my Magick is extremely informal, and it is 50% intuition, and 50% skill I have learned in my years of practice. I think sometimes my ancestors are rolling their eyes on the other side at just how informal my Magick is, I am sure I get a few eye rolls from the deities I work with, too.

My Magick has never been about ritual, just like my Philosophy has never been about worship. I do not necessarily wait for a Moon Phase if I need to cast, if the spell can wait until a particular phase that would be suited for my needs, I will wait, but if it is something that needs to be handled: a person, situation, binding, manifesting, whatever it may be, I will go by my own will, my own heart and my own senses.

I do not cast a traditional circle, and I do use Spirits in almost all of my workings. But, I do not need protection from deities to practice, I use them because it makes me feel better at times when they are there. It is my opinion that if you can only cast under the protection of guardians, or guides then you shouldn’t be practicing Magick at all.

I do not have a bunch of fancy tools, I have what I am drawn to. So, let me give you some examples of the items I personally always have on hand.

I like to represent life, and death. I have plants in my room to represent life, and I have dried flowers, feathers from birds (living and dead), nails from a coffin (circa the 1800’s) both rusty and in good condition (rusty nails are a prime ingredient for War Water)–rusty nails from a coffin are an even better option for this water.

So, for that simple fact alone, I keep them handy. All of these items represent an aspect of death. I also have bones, and a pair of antlers on the way.

Moon water is also always on hand, this is water that has been charged by moonlight. You add coarse sea salt to it, I like pink Himalayan salt better, personally. I also have a few vials that have rose petals inside, and others with specific herbs for specific purposes. I think Moon water aka Witches Holy Water is a great tool, and you can even put it inside of a spray bottle, and use it as a way to cleanse a space. Works great for kids, or a modern Witch who doesn’t like fuss.

Herbs are a another simple, and easy tool to have. When I started working with herbs, it was a slow process; I now grow my own, and even forage at times, or I will buy locally.

At first though, to get the herbs I needed for my Magickal stock I went to the grocery store, and a farmer’s market. Most grocery stores sell rosemary, thyme, basil, sage, lavender and many others right in the produce section, just make sure it is labeled ‘certified organic’.

When you bring it home, tie a piece of thread or yarn at the base of the stems, and hang them upside down for a few days so that they can dry out. I store my dried herbs in mason jars; some are antique mason jars, but some are from Target, they are 2 for $1 there. Can’t beat a bargain.

Another thing I always have on hand is resin, and incense. I am new to burning resin, but nothing has cleared my home better. I like frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, damaru pattu, and benzoin. With these particular resin’s it is easy to create my own, too.

As for incense sticks, Nag Champa is a necessity, but it must be the blue box, anything else is overwhelming, and like a strong, obnoxious perfume.

Some other random tools I like to always have on hand are dragon’s blood ink, essential oils, a mirror for scrying, along with multiple pendulum’s, multiple tarot decks, mortar and pestle, sage: both loose, and in stick form, sea shells, candles: white and black, and a few colors: red, pink, yellow, green, and orange, flying ointments, banishing salt, a broom (mine is a small besom) Witches Ball, Witch bells and of course crystals.

I think crystals are my favorite part of my Magick. I enchant each of the pieces I wear, so along with the metaphysical properties of the crystal, I have my own Power amplifying the energy. I have crystals throughout my home, and bedroom, too. Some even have sigils draw on them, simple yet effective.

Some of my personal favorites are Jet, Labradorite, Yellow Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Moonstone, Citrine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Apache Tear, Obsidian (all kinds, really), Celestite, Emerald, Garnet, Kyanite, Nuummite, Smoky and Tourmilinated Quartz.

Crystals are a great tool, and can be worn on the body, put in your purse/man bag, put in your car, under your pet’s bed (as long as you know they will not eat it). I mean, the possibilities are endless with crystals and for me, nothing makes me feel safer than an enchanted piece of jewelry.

I do suggest starting with some easier to handle stones than the ones I mentioned, and I also would suggest The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I personally have both of her bibles, but you really only need the first. It will tell you what crystals do what, and how to cleanse and care for them. It also goes over geodes, tumbled, and raw, and what the differences are. I highly recommend this book for any, and all crystal lovers, newbie or advanced.

I do not have formal rituals robes, a huge ornate altar, or a place I can go be one with nature; I live in an urban jungle, I must adapt to my surroundings, bring the Magick to me, and look for the little gifts from nature like sticks, flowers, and rocks that present themselves to me.

Magick is its most potent, most powerful when it is personal, true, and real to YOU.

Don’t compare, and don’t conform.

Blessed are the Witches.