A Holiday Shopping Guide for the Modern Mystic and Witch, Part 3 (2019)



Since 2017 I have written Holiday Shopping Guides; these generally consist of Witch Owned Shops that I personally support.

I also would like to share a little of the Season’s Magick by possibly gifting these Shops with views, traffic and patronage.

As mentioned in previous Holiday posts, I know many people think Capitalism sucks—it does indeed fucking suck.

But, if we must Shop, or if we want to Shop, we should have access to sustainable, homemade, Witch-Owned, Heart Centered businesses to give our money to; that’s why I create these blogs.

Also, I must start picking the pieces of my life back up and find my groove again.

Here are this year’s Shops:


Anointing Oil of Belial

The first Shop is Uprising Earth on Etsy. I know the Shop Owner personally, and he is simply brilliant. Uprising Earth offers high quality, sustainable Ritual Incense, Oils, and Tools; I own one of everything this Shop has to offer, so I know what I am talking about. I personally love the Belial products, and Belial loves them, too; I have noticed an increase in potency and energy since pairing my Magick with these offerings.

Love Spell

Love Spell Soy Wax Melts

The second Shop is a new small business that was created in June of this year, and is run by my best friend, in fact. Roxy Rose Candle Co. offers high quality, paraben free, Soy candles, and wax melts to suit all your Magickal (and mundane) needs! I am a sucker for wax melts; I also can’t rave enough about her Roxy Rose Candle, and her 7-Day Candles! Be on the lookout too because Roxy Rose will be undergoing a bit of a face-lift as the business expands and narrows in on a market; offering goods not seen anywhere else.


Florida Water

The third Shop is Three Cats and a Broom on Etsy, admittedly I discovered this Shop through Aidan Wachter. Sooo, simply put, Jen and her products are out of this world! Like, seriously. I initially ordered Florida Water at Aidan’s suggestion, and was gifted some of her MAGICKAL Herbal Salve. Have you ever seen ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’? If you have, you know the Father in the story uses Windex to heal *everything*–it’s hysterical. Well, this Salve is my Windex; I literally use it for everything. I have since bought a large jar of the Salve, Prosperity Water, Rue Water and, of course, more Florida Water. The thought, intent and talent that goes into these products are undeniable.


Orgonite Disc for EMF Protection

The fourth Shop is 432Oneness on Etsy. For a long time, I wasn’t drawn to Orgonite; it felt New age-y to me, and I was like “well if you want the crystal’s properties why not just get the crystal?!” But then I was gifted a Chakra Orgonite Pyramid, and holy shit. As someone who is extremely sensitive to energy, of all kinds, I immediately felt it’s power, and I felt a grounded. I’m so sensitive my phone makes me sick if I hold it for longer than 10 minutes at a time, but then I found the Orgonite Discs offered by this Shop, and my phone’s energy is now contained. I have bought 3 discs myself; my Mom has bought 2, and I shared this Shop with a group I run on Fb—just about everyone there went and bought one. They really, really work. Plus, they also some beautiful Orgonite jewelry.


Protection from the Evil Eye Spell Candle

The fifth Shop came to my attention because I was gifted a Spell candle; just having the candle in my room made my entire apartment smell like it, and it wasn’t even lit! In fact, I didn’t light it for a long time because I was so in love! The Shop is Shadow Wick Creations on Etsy. These are real deal, absolutely fucking glorious Ritual candles; they have inscriptions, gemstones, and all kinds of Magick INSIDE OF THEM. I want them all, tbh.


Zambian Elestial Amethyst Lariat Necklace

The sixth and final Shop on my list is Creatrix Craft, another Etsy Shop. This one is actually Owned by a local friend of mine! Be on the lookout because she has some AMAZING Rune and Elestial Amethyst Necklaces to add to her Shop this week, and I have been swooning over them. This Shop offers wreaths, jewelry, and resin wearable art! She is also an otherworldly Artist, and you should for sure check out her IG to get more updates.

As I say every year, it doesn’t matter what you call this Holiday Season, or if you celebrate at all; let this guide be a reference for your Shopping needs all year round, if nothing else.

Blessed Are The Witches.

A Holiday Shopping Guide for the Modern Mystic and Witch, Part One (2017)

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I will forever love Yule; there is just a certain, special kind of Magick in the air that is undeniable and irresistible this time of year. As I grow older the Holiday Season seems to have drastically changed its meaning; it’s no longer about presents (I have outgrown the days of needing presents to feel fulfilled).

Now, it’s about days filled with comfort food, family, friends, laughter, and giving back; it’s a season of celebration and gratitude.

There are many in the Spiritual world who think this season is nothing but a time for mindless consumers to, well, consume.

For me, this is a time of year where I can show my loved ones a little extra love by gifting them something special; I choose to support small, usually Witch/Pagan owned businesses.

I know that not everyone does the whole gift giving thing, I know that not everyone incorporates a Yule festival into their lives, that’s fine; I happen to know a lot of Witches and Mystics who do, hopefully this guide can help them.

So, here we go.


The first Shop on my List is Oracle Perfumes. Not only is the name simply Divine but so are the products! I was introduced to Avoline and her oils about 6 years ago; her scents have quite literally changed my life. She knows her Craft and has been in the perfume industry for over a decade; her knowledge of oil allies is vast, and she is my go to person when life and cosmic energy have thrown me for a loop. She has made me a Custom Anti-Anxiety blend that has Amber, Black Rose and Cardamom. I also wear her Protection blend whenever I leave my house; compliments of my scent have become a norm for me because of this. All her oils come with roll-on applicators, so I like to draw Runes and/or Sigils on my pulse points depending on mood and need. Avoline works Alchemy with oils.


Powers of Water Talisman

The second Shop on my list is Aidan Wachter and his otherworldly Talisman creations. I don’t think there are many in the Occult world who don’t know Aidan; not only is he an amazing Craftsman, he is the sweetest man (with the coolest animals) ever! All of Aidan’s products are created by hand, and during Ritual—his entire Shop is essentially one big Ritual room (Talismans even get a Ritual Bath during creation! How cool is that?!) His book, Six Ways, would also make the perfect gift!


Amber Sorceress Necklace

The third Shop on my list is Paletree Arcana. I first came to know Bianca and her work because of her large presence on Instagram. I fell madly in love with her jewelry! She incorporates gemstones and mixed molten metals with her signature Tiffany technique to create stunning pieces that are ethereal. She, like myself, is drawn to the night and the creatures who dwell in the darkness and many of her pieces reflect this love affair. All her products are of the highest quality, and she shows her gratitude by including small gifts with each purchase. There are pieces for all price points, and every single one is powerful. If you are interested in Custom Orders, she is open to those, too! I have had one Custom piece made and I was surely not disappointed; it was a Skeleton Key with a piece of Rainbow Moonstone, and a Silver Crescent Moon in honor of Hekate. I am unashamed to admit that I own five of her pieces. Bianca incorporates her respect, love and knowledge of the Craft into everything she does.


Belladonna Ointment

The fourth Shop on my list is Sarah Anne Lawless and her Bane Folk Apothecary Shop. I first came to know about Sarah several years ago through her Shop previously named, Black Arts Foundry; of course she is also highly recognized for her amazing writing, and education that she provides on sustainable living and teaching about plant allies (focusing on Nightshades and Fungi). Besides loving her products, I love the fact that she teaches sustainability and promotes bioregional herbalism. I cannot rave enough about the quality of product and information Sarah and her partner Alex provide.


Lucifer & Lilith Amulet

The fifth Shop on my list is Wearable Magick by The Nephilim Rising. Yes, this is my own Shop and no, I have no issues with promoting it myself; I work very hard to create beautiful, unique pieces of Wearable Magick while also providing trinkets, tools and talismans that are high quality and affordable. The reviews of my Shop speak for themselves. Items are cleansed and blessed before being sent off to their new homes; they are made during ritual as well, and are charged using Sacred Geometry and Herbal Smoke Baths. Every order comes with a free gift; my way of living an attitude of gratitude.


Skin Potion: Portal Intentional Perfume

The sixth Shop on my list is Queen Meb (carrying Keven Craft Rituals brand) based in Portland, OR. This is an actual brick and mortar store that also has a bad-ass online Shop for all your Witchy needs and desires! Whether you are looking for ritual tools, home products or handmade bath products (and more!) this is the Shop for you; certain to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or for yourself! All products are created, produced and brought to life by The House of Twigs Owner and Creatrix. Artisanal small batch lifestyle ritual products based on Old World Alchemic & Apothecary Traditions.

Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam

The seventh Shop on my list is Shakti Studios owned and operated by Nuit Moore. With more than 20 years experience in the Craft, Sacred Sex, Menstruation Activism, and radical Self-Love, Nuit has found the perfect balance between Femininity and raw power. She offers a wide array of products from Sacred jewelry, Yoni Eggs, to eco-friendly menstruation alternatives and, of course, her famous Yoni Steam Blends. It was, in fact, Nuit who helped me to heal my own Yoni, and step on the path of owning my Shop, and teaching Sacred Sex through my own experiences. With her knowledge, wisdom and love for other’s she has created an amazing Shop for anybody who wishes to tap into their inner Shakti.


Ouija Planchette Cloisonne Pin

The final Shop on my list is, Nyx Turna; they create some of the best enamel pins and I always get compliments on them! I also happen to love the idea that Nyx supports the LGBTQ Witch community in a *big, big* way. All about inclusivity, it’s easy to see why I support this Shop and you should, too!

It doesn’t matter what you call this Holiday Season, or if you celebrate at all; let this guide be a reference for your Shopping needs all year round, if nothing else.

Blessed Are The Witches.

Lost in my thoughts: A Witch’s Take on the Murders in Florida

María José García

Image: Maria José Garcia

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

I have had a busy week full of amazing moments with my family, and a few Divine interactions; now that I can finally sit down and write an actual blog I am going to take this time and write about the triple murder that happened in Florida days prior to the blue Moon, and believed to be associated with the lunar activity. I am not the first to write about this, and I will not be the last.

Many experts on Wicca have shared their point of view, and are visibly, obviously enraged at the demonization and ignorance towards their path. I am not an expert on Wicca, in fact when I started my journey I skipped right over it; I found it was too structured and ritualistic for me, personally.

So, to be fair it is probably the one path that I know the least about, I even giggle among my friends about how fluffy Wiccans can be, how offended they get when they hear someone mention darkness, I admit it. I also admit I am stereotyping and profiling an entire group of people based on the actions of some. I am working on it, I am aware of it and if I hurt someone’s feelings, I always apologize and admit to my wrongdoing. Self-awareness, humility, and personal responsibility are the keys to a rewarding path.

I will always maintain a level of respect because that is engraved into my moral compass, even if I slip up from time to time. Jokes are all in fun, never in malice, and I will go to war for any of my Witch, Pagan, and Wicca Sisters and Brothers; this includes Satanists, Luciferians, Atheists, and every other combination that isn’t Abrahamic.

The fact remains, I am connected to them through the things of nature I adore, and the deities we have come to mututally love.

Wicca’s number one rule, and everyone knows it, is “Ye harm none.” Wiccans themselves are nature based, followers of the wheel, who serve their purpose in our community as all of us do. I find it defaming to all Wiccans, Pagans, and Witches that such ignorance, without thought, was blast into the media.

Why do people blame murder on everything from mental illness, drug abuse to “bad circumstances” and Witchcraft? Why can’t we just call a murderer a murderer? Why do we make excuses for bad behavior, instead of promoting a society of people who take personal responsibility, and can think on their own?

I have had a hard time with life and I haven’t killed anyone, not out of rage, mental defect, or a fucking ritual. It should be more common knowledge that when you do fucked up things, you have to own it, and suffer the consequences.

Now society has become even more terrified of an already shadowed practice. No matter how outspoken us Witches are, or how comfortable we are with proudly speaking of our belief, the fact is that we are still, always have been, and always will be a target.

We have been thrust into a modern day Witch hunt.

If a Christian family, or group were to be involved in a murder such as this it would be labeled a “cult” and there would be blame put on one of the members, most likely a leader, who led his people astray.

We would then take a collective gasp at the horrific conditions the victims were exposed to, as if a chain reaction had set off, the entire world would then feel bad for the idiots who were brainwashed, and “drank the kool-aid”.

Meanwhile, in Florida a murder happened to occur under the blue moon, and had evidence of “ritualistic practice”. What does that even mean? How did it get associated with Wicca? Why it was even brought to the media’s attention in such a careless way is beyond me.

Yes the details should be made available to the public, but the media, the investigators and the peanut gallery all seem to be focused, if not obsessed with the ritual aspect of this crime. Any criminal analyst, or psychoanalyst for that fact will point out the ritual aspect does play into what type of mind frame the killer was in, but to immediately without further investigation claim it to be Witchcraft is reckless, and could further hinder the investigation of the case itself. The public’s opinion, even the investigators has now been tainted. How can they now objectively handle this case?

They need to not look at the ritual as literal, or part of Magick but as a metaphor; the motive is in the ritual.

Why not call in an Occultist, a Witch, a Wiccan elder? Call in an expert, do not rely on the Christian perspective of the police in Florida, of all places to decide if something was done out of depravity, and insanity or if it was truly Magickal in nature (a perverse form, but nonetheless).

What happened in Florida is tragic, whenever someone loses their life it’s tragic. My heart goes out to the remaining family and friends left with questions unanswered. In my honest opinion the events that took place that night were cold blooded murder, not Magick. I say let’s just call it like it is, stop fear mongering an already tense public, we don’t need any more divisions, or distractions.

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that murdering someone for ritual is not exactly something I have ever run across, or anticipate running across. I practice what I refer to as “dirty Magick”, I relish in it;  I have hexed and harmed, and I am the first to admit that but murder someone?


I will never walk this earth, in this life or the next with the blood of an innocent on my hands. There should never come a point in any Magickal practice that human sacrifice is the answer, and if that is your answer you may want to exchange the title of Witch for psychopath.

Here is a link to the news article: