LESSONS IN MAGICK: Cleansing and Cord Cutting


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“You have to find that place that brings out the human in you. The soul in you. The love in you.”

r.m drake

In my recent article for WITCH I discussed how important self-care is to any practitioner of Magick, and/or energy worker; I think it’s because we get so caught up in our work that we often get lost in the mix of things, and forget to take care of “home” which in turn can have monumental, if not negative effects on us—mind, body and Soul.

I left out of the article one of the most important aspects of self-care which is: cleansing and cord cutting.

Now, I am not discussing cords or hooks that have be placed in our aura by another person with intention (Magick attack, Vamp, and/or Hex, etc.—though some of these methods will work in those cases).

I am focusing on the day to day debris we pick up just from going about our daily lives, and practicing Magick and energy work.

Admittedly this essay was partially inspired by Aidan Wachter’s video where he discusses his own simple, yet effective means of cord cutting; describing the energy as “luminous fibers” it really resonated and reminded me how important it is to remove negative energy *daily*.

I have discussed some of these forthcoming methods in my previous blogs about Protection and Grounding; apologies now if anything sounds repetitive but this is important stuff!

As always, my rule of thumb when it comes to Magick is keep it simple; cleansing and cord cutting are no different.

What do I mean when I say cleansing and cord cutting?

Well, I mean just that—cleansing our auric field, chakras, physical and Spiritual bodies of psychic debris that is not serving our Higher Self.

The cords are not usually malice in nature, and are formed without intention but for the Magickally inclined it can really hinder our work, focus and life force (power).

Especially because most of us are Empaths and/or Clairsentients.

I say the cords are not usually malice in nature because I want to reinforce the idea that Magickal attacks are not common—they are not unheard of but they are not common because it takes a lot of energy out of the Practitioner.

Not to mention that with experience comes wisdom and as we grow with Magick we learn there are ways to affect (dare I say harm) someone other than going all out for a hex, curse, crossing or jinx.

To be crystal clear, I am *not above* doing any of those things, and have no shame admitting that I hex and heal equally.

As I believe all Witches should.

Now that all the disclaimers and explanations are out of the way, let’s get to it.

Before putting these methods into practice be sure to set intentions on what you want to accomplish.

For example, “I cut away and remove all negative energy and intentions that are no longer serving me and my Higher Self; I remove all blockages, and unhealthy thought patterns. I am grounded, and protected; I am strong, and I am fierce.”

I have learned that by setting intentions, and ending with affirmations it helps me feel more focused and empowered; as with everything you may tweak this, and all suggestions given by myself to your liking, and situation.

Another thing, I am all about ambiance when it comes to ritual but you do not have to set up a Sacred Space for any of the methods I am giving to work; the point of them is that they are meant to be quick, and simple so that they can be accomplished daily by the average person who, like me, runs around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to “get shit done”.

Is it just me or does the to-do list once started never stop growing?


I like to set up my space with ambient music, or nature sounds; rain sounds are perfect because they not only have a calming but cleansing effect on us—the same as if we were walking outside in the rain, or next to a moving stream.

I also like to have a candle or two lit, maybe an incense burning, or essential oils in my diffuser.

Remember, this is all about self-care and that requires pampering yourself; so give yourself the permission to do that. Please.

Crystal Cleansing: When I am talking about cord cutting my go to crystal is Obsidian, particularly an Obsidian blade. Not only is this crystal (volcanic glass) associated with our Root Chakra, which automatically grounds and protects, because it is a glass formation it is perfect for slicing through cords, and attachments. This is one of the crystals I suggest to people after a break-up as well.

To cut cords using an Obsidian Blade (or any blade for that matter) I like to stand in Mountain Pose (feet hip width apart, arms at your side, knees locked and strong—body relaxed) because this pose is all about stability, and standing in your power.


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I set my intentions, and starting at my Crown Chakra on the right side I glide the blade around my body—about an inch or so away from my skin, working all the way down to my feet, and back up the left side of my body.

Don’t forget to lift your feet and cleanse the soles, and don’t forget the palms of your hands, and your back (people always forget their back)!

Other good crystals for cleansing and cord cutting are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Quartz Crystals (including but not limited to Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine), Kyanite, Fluorite, Calcite, and Garnet.

Herbal Smoke Baths: This method was mentioned in my WITCH article but I can’t stress this enough.

What I have grown to love about plants is not just that they have their own personality, and Spirit’s but they all seem to have the ability to harm, or hurt—I understand and relate to this aspect of duality the most.

Even the most benign plant ally, if taken in the wrong dose can hurt us; goes back to the adage, everything in moderation.

Luckily for us, smoke baths do not require ingestion.

I like to use combination herbs, and for that I use my cast iron mini caldron; White Sage, Red Rose petals, Lavender, Red Sandalwood and Solomon Seal Root are currently being burned for calming, cleansing, and Spirit Conjure.

You may use a traditional Smudge Stick, or Spirit Stick, light it, and set it inside an abalone shell (adding an element of water to the cleansing) and doing meditation (active or still) while allowing the smoke to cleanse your aura.

There are plenty of ways to make this method your own—let the plant do the work, and you guide its energy.

Spiritual Baths and/or Showers: This is super important and super easy. When people think of Spiritual Baths they think of Vodou, and/or Hoodoo, because both traditions are heavily influenced by the power of water and have essentially conjured (pun totally intended) some of the best washes for the Modern Witch to use!

Florida Water Soap, for example, is perfect before, or after ritual to help cleanse you of any leftover debris, or residual energy. One of the good things about the homemade soap market being so vast now is that you can pretty much find a soap infused with any herb, oil, crystal and intention (most being vegan and organic, too).

One of my methods for cleansing and cord cutting is simple and done by adding salt to my shower or bath; Epsom salts or Pink Himalayan salt, preferably.

Another method is to pour Moon Water, or Rose Water over my head with the intent to cleanse my Chakras of negativity starting at the Crown, washing off my body and down the drain.

Afterwards, I cleanse my shower with Florida Water, or another batch or Moon Water.

A mixture of equal parts Hydrogen Peroxide and Water with 20 drops of Peppermint oil is another great effective cleaner because it adds the properties of Peppermint; mint in the home is protective.

Other associations include: cleansing, consecration, dreams, happiness, healing, love, money, passion, prosperity, psychic development, purification, release, renewal, rest, and sleep.

My home smells like a candy cane all the time because of this.

Spring Cleaning ALL YEAR ROUND: I can hear it now, “what did she just say?!”

I know, I know, nobody likes Spring cleaning but it’s part of life.

It should be part of our Magick, too.

It seems though, that when cleansing or clearing negative energy people often forget to deep clean their home; I don’t mean just a smudging, I mean *cleaning* your home.

I take down, clean, move, and re-assemble my altars every other month, though recently it has become monthly.

I also cleanse doorways, and windowsills with Florida Water or the Peppermint mixture mentioned above as part of my regular cleaning routine.

Spraying Moon Water, or Florida Water in corners will help disperse any stagnant energy; Florida Water on its own is a master cleaner, great for floors, cabinets, countertops, tiles, and bathtubs. Plus, it smells AMAZING.

Our homes are an extension of ourselves, and we should be mindful that they are kept in the best working condition; just as we take care of our body, and what we allow inside—we, too should be aware of what we allow into our homes.


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We must take care of our Temples.

These simple but effective methods should be part of any Modern Mystic’s daily regime.

We are not only energy workers, we are energy sources, and we need to be cognizant of the energy we put out and take in.

No one is suggesting that we must be all love and light, but we should free ourselves of toxic psychic debris so that we can be the best version of ourselves;

So, we can be the best Magickian we can be.

Lessons in Magick: The Art of Grounding


Image: Ingrid Endel

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

C.G. Jung

Making sure that you are grounded is probably the most important aspect of the Craft, for several reasons actually. Our Power and the control of it depends on how grounded we are to this natural plain; if we are chaotic with our heads in the clouds, our Magick will not be proficient, our intentions will not be clear and we could potentially harm ourselves. If we are focused, calm, and grounded we can then channel the pent up emotions, and energy in times of need. When we do this we are the most dangerous weapon ever created.

I prefer to store my rage–although I cannot control it entirely, grounding only does so much and my Beast does make an appearance; for me storing my justified rage (as The Scarlet Shakti calls it) and then channeling it when needed for my casting has been most beneficial.

There are a few tricks to help ground oneself, and this is something that you should incorporate into your daily routine. When we are not grounded we are more prone to attacks: psychic, Magickal or otherwise.

Think of it like this; we are part of Earth, our Magick comes from Her, the further we are from Her, the further we are from ourselves.

The first technique to grounding is what is known as Earthing; this is when you walk barefoot on the Earth itself. The Earth will ground any excess energy, remove toxins, negative energy, and replace those with loving, healing Mother energy. I think this method is pretty self-explanatory but yes it really is as simple as walking outside and putting your feet in the dirt, or grass.

For those who are unable to walk outside due to weather, or maybe you live in an area where walking around barefoot would be seen as weird, you have another option. A trick I have learned is to fill a good ol’ fashion pot with some planting soil, sand, or actual dirt you have collected from Gaia and stick the soles of your feet on top. This is ideal for the winter months, and to add more oomph I suggest putting crystals in the pot. I personally like Quartz Points (points up), Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine, any kind of Jasper and Moss Agate—this is just a great combination that I have found to work. Follow your intuition when choosing crystals, or doing any form of casting. What works for one, may not work for another and it’s okay to tweak things.

The second technique is something that I figured on accident one day, and many will probably think I have lost my mind but whatever, I never claimed to be sane.

Playing with wood.

Yup, playing with wood. There is a grounding effect in wood, so much so that the term “knock on wood” literally meant that the wood would absorb the “jinx” or bad energy. For that reason alone, not to mention I can be superstitious, I knock on wood.

I just so happened to take the concept a step further and began to use it for Magick. This technique is similar to Earthing in the sense that we are tapping into the Earth’s energy. So, what exactly do I mean? Well, I mean you meditate, hold, or actually play with wood in your hands. This works not only when your intentions are set to ground and remove energy, but it also works when you are just actively playing with the wood. I believe certain items or objects, even symbols inherently hold a specific power before we begin to put our own influence over it; wood is one of those things.

For me personally I use Sandalwood Malas, they feel and smell amazing. If you are going to get Sandalwood make sure it is good quality. A sure sign of good quality Sandalwood is that it will have a very potent scent; a great portion of its power comes from the scent alone. I have been known to use Palo Santo sticks, then will burn them after to purify the air, myself and also rid the negativity that I just put into the wood. It works with sticks you may find in the woods, too. Again, it’s what works for you.

The next technique is kind of two fold, essential oils and Lava beads. Now, essential oils are amazing on their own, and the benefits to using them are endless, however, the good oil diffusers are pricey, and if you wear the oil in replacement of perfume, it can sometimes lose the scent during a long work day. And, unless you want to carry your vial around with you, I suggest you find another way to bring the scent along for the ride. The healing properties for most oils are in the scent; yes, the oils themselves can work on joints, skin ailments and things of that nature, it is in the scent that we find the most benefit.

Scent triggers specific receptors in your brain, such as raising dopamine and serotonin levels; scent is also strongly connected to memory. Your brain will begin to understand “lavender calms me, my anxiety is gone” or “Eucalyptus is fresh, aromatic, I feel awake, alive, my headache is gone, I am reinvigorated”. Just to name two of the thousands of combinations out there.

Where do the Lava beads come into play, you ask? Well, you can place a few drops of your favorite oil(s) on the beads in the morning, and then wear the jewelry. You can then take a sniff whenever you feel that work, family, or just life in general has become too much for you.

I was worried to get Lava beads at first, I had heard they sometimes have an angry energy from Pele, though I found the energy to be quite calming and soothing; the grounding effect was immediate, too. I not only felt Earth but I felt Fire, and being that I am forged from Fire, I found it to be an amazing stone.

You can obviously use them separately; I just happen to like the combination.

My next suggestion is a cleansing shower, and this can be done a couple ways.

You get in the shower as you would any other day except this time you are setting intentions. After setting your intentions, open yourself up (Allow healing energy in) and pour the Moon Water over the top of your head (Crown Chakra) as it trickles down your body it will cleanse, realign and balance your Chakras while cleaning your Aura.

Moon Water itself is made differently by each practitioner, or at least I have found that to be true. For mine, I use filtered water, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and sometimes I will add Clear Quartz; just know the salt will affect the Quartz, and begin to erode it, so make sure to use, or get a piece that you do not need. Some people add rose petals, or other herbs but I have found that the water doesn’t keep well, and I don’t feel the Moon as strongly. So, I keep it simple. Note: I charge most of my Moon Water underneath the Dark Moon, as I draw from the Crone’s power. I will only use the Full Moon if it’s a special one. It all depends on your personal preference.

A cleansing bath is the same idea but with the bath you add Epsom Salts to the water, and I personally add Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline; if you want to use crystals just double check that they can be submerged in water. Example: You would not want to bathe with Malachite in the water with you as it is toxic (it’s the raw form that is toxic but I wouldn’t trust it in water in the tumbled form, either. Another example would be Desert Rose, that cannot be put in Water, ever.) You may choose to add herbs to your bath, I do not because my skin is too sensitive.

After you are comfortable, you set your intentions and go into a meditative state, imagine all the water of the entire world taking your toxic energy, everything that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life, and then imagine all of that bullshit (as I call it) to be swept away with the Ocean tides; after all, even the smallest drop of water is connected to all water.

When you are done, drain the tub and then stand in your shower and pour the Moon Water over your head. You will feel significantly different, and completely recharged.

A few other ways I have found that are good for grounding are Mudras, Yoga, Burning Resins, and Masturbation. People giggle with the last one, but the theory is that it opens up your Root and Sacral Chakra, allowing them to spin with strength and vigor.

How we ground, and what works for us will be different because we are all individuals; the how doesn’t matter, you just have to do it, you have to ground. The adverse effects of not grounding are not just to your Magick, but potentially your physical health. When your emotions and energy are too high, too toxic—too much of anything, you are off balance, and your body will start to show the signs. It is usually in the form of Chronic Pain Syndrome, emotional outbursts, and pain in the spine or back; this is primarily associated with the Kundalini.

We must take care of ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves, and taking time out of our day to ground is the most luxurious thing we can do to pamper our temple, and Soul at the same time.

So do it.