The VVitch (Movie): A Witch’s Perspective

Lillian Liu

Image: Lillian Liu

“Do you really believe … that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident.”

Moderata Fonte

I am writing this piece per request, which ironically was a topic already floating around in my head; I didn’t touch on it prior to this evening because Retrograde had me tongue tied, finger bound, and doing major internal work. I think even though this MR got the better of me, I come out on top in the long run because I learned some valuable lessons this time around. I see major shifts coming for all of us, lots of change and growth.

Anyways…So, onto this topic. You know how occasionally Facebook has those Suggested Posts or Ads? Well there was one of those on my newsfeed for the upcoming movie “The VVitch”. Great marketing by the way because, hello! of course I clicked play. After viewing it, I decided to take a look at the comments.

And that, my friends, is where I fucked up.

The comment’s section was literally divided between two sets of people: those proclaiming to be Witches, and a slew of comments almost all identical, “Look at these white girls who watched too much Coven”. In case you don’t know, Coven was a season of the cult hit American Horror Story.

There was one Woman in particular on the thread saying, “Real Witches don’t tell you that they practice, they keep it to themselves”. I wanted to go after her most. I knew she was a Witch and all I wanted to know was why was she dividing us more by saying “a real Witch”.

Psst. A “real Witch” does whatever she or he pleases.

It seems as though there is an influx of interest in the Occult, Paganism, and Witchcraft overall in recent years, Hollywood plays a big part in that whether we like it or not. Part of me is happy to see this, however the other part of me thinks the new wave of “new agers” (I hate being referred to as New Age) forgets that you need a solid foundation of the basic principles of Magick or else everything you attempt will fail.

The masses generally only know about Wicca and in my eyes Wicca is not traditional Witchcraft, while it serves its purpose in the grand scheme and many find peace among the Rede, the religion itself is new, and by no means a true representation of what it means to both curse and cure. Do no harm ring a bell? I said it, deal with it. I am not hating on Wicca, or Wiccans, either, I just get so frustrated that with such a rich history when people hear the word Witch they think Devil Worshipper or Wiccan; honestly I don’t know which is worse.

The Right Hand Path is not for me, I don’t believe I embody or represent that in any way, so when people bring Wicca up, my skin crawls.

Side Note: A Witch must be able to move freely among all shades of the spectrum in order to efficiently understand Magick; when she/he realizes there really is no spectrum is when the true fun begins.

When people find out I am a Witch the reactions I get are priceless. There are those who think I am a child sacrificing, Devil Worshipper (as mentioned above) and others who think I am like the Witches from Charmed, Supernatural, The Witches of East End, along with a mix of all the other Witchy shows out there. I smile and take it in stride, as I grow in years, wisdom and overall maturity I have come to realize that another’s ignorance means nothing to me, and affects me not at all; literally, not at all.

Stereotypes are part of human nature; it’s how we as humans process our surroundings. It’s how we organize our world. Some call it closed mindedness, it can be. Some call it racist (depending on subject matter), it can be.

Example: “Oh, you are this, so you belong here. Oh, you are that, so you belong there.”

But stereotypes are what they are: truth sensationalized.

I of course blame Hollywood for a lot of the ignorance out there in regards to Daemons, possessions, Ghosts, Spirits and obviously Witches but if I were to get offended every time a Witch or practitioner of the Dark Arts was inaccurately portrayed I would spend my life being offended.

There are very few groups of people out there that are correctly depicted in Hollywood anyways, let’s face it. Unless you are a white man in a leading role, who plays a stereotype of his own, then you are inaccurately portrayed. I would love to see a more accurate portrayal of our community, but at the same time I don’t. I like our secrets, I like that people have these misconceptions about me, about us; I like playing off of those fears. I suppose it’s the Daemon Spirit in me.

As a community we cannot get upset every time we are not depicted in the manner that suits us best. If we really want to fight this fight we need to go after Abrahamic faiths who were and are the original Witch-hunters. Even that is not a solution though because going after them makes us no better than they were when they hung, burned, and tortured our Ancestors.

Let Hollywood have their misconceptions about us. We have bigger fights to fight.

Moving right along to the douchebags galore who decided to make it about race. The craft is not about race, never has been and never will be. If you need examples, Voudon (Voodoo) primarily originates from Haiti, and Hoodoo is an American spin on the Island tradition that slaves and Southern Blacks practiced and still widely practice today. These traditions are incorporated into many aspects of the modern Craft and people with all skin colors practice, worship and respect the Loa.

Do I also really need to point out that not all Witches are white Women? So just stop with that nonsense; then again talking logic to someone who has such an abundance of ignorance works as well as putting a cat in water.

What I am saying here is, stop being so goddamn offended and accept this for what it is, a Hollywood movie. It looks good anyways.

Blessed Are The Witches.

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