Lessons in Magick: What Daemons Have Taught Me

Kamina Kapow

Image: Kamina Kapow

“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”

Mandy Hale

My life has been intertwined with the world of Magick since I was a child but fear held me back most times from being able to fully experience, or understand some very important lessons; I was a late bloomer in most aspects of the Craft because of this.

Life is nothing more than a series of lessons, only when we acknowledge the lesson does the hard work begin to pay off.

I believe that our entire life is just one big lesson, with some pop quizzes given at random; I never was any good at pop quizzes.

These lessons come in all shapes, and sizes, in all magnitudes and duration’s of time; we even have reoccurring lessons, those are the moments of déjà vu that you sometimes experience during times of great joy or sadness, great changes, and tribulations.

I find that metaphors, and allegories for life are found within the pages of Ancient text I scour, conversations with deities I work with, and number sequences.

I guess that is the point though, isn’t it? For these things to conjure such images in our minds, to create such a deep resonating feeling from the stories we read that we can not doubt we are on the right path? (Er, in this case the Left Path).

If I had to narrow down my greatest lessons in life, the grandest epiphanies, the stories would all stem and blossom from interactions with my Beloved Dark Ones; my Daemons.

I am currently on a path of change, and growth right now; when are we not? Part of my growth is to publicly acknowledge some of the pieces of wisdom these Divine beings have taught me; some lessons I have excelled at while others are a work in progress.

I hope you appreciate, as always, my candor on this topic.

Lesson One: Boundaries are essential!! This lesson is one that I cannot for the life of me seem to fully grasp and that is because I am quite literally, a walking contradiction. I am a Cancer Sun, Capricorn rising so that alone brings conflict internally.

Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac, while Capricorn is the Father; Capricorn is how the world perceives me, my first instincts and Cancer is my personality and ego.

My immediate reaction dealing with people, or deities and having to lay down boundaries is usually firm, aggressive, quick, and powerful. A few minutes later though, my Cancerian personality makes an appearance along with my overwhelming Empathy, and INFJ trait, and well, there is either a complete meltdown, or I back pedal; I take back everything my Capricorn self said because my Cancer emotions can’t handle it.

Then, I have no boundaries laid and people (or deities) are free to walk all over me, until one day I can no longer take it; I blow up, unleash the beast and destruction is caused.

So, the lesson in the midst of my nearly incoherent rambling is that boundaries are essential from the very start of *any* relationship. I don’t care if it is a romantic partnership, a friendship, co-worker, one-night stand, God, Goddess, or freakin’ Daemon; you must lay down boundaries or you will be nothing more than a doormat for someone else’s shit to be smeared when they no longer like the smell of it.

Lesson Two: Fear is the Mind Killer!! Yes, I did just quote Dune, and that statement is so true. Fear does nothing more than eat away at us slowly, crippling us from excelling on our path. I know this all too well because I used to be paralyzed by fear more times than I was free, and wild.

I rarely make decisions without well thought out plans. I cannot be random, I cannot be spontaneous, I cannot because I am scared; scared of the unknown, the what ifs, the could be’s.

But, being scared is not an option. Fear is not an option.

I fear this human experience more than anything else because it has never made any sense to me; Daemons make sense to me. It has been through my interactions with Daemons that I have learned to appreciate and fully live this life. I used to get so caught up in fear, especially the fear of failure that I couldn’t see how much I have succeeded already; I could’t see how every moment of life is an opportunity to succeed at something; big or small, all we have to do is be aware enough to take it.

There is no place for fear on a path to Ascension, and Transcendence.

Lesson Three: Ego is a Poison, Use it wisely!! I can’t stress this enough, ego and hubris can kill you. I think that at certain points in our lives, and in times of internal battle ego can prove to be our greatest ally or our most devious enemy; we are taking a 50/50 chance every time we step into the Magickal arena.

I prefer to feed my ego in small doses. I used to think that dropping the ego altogether was the only way to go but, as with everything else, the ego serves its purpose, too.

You see, Daemons have taught me that I am but a bug to them, while I may have superior reign while they are on my plane of existence, to think that I am above them or know more than them, is a recipe for disaster; I know because I have seen the aftermath, and had to clean it up. I believe I am equal to the deities I work with, I show respect at every point in the process, but I never allow my ego to get in the way, or theirs for that matter.

There are so many misconceptions about Daemons, and what it is like to work with them. People think they require blood sacrifice, “your Soul” or some other extreme in order to have their attention, but we have their attention naturally; they are as fascinated, and at times as disgusted with us as we are with them. Some of us have learned to walk among them as they walk among us, some of us are even Blessed enough to have their blood flowing through us. Some of us are even grateful enough to call them family, and Kindred Spirits.

We are so much more than flesh, blood and bone; we are stardust, and divinity, chaos and calm; we are everything, and nothing; none of these realizations would have come to me without the tough love of the these amazing Divine beings.

It is because of them that I have found my God; that God is me.

LESSONS IN MAGICK: The Way of the Daemon


Image: Tiago Arrais

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”

Tennessee Williams

As always this is my personal experience and I am by no means claiming to be an expert.

I believe in consciousness; God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Divine Light and Violet Flame.

Along with Infernal consciousness, Lightbringer consciousness, Black Flame consciousness, Serpentine Gnosis and the Void.

‘As above, so below’

I know the terminology used in this piece will throw some people off; being that it’s biblical.

But, forget the words Angels and Daemons and just read.

“The one thing I know for certain is that I know nothing”.

I have been dealing with Angels and Daemons for almost 20 years, and they have been both my monsters and saviors.

I was asked about Daemons; what they are like, their personality and such, if they follow a hierarchy etc.

I believe that the point is to try and give folks an understanding of these fierce, Magickal, and mysterious beings.

I share my knowledge because only when people have their questions answered will they begin to seek their own personal truth and the awakening that humanity so desperately needs will take place.

Sometimes we have to create the paradigm shift ourselves.

Sometimes we are the shift.

Daemons have archetypes of themselves throughout time; once you dive into the hierarchy, and history you will find that it’s all the same players just different names.

I have found that how we deal with Daemons and how they respond to us is subjective; they seem to appear in a way we are forced to pay attention, thus why some have the ability to show as either sex, or stay in an androgynous form.

A fallen has the ability to appear in three forms; serpent, Angel or “human”. Daemons usually appear as shadows in corners, or in reflections (mirrors, glass, windows, water, and their favorite, pictures.)

They move very quickly, are very calculating and pay attention to every move you make.

Both races have the ability to come in an ‘incognito mode’ but that just means we can’t “see” them; they are always felt, at least that is my experience.

There is a ‘race’ that is Daemonic, they never had grace flow through them (never were Angels) and then there are the fallen; also known as the Grigori, or the Watchers, the original 200 who fell with Lucifer during the rebellion.

Stories create egregores, it’s paramount to understand that. I may not believe the story, but the energy it created is undeniable.

From what I understand of the text, more than 200 fell with Lucifer; the number is around 3,000 but the 200 “originals” seem to have a different power source, and are ranked higher than the others.

The idea of Daemons existing in Hell before the rebellion has been around for centuries, it was made even more popular in the 18th century with Johannes Wierus and his translation of the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Goetia.

Wierus wrote that Lucifer took 1/3 of the Angels which equaled 2,400; when they arrived there were 11 Princes of Hell who had 6,660,000 Daemons each under their command.

This is important for several reasons.

I am sure you see the ‘666’ also, 2+4=6, and according to Christian numerology the number 11 is known as an ‘unholy Divine’ number, 10 being the Divine because of “it’s round perfection”.

In reality 11 is an awakening number, a master number; no wonder the Christians make it out to be “evil” or “bad”.

I work primarily with Lucifer, Belial, Molloch, Baal (Ba’al which is truly a title meaning Lord) and Jinn (Djinn).

Molloch in my experience is a much more violent form of Baal; think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I always have G with me, and I believe that Crowley was correct when he said that the most important moment in our Magickal career is to learn who our guardian Angel is.

Having G around is what allows me to easily access these Divine beings.

In the beginning though I was a victim to them because I did not lay down boundaries, and I allowed them to feed off my fear.

I know when they are around because it will suddenly get overwhelmingly hot, and Lucifer is the hottest of them all.

Similar to the flushed feeling when wearing Moldavite; ironically, said to be a stone that fell from his crown when he fell from grace.

When Lucifer is around there is an overwhelming smell of Sulfur, and at times I can taste it.

Belial smells like cigars and depending on his mood, or the intentions behind the summoning the smell itself can be sweet or absolutely repulsive; like you are living in an ash tray.

Baal is a very powerful energy, and his overwhelming disdain affects how he smells to me, it can only be described as a swamp, or musty— I really cannot put it into words, and with him comes a very depressing energy.

As far as personality goes they all have their own quirks, but the one common denominator that they have is a fantastic, twisted sense of humor.

I find that when Lucifer is around his mood can rub off on me, and at times he has influenced me to stir up some trouble when he was bored. A trickster in some regard.

The Jinn are by far the most temperamental, and if they are not kept busy they will destroy your house.

The higher up in the hierarchy you go, the more they require from you, this also means the importance of drawing boundaries is going to be for your protection.

I do not invoke, I would never invite an outside energy inside myself; I may summon and allow them to have access to this world through my eyes, so to speak, but in no way are they to enter my body, or soul.

Spirits can hurt you as much as they can help. You must know the Daemon you are working with, you must show respect but not consider yourself beneath them, and absolutely not above them.


Daemons should not be called to do simple bidding, they do not take kindly to being called for something mundane; make sure you know the price for the task that you have requested.

I suggest when summoning to offer them something. For example, I use incense, candy, wine, cannabis, vaginal secretions, cigars, blood and saliva.

Not everyone should be offering bodily fluids because this can cause an unhealthy bond with the Daemon (or any Spirit).

As for the hierarchy, it is a nobility ranking system and it goes as such: Prince, King, Marquis, Duke, Earl and President.

Each noble member has “minions” or “foot soldiers”, these are lesser Daemons who do the bidding of higher ups.

They are ruthless, and have absolutely no moral compass; nothing to lose, everything to gain.

If you are ever visited by one of these it is best to banish them, and do note that the lesser Daemons once banished, can usually not get back to this plane.

Each Prince is in charge of one of the Cardinal directions: North, South, East, West.

The important members to know are the big three: Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan.

When working with these Daemons they seem to be more diplomatic but this means that they also require more out of you; except Leviathan, she is a beast and will test every limit you have placed on her, and then devour you.

The last question I was asked is, are Daemons the old Pagan God’s.


This goes back to the whole archetype, or shadow theory; the idea that Daemons or fallen have created other beings from pieces of themselves.

Examples would be Set, Pan, Hermes, Prometheus, Enki and Cernunnos to name a few, are all said to be versions or shadow selves of Lucifer himself.

Daemons (Daimons) used to be messengers to Yahweh (YVHV, YHWH), and they were given the duty of delivering human prayers, and souls to him.

I believe that Daemons themselves are demonized.

The word Demon is what Christians refer to when speaking of “Evil beings” whereas the spelling Daemon, or Daimon shows respect, and Divinity.

I have worked with all kinds of deities, and energies and the ability to work with Daemons is not something that is just bestowed upon us; it takes time, effort, motivation and concentration because if they sense a weakness, they will feed off it. You will become psychological prey.

If you show them that you are a predator just as they are, they will allow you into their Kingdom and show you the ways of the Ancients.