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“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I shared an article on the page about accepting the Gray in Magick; accepting that Magick and life are not black or white but a balance of all things; I agree with that point, in fact, I agree with most of the article, but one part I do not agree with is that you can walk both the RHP and the LHP.

This isn’t about right and wrong, either, this is about what is.

For those who are unfamiliar: RHP= Right Hand Path and LHP= Left Hand Path.

A gentlemen commented how he didn’t agree with being able to walk both paths and I replied in agreement. Whew, did a shit storm erupt!

The onslaught of comments didn’t stop for 10 hours and it was not until the 9th hour that I totally lost my shit and surrendered after having stated my point in about 40 different ways to no avail.

Only later to be called a Masochist for putting myself through such pain. The truth in that statement…

The main point I need to make is that I am not trying to tell anyone how to practice or believe, and during the discussion yesterday people kept bringing that up insinuating that’s what I was doing.

If you are familiar with me and/or the page then you know my feelings were hurt because that is not who I am as a person; I am not one to impose anything, especially belief, on to another.

Thank the Gods for my good ol’ Capricorn Rising/Taurus Moon because when those aspects kicked in all the fucks I gave seemed to disappear right out the window.

To put it bluntly, the paths are mutually exclusive and if you say they are not then that’s a clear indicator that you understand neither.

Let’s see how many people get offended over that.

I do hope in the middle of being offended you take the time to read the links I have provided from many perspectives about the differences between the paths.

I cannot express how important this is: Left does not equal Dark and Right does not equal Light.

I believe that each path has aspects of both Light and Dark, as they should in order to be balanced; the paths themselves are not two halves to a whole though.

I don’t know when this happened, why it happened, or even how it happened, but it just isn’t the case. I know, I know, historically speaking the Right hand was always pure and the Left un-pure, but that is a weak argument to make in this debate and context.

This is the biggest point of confusion because people have come to associate the Spectrum of Magick with Personal Philosophy.

I know plenty of Luciferians who also define themselves as Witches and they do not practice what many would consider “Dark Magick”.

Conversely, I know many self-proclaimed Lightworkers who have summoned all 72 Goetia Daemons, and have zero moral compass; probably a poor example because clearly these kids have that definition misconstrued as well but, I think you get my point.

Light and Dark are part of the bigger whole, I agree BUT in my opinion RHP and LHP not only contradict each other, the end goal of each is entirely different.

One is about the individual and one about the collective.

I used the example of “one cannot be a Luciferian and a Wiccan” and I stand by that. The core beliefs of each do not allow for the other to exist.

Just like you cannot be a Satanist Christian, or an Atheist Muslim; you cannot walk both of these paths.

Please don’t get me started on TMP or “The Middle Path” because in my opinion that is a cop out on choosing a set goal and destination. And, to clarify TMP is not Gray Witchcraft and I *really* wish people would also stop associating the two.

As people were stating their case in the comments and how they believe one can be both, I sat in amazement wondering how the fuck this happened.

I found an answer in one of the links provided at the bottom and here is the excerpt that helped me understand, perhaps, where some of you were coming from. The part where the Author brings up the Tree of Life is what I am referring to:

“Given the history of the terminology, I see the main difference between RHP and LHP as being simply one of relative social respectability, both within the Pagan/occult scene and in society at large. Wiccans and Wiccanesque Pagans are RHP because they dominate the Pagan/occult scene. And Christian occultists are RHP because of their identification with the most popular religion in the world at large. On the other hand, “LHP” was a label claimed by some of the more marginalized groups, in an attempt to turn their very marginalization into a badge of honor.

“Another difference is that RHPers tend to believe in some sort of automatic cosmic moral law enforcement (e.g. the “Threefold Law”), whereas LHPers tend to believe that justice happens only insofar as people make it happen.

“Another difference is that LHPers tend to be fonder of “dark” imagery, whereas RHPers tend to be fonder of “white light” imagery.

“And another difference, of course, is that LHPers tend to be more individualistic — at least in theory. Self-described LHPers typically define the difference between LHP and RHP in terms of individualism.

“But most of these differences, especially that last one, are only relative. For example, Wicca is considered RHP, but the Wiccan Rede (“‘An it harm none, do what ye will”) is pretty individualistic for the most part. Unlike most traditional religions, Wicca does not prescribe an elaborate set of social norms. The only norm is “harm none” (admittedly not an easy rule to follow, if you really think about it).

“So, to use any one of the above differences as a definition of LHP and RHP is a vast oversimplification of the paths categorized.

“Some people have defined LHP and RHP in terms of pillars of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. According to this definition, LHPers emphasize the energies of the left pillar (the “pillar of severity”), whereas RHPers emphasize the energies of the right pillar (the “pillar of mercy”).

“However, if defined this way, neither the LHP nor the RHP can possibly be a balanced path. Obviously, the only sensible option would be a middle path. In order for LHP and RHP both to be viable paths, neither one of them should be defined in a way that excludes the possibility of balance.”

I do not agree with everything quoted above so let me be clear about that; I just like to research all points of view, and then deliver them to you.

My opinion on the subject has long been formed.

One of the commentators said that she was using the terms as verbs instead of nouns but they ARE nouns. They ARE terms used to define or identify ourselves, or group of people.

Example: I am a Luciferian Witch who incorporates Rootwork into her Magick.

A Luciferian is what I am (Luciferianism being a LHP Philosophy), what I do is something else entirely; though it should always align with my Luciferian way of living or else I am simply a hypocrite.

And, just because I practice Rootwork does not automatically make me a Vodouisant/Vodou Practitioner.

As mentioned above, I am first and foremost a Luciferian; my mentality is always in line with Self Deification, free thinking, rebellion, going against the status quo and questioning everything.

I have stated many times in the past that I don’t want any of you to think like me just for the sake of it, I want to evoke thought; I don’t want a bunch of readers who yes me to death and agree with me on all points; I rather enjoy our differences, and I love learning about different practices.

This discussion of RHP vs. LHP is one that comes up so often and I have tackled it on the page directly, but never in a blog, and I know I didn’t do this topic justice but something had to be said and further resources provided.





(This link is provided so that you may read further about individuation):