WILD WOMAN WAR CRIES: Howl for Humanity


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“Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

For the past decade, peaking in the last 3-4 years, there has been an uprising of the Wild Woman Archetype; people are waking up to their true nature and they are honoring that place within themselves by letting their wild run free.

What is it about this Wild Woman that gives us all the permission to be ourselves?

What is it about her that resonates with so many people, across so many cultures?

Why are we hearing her calls now?

Her howls echo and dance through the night like a serpent coiling its body through the Earth’s crevices.

The Wild Woman lives within us all, not just those of us who are or identify as Women; the Wild Woman is the voice deep inside of us that refuses to be silenced, or tamed.

She is the rumbling thunder in our chest, the fire burning in our Soul; she is the voice of reason and intuition, our connection to Mother.

Wild Woman, howl for me so that I may follow your voice back home.

If the past couple years have not proved to you that we are in midst of chaos, and mass change then you are not paying close enough attention.

Recent years have kicked our ass, and taken names.

I applaud the Universe for its ruthless approach; Kali would stand in glory at the destruction that’s leading to rebirth and change.

Years like these are catalysts for change within ourselves and the collective.

If you have not witnessed this change, if you have not felt this change within you then you should move out of the way because a wave of angry, awakened people is coming and we are going to be the ones kicking ass and taking names.

Illusions are being destroyed, divisive lies are becoming evident, false narratives are being blasted with truth and those of us aware enough to feel this shift are craving a simpler way of life; a re-wilding of sorts.



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We are craving the dirt in our hands and Earth beneath our bare feet; we are craving the oceans, lakes and streams washing over our bodies—cleansing, purifying, baptizing us.

We crave to live like the Wild Woman; to heal our bodies and listen to the wisdom in our blood.

We crave to stand unapologetically in our power against a system that wishes to erase and belittle us.

We crave freedom.

We crave redemption.

We crave justice.

I first heard the Wild Woman’s call when a book was suggested and that book forever changed my life; Women Who Run with Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés became a bible for me.

The text was like a holy scripture of fire and I was in desperate need; that fire was the spark that ignited my flame.

Reading page after page became cathartic; it was like a voice from beyond reminding me who I am, and what I am capable of.

Our society is structured in a way that it oppresses certain groups of people, and if you happen to be in one of those marginalized groups, you forget who you are; they make sure you do.

It reminds me of how circus animals, or other show animals are broken so they “obey their master”. But, if you look closely even in the most desperate of cases and saddest of eyes, you can still see the wild glowing inside.

Wolf 3

That’s exactly how we are, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

The re-wilding has hit so many people that it is now effecting the collective and there is no way to stop it.

If I had to compare what I am seeing and feeling spiritually to something scientific, I would say this is like herd immunity: “general immunity to a pathogen in a population based on the acquired immunity to it by a high proportion of members over time.”

Except the pathogen we are becoming immune to is bullshit.

We will not be tamed, lied to, categorized, divided or beaten in to submission.

After such a long stretch in the darkness with seemingly no hope in sight for humanity, it is amazing to see the waves of enlightenment and illumination taking over.

We hit rock bottom and now Wild Woman is going to bring us home; back to a place we are meant to be, a place where we can run wild and free.

No master, no slave.

Wild Woman, howl for me.

TORCHBEARERS: It’s Time to Shine Your Light


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“Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life. You can spend your life wallowing in despair, wondering why you were the one who was led towards the road strewn with pain, or you can be grateful that you are strong enough to survive it.”

J.D Stroube

I think it is safe to say that last year was a year of change, death and destruction (metaphorically and literally) for just about everyone; I know it most certainly was for myself. With these emotions and experiences there comes Shadow work, an inevitable part of our journey; facing the darker nature and emotions of/within ourselves; having to own up to our mistakes, our pain, our “shit” and still look ourselves in the mirror afterwards.

Not an easy task on top of an already complex path.

My darkness, traumas, and inability to conform are what led me to the Left Hand Path, and Magick in general, as well as having a calling deep in my Soul. I thrived in the darkness, and darker shades of gray; I loved to roam in the Shadows of myself, the otherworld and the collective unconscious trying to figure out why the dark appealed to me so much.

I immersed myself in the energy and embrace of the Dark Feminine, and swayed my hips with the Charge of the Dark Goddess; I embraced the wrath of Kali by allowing my own rage to run free, and I walked with Hekate in the Underworld staring death in the face.

I challenged fate, the Gods, and went against everything that was expected of me.

I rebelled, I lashed out, I embraced my wild nature; I raged, I screamed, I cried, and apologized not once.

But, all good things must come to an end.

After going through numerous Dark Nights of the Soul and dredging through Shadow work for over 2 years, observing and absorbing other people’s darkness and embracing my own, I can admit that I have stayed in the dark too long and now, am being forced to become my own light and shine brighter than before.

You see, I let the darkness seduce me; I got lost deep in the Abyss and have been sitting here, stuck, for weeks now—months even, trying to find a way out.

I try to remain positive and keep it all in perspective but lately it has been next to impossible to do; the recent Mercury Retrograde was the hardest one that I can remember. I remain grateful always, and make the choice every day to turn my heart towards the sky but sometimes, it’s just fucking hard to do.

During a tear-filled phone call, earlier today with one of my Sister Witches she posed a question that was so profound it has led me to write this post.

She said, “How do you create and hold space for such deep sadness and despair while still living your day to day life?” Referring the collective and personal pain and sadness that she is feeling currently.

As those words left her mouth the epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks:

“The only way out is through.” -Robert Frost

Frost’s poems have entered my mind time and time again reminding me of the lesson I am to learn or the direction I must follow. Once again, his words sing out to me.

Our society has demonized emotions so much that the majority are completely numb to the ideas of compassion, empathy and, well, love.

How can the Healers of this world cope with such odds? How can the rebels who are here to awaken the masses make them feel something, anything?

How are we, the Healers, supposed to deal with the heavy weight of sadness and fear that is being felt but also hidden?

The first step, we shine some light in the dusty corners of their Soul’s.

We all have aspects of ourselves that are like a junk drawer (not our Shadow but something more human). It’s a drawer we all have in our homes that we prefer a stranger not stumble upon and go through; finding out how sloppy we can be.

Our Soul has that same kind of drawer.

Well, it’s spring cleaning time.

This world is in desperate need of awakened and enlightened people, and I don’t mean those fake gurus who want followers; I mean the real deal who wish to have you walk your path of independence rather than follow the herd—even if that means you walk a path different from their own.

I know, I know, people on the page have tried to defend the herd as being smart; in nature, it is a defense mechanism to keep them safe from predators, a way to keep them warm, and a way to have community.

Sheep and other herd animals don’t have egos though; the Alpha males may battle it out every once in a while, but the hierarchy is set in place, and animals don’t have the awareness to question it.

Humans however, we do. And, that is why following the herd has never fared well for humans.

When we follow the herd, we lose the individuality that makes us all so unique; we lose the ability to form our own opinions because they are fed to us. It is hard to walk alone, it is hard to break free from everything you have ever known but what is the alternative? Follow blindly?

While I feel the Shadow of last year still hanging over us, the fear of the unknown, and the panic because of the uncertainty of our future, I have hope.

Some people call me naïve to keep hope alive and maybe I am; fear is no better than naivety though, but worse.

I walk in to 2017 shedding the darkness and thick skin that 2016 gave to me and step into the fire of revolution and truth.

Most importantly, I step into the fire of hope.

Blessed are the Witches, Wild Mystics, Shamans, Healers, Awakened, Enlightened and Spiritual folks of this planet; it is our torches that will guide us through the darkness.

Blessed are the light-bringers and torchbearers;

Now go light the world on fire.


MY DEAREST EMPATH: Don’t Let the World Get You Down

Riccardo Melosu

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“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.”

Tahereh Mafi

This is a completely spur of the moment blog—haven’t had one of these in a long time…

Recently I have been keeping a memo pad on my phone, so when ideas strike (usually sentences, topics, or paragraphs at a time) I jot them down, and will reflect on them later; right now however, I am being pulled and forced to write this.

I have said that the page is therapeutic for me, and so is my writing. Often I will sit down with one idea, and not only do about a million other ideas form in the process but I find that perspective is gained, anxiety is lessened, and clarity received.

I am big into politics, and social issues; I don’t talk about them too, too much because I am an extremely passionate person and that passion can be interpreted as anger.

I have found that I meet 3 types of people: those who have similar trains of thought as mine, those who are so ignorant it hurts my bones, and those who are full of fear; sometimes if I am really lucky I find someone who is a mixture of two.

An opinion based from fear is the most dangerous.

When people are scared they not only react, as any animal would, but they are easily manipulated in many cases, and this is when the herd mentality forms.

As if the herd mentality wasn’t bad enough before 2016 began.

I must say that this year is most certainly going to be a year that humanity will never forget, and it is yet to be determined if that is a good or bad thing. The irony of this is that 2016=9, a number of completion; a number that haunted me steadily for 18 months before this year even began, and many of you, and my close friends can attest to this because I mentioned it in many posts. The number haunted me to the point where I thought I was going mad.

As the clock strikes 8:30 am here in New York I am drinking my coffee while relaxing in bed and catching up on the news I missed overnight. It’s funny because I can go months and months without watching the News, and in fact I did just that until all the craziness of this year started to happen; I now find myself back in the cycle of constant thought, anxiety and worry but also seeking, searching.

I have this insatiable thirst for the truth because what we see on TV and what we are given in media reports is but a fraction of a fraction of what really went down.

I sit here and I look out at the world, as I often do, and I think, what an orchestrated shit show.

I have been extremely introverted and heavy with emotion (easily the last 4 weeks, probably more) and I can’t seem to shake the feeling entirely. I have my methods of lessening the “symptoms” but even those seem to have minimal effect of dulling this intense, aching pain.

I feel so much pain for humanity, and this world. I feel so much pain for what we have become, and how blind we are to the human condition we all share; if only we could see our similarities and how we are all pawns in a bigger game.

I feel so much pain…

So, how DOES an Empath cope in times like this? How do we stop the absorption of all the bad juju going around?

As I mentioned above, I am struggling, too, but I do have some tips that seem to calm my pain, if only for a short time.

I don’t know if it’s as simple as distraction of the mind or if the activities suggested here truly work on some spiritual and physical level; maybe it’s a little of both.

Nonetheless, here are my tips for getting through these next few months (things will calm a bit after the election, in theory at least.)

  1. GROUND! GROUND! GROUND! – We have to make sure that our Root and Sacral Chakras are firmly planted into the Earth’s energy. If we are not grounded we will get caught up in the emotional whirlwind from the collective, and total breakdown will surely follow. We have to make sure that we are shielded from outside influence, and this can be attained by wearing or carrying some of the crystals suggested below; I would also suggest reinforcing your shielding in times of great collective stress because Empaths are the first to be pummeled by the waves of mass emotion.

Tips: Walk outside barefoot, take a salt bath/shower, wear or work with crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jet, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Garnet, Ruby, Red Tigers Eye. Malachite is also an amazing grounding stone; good for healing, too. Yoga, hiking, and swimming (water cleanses Empaths of emotional stress) are good ideas as well.

 2.POSITIVE SELF TALK! – I think that Mantras are powerful, and they don’t have to be ornate, or in a foreign language to have significant effects. Our bodies react to our thoughts, so when we are overwhelmed or bombarded with negative thoughts, images and energy it begins to manifest in sometimes ugly ways. If we tell ourselves positive things such as, “I am strong, grounded, and balanced. Today will be a good day, and I will be better than I was yesterday. I will not allow another to disturb my inner peace.” As corny as you think you may look doing this in front of the mirror, it works. You are not only opening yourself up to the manifestation of positive energy, but you have taken control of your racing thoughts and gave them a goal of “having a good day”. You can create your own Mantra or you can find one online; regardless of where the Mantra comes from, I can guarantee almost instant results. This exercise of standing in front of the mirror and proclaiming master over Self is extremely important, and very powerful. It can also be repeated numerous times throughout the day, and altered to fit the situation. (Ex. You are about to give a presentation at school or work, and you need a little extra courage. Give it to yourself with POSITIVE Self Talk!!!)

Tips: Have a few Mantras handy for different situations, meditate daily or at least every other day to allow your inner voice to be heard, surround yourself with people who build you up not bring you down, give yourself a pat on the back when you have done a good job and always give yourself positive reinforcement when you have acted out (I know when I act out, or disappoint myself I can be really hard on myself afterwards. Learning to be gentle, however long a process it may be, has proven to pay off big time.)

We are at a pivotal point in human history and just like the rest of the world I am watching, listening, observing, calculating, forming my plan, and preparing for battle. As a collective unit we are in for some hard times ahead and anyone who tries to tell you differently is filling your head with lies. We must be prepared for the dark times ahead because as Shiva has taught me many times over the years—destruction leads way to change; change leads way to growth.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, too, because soon enough the time will come where a passive, calm demeanor will not do; eventually the warrior will breakthrough.

Blessings and Love.

Silence No More: My Message to Humanity

Emma SIlk

Image: Emma Silk

“One love, one heart, one destiny.”

Bob Marley

I have been busy the last few days working on chapters for the book, along with just a general need to distance myself from Social Media a bit. It seems no matter how busy I keep myself, or how much distance there is between me and another Soul, I still feel it, my mind still thinks about it.

I can’t describe it other than a hole in my chest, a pain, an ache like nothing I have felt before, as if humanity, the collective unconscious itself, has been blasted wide open and mortally wounded.

I am referring to Paris, and the pain caused by the mass murders that took place.

The pain I am feeling is not just for the lives lost, may all those Souls find rest on the other side; this pain is for the division these acts have created, for the hatred, and anger that has been brought to the surface.

We live in a volatile world, full of tension and tempers, ignorance and indifference.

We have no compassion for our fellow man, we are nothing without compassion. This entire experience is nothing, it is pointless, eventless, and without lesson if we have no compassion.

I have my own ideas about the reason for the attack, but the reasoning doesn’t matter right now, what matters is unity, what matters is how well we see through the illusions that are being created by our politicians and media.

We need to approach our world as we approach our craft, by questioning everything.

A war has erupted on Twitter and Fb because of the whole “Pray for Paris” hashtags, the profile filter and memes. It didn’t take long for such a horrific event to cause division among the masses, because let’s face it, everyone is searching for reasons to be offended.

We have one group saying, “You don’t need to pray for Paris, you need to fight. You need to stand up for what is right.”

On the other hand, we have the PFP people who are feeling ganged up on, like their voices don’t matter, and their thoughts (intentions) mean nothing, which is leading to religious debates sprouting up all over the place.

If people want to Pray for Paris, let them. Yes, I agree that we need to take a stand, and fight back against the system, but to deny people the comfort of prayer in a dark time like this seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Is that prayer harming you? Is that prayer interfering with the investigation? Is that prayer anything other than sending good intentions to those affected?

People are so against the word prayer because they are so against religion, but religion didn’t fire those guns, religion didn’t take those lives, religion didn’t make them do it.

People with their own free will took those lives.

They may be using religion as a ploy, as a mask to wear, as a poor excuse to carry out their truly sadistic desires, but religion did not kill those people. Do you not see this is all part of the plan?

Let’s put a different spin on this: There is an estimated 1.3 billion Christians worldwide, and an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide, if religion truly, and I mean truly were the issue, then they would all be murderers.

I am aware of the oppression in predominantly Muslim countries, and I am not denying those facts. I am also not denying the Christian-Right and their cries of religious intolerance over every damn thing. I am, however, playing Devil’s Advocate, and simply trying to point out that religion is not necessarily the problem.

I AM anti-religion, but I am pro-individual; if someone wishes to follow, or practice a religion that is in their right to do so. It is when we start to venture into extremism that we begin to have problems, so please let us not confuse the two.

We do not judge all Christians based on the acts of the Westboro Baptist Church or the FLDS, so why should we judge all Muslims based on the acts of a terrorist group? Generalizations have never helped any situation, groups of people, or social issue, so let’s stop mass stereotyping.

The PFP movement, for lack of a better term, is to show support and solidarity for a city that was shook by violence.

I am aware of the atrocities committed in other parts of the world such as the attacks on Beirut, Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq, all within days of the Paris attack. It seems that society pays more attention when terror hits the Western world.

Irony at its finest seeing how the Western world terrorizes everyone else, but when it is returned, society loses their collective minds.

All lives matter. My life here in the West matters as much as a Woman, Man or child living in a remote village in Africa, India or any other place in this world. My life matters as much as a Woman being stoned to death for being raped. My life matters as much as the migrant seeking refuge from war. My life matters as much as the black man being murdered by the hands of those meant to protect us.

I feel for every Soul suffering, and I know they are no different than me, and if circumstances had been slightly different, I could have been dealt a completely different hand of cards; a life where I would truly know the definition of oppression because so far I have only had a small taste compared to the majority of my fellow man.

Every act of terror, on any scale, no matter who it is committed by is an unacceptable act, and if we remain silent during these times, it is as if we are compliant; it’s as if we are rolling over and accepting our fate.

I will not accept this fate, not for myself, and certainly not for humanity.

As for the profile filters on Fb, who cares. I mean, really, who cares? This has turned into the ‘red cup’ issue of this week. If there was no filter made available to show unity with Paris like there was one created to show unity for same sex marriage then people would cry out and be in an uproar over that.

Start addressing the real issues here, begin to see through the illusions that are being created, and start to unite with your fellow man. We have more similarities than we do differences, it’s time to start building the foundation of our ascension as a planet on those similarities, and rise up.

We are better than this current situation we have found ourselves in.

As a unit we can defeat those who wish to destroy us, we can fight back against our oppressors; only as one unit can we really dive into hidden knowledge, only as one unit can we win this war.

I am sure many will not agree with some of the things said in this post, the truth hurts, and it is indeed a hard pill to swallow.

Stop being offended over prayer, and filters, and start getting angry, allow that anger to become rage, justified rage, and then channel it; we are being dragged into a systematic war, a war where our lives don’t matter.

Now that’s something you should be offended over.

Lost in my Thoughts: A Glimpse into the Mind of Madness

Tina Yu

Image: Tina Yu

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”

August Wilson

There has been much on my mind lately, I have been carrying a lot of weight, for an endless amount of reasons. This time of year is always weird and overwhelming for me; the closer we come to October, the thinner the veil, and the more sensitive I seem to be to the outside world. For those who have read my work in the past on Dear Wicked you know that spirits seem to come to me in droves to seek some sort of redemption, or pass to the other side during the month of October, as crazy as it sounds. For some reason, the visits are happening now, as oppose to 3 weeks from now.

This year has definitely been one that many tales in old age will be based on.

Besides the fact that spirits are freely coming into my dreams, and attempting to come into my home, I have been overcome by a deep, soul wrenching sadness. This is a pain unlike anything I have felt before, and it has thrown me and my routine completely off. I am drained beyond measure, and using any, and every back up resource of energy to just keep going.

It was during a conversation with my chosen kin Brother that I learned the pain I am feeling is coming from Syria, and the destruction that is currently happening to all the temples. Just this past week ISIL blew to pieces the Temple of Bel. It was not until my Brother reminded me that this place that is seeing so much bloodshed, so much pain, war and destruction is our motherland, our holy land, a place that we all come from.

For me, I have strong Soul connections to Mesopotamia, and the nightmares of past lives I have been having are almost surely because of what is going on over there currently, in the modern day. I will link you to the full story at the bottom.

The situation begs the question, why are they choosing specific ancient temples to destroy? What are they trying to hide? Who told them to do it?

All rhetorical questions, obviously, because I know the answers, and I hope that you do, too.

So, I have spirits visiting, and there is a terrorist group destroying priceless, ancient artifacts for fun. (Among a wide array of horrific atrocities being committed by them.)


Then I read an article about sea life, and other animals on the West Coast who are washing ashore, or being observed as being delirious, disoriented and having convulsions. Only two theories here, Fukushima radiation, or the sonic blasts our military does off the coast(s). There is a link for this story as well at the bottom, if you wish to read for yourself.

It seems the world has turned into a shit show, and that says a lot because it has been a shit show for at least 10 years now. What will it take for humanity, as a collective to finally wake up and see all the distractions right before their eyes? We have become nothing but a consumerist society, blinded by fake wars, covering up the real ones, and spewing lies of “Gods and Monsters” (an apt description for the visual I am going for.)

We are supposed to be kept in fear, a fearful herd is a distracted herd.

While on this topic of herds, you know people always call the masses “sheep”, even I used to call the masses sheep. Then I realized, sheep are in a herd for safety, for comfort, they have a well-built social structure that runs effectively, I mean, I think to call the masses sheep, is an insult to sheep.

The stronger the herd, the less likely they are to fall prey to the wolves; humans fall prey to wolves of a different variety every single day, and most walk to slaughter willingly, and blissfully unaware.

I think there is no comparison to the human herd mentality, we as a species have become THAT lost, THAT blinded, THAT fucking stupid.

Our future generation is strong in numbers, and could be an invaluable asset to change the fabric of society but a majority of them are caught up in Instagram likes, and YouTube fame that they can’t be bothered with what Bernie Sanders is doing, or what the GOP wishes to do. They fail to see that not voting in attempt to protest is having the adverse effect of what they wish to achieve; revolution.

You can’t change shit when you surrender, you can’t change shit when you remain silent.

You see? My mind is heavy.

I often wonder when I get like this, semi-manic, completely introverted, lost in my Abyss, if anyone else does this. Does anyone else know the freedom, the reward of allowing yourself to go mad for a bit? To go into the deepest part of your mind in attempts to reach the collective unconscious, but instead you detour off only to reach a grand place where there are endless epiphanies?

Because, if no one else does this, if no one else on this fucking wretched but painfully beautiful planet doesn’t allow themselves to go mad, like this, like me, then what am I fighting for?

What is left TO fight for?

It is in the moments of insanity, that one can gain so much clarity. 

Have people become afraid of their minds? Of themselves? Of what they are capable of?

Have we lost sight of the individual while trying to seek unity?

Any unity we attempt is doomed to fail if the unity is not a group of individuals freely choosing to work together, put aside differences and “get shit done”. Otherwise it is considered forced unity, where the individual is lost; a forced sense of oneness will only lead to resentment, and rebellion (not the good kind).

Break free from your cage, face your demons, and find your truth then jump down the rabbit hole, there is nothing left to lose and everything to gain.




Calling All Enlightened Ones: A Plea to Humanity

Echo Nittolitto

Image: Echo Nittolitto

“Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”

Mary Shelley

If I had to sum up this past week into 3 words I would describe it as being revealing, hard and weird.  On top of the week just being strange, I have felt weird, in the most broad, general way. I mean physically my thyroid seems to be off again, and I am counting the days down until my Doctors appointment next week, but this is more than that.

I feel like piece of me is missing, like piece of me is existing somewhere else right now.

I can’t really describe it in any other way than this, but I have been feeling like I am crawling in my skin, completely out of my element here, just on auto pilot. I have been pretty busy, and non-stop for the last two weeks, finally able to slow down the last few days, but I still feel off, and it feels like the more I try to figure this feeling out, the more confused I become.

I have been busy working on the book project, which I am really excited about. I think this group publishing is exactly what I need for my first major publication, also having someone edit my work gives me perspective, and helps my craft; although, she doesn’t need to edit nearly as much as I thought she would.

This last week I even ordered business cards—business freakin’ cards! They are pretty bad ass if I do say so myself. There are times when I am out, and random shit happens; I run into people, or have an opportunity come knocking and it seems easier to just hand them a card, and allow them to do what they will.

I will also use the cards once my shop is up and running as promotion inside the boxes, and such. All I keep thinking is that my cell phone number is on those cards, but what else was I supposed to do? I don’t have an agent, eh, it is what it is. I guess it’s a good thing my phone has a blocking feature.

See, how did I even get there? On that little tangent, my mind is just in a foreign place right now. I cannot focus on a complete thought without a billion other thoughts colliding with it at the same time, and sleeping has become a joke.

Each time that I fall “asleep” I immediately start Astral Projecting; my best friend (who is completely mundane) has started traveling with me. I am perplexed as a Witch, as her friend, just in general as to why she has suddenly become a partner of mine on the Astral. The panic seemed to set in when she told me that some of the places were “scary”. I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.

Why am I bringing her with me, why are we having the same dreams, and why is there such darkness?

I could continue on with an endless amount of questions, but that seems to be counter-productive at this point. I can’t handle the questions that have been shouted into the Universe as is.

I have not travelled like this since I was a child, it makes me concerned, but also excited. I am hesitant to open certain pieces of my sight back up, I already think I see too much. I am also nervous about what could possibly be coming, what am I being warned about, or told?

The messages have been everywhere, even in the clouds.

I feel like I am dropping into the Underworld for a long sleep, but it seems more significant than the change of seasons, or spinning of the wheel.

There is something coming.

At 3:33 this morning I was awakened suddenly by knocking, three times on a little table in my room. I sleep with two Himalayan crystal lamps on, so there is a dim orange hue to my bedroom; enough to see pretty clearly. The knocking startled me because it was so loud, I am used to entities coming through that corner and they know the rule is to knock, but three *loud* knocks that jolted my fucking soul made me take note, and have had me on edge ever since.

I felt a comfort in the discomfort, if that makes any sense. As my cats went scurrying I tried to get a feel, or catch a glimpse of what, or who had entered, but they moved too fast; faster than anything I have ever encountered. I can feel a rage, a fiery anger pulsating from their energy trail, and the air tastes of a sweet cigar.

On top of this there has been numerous Kali references, not only articles but pictures, dreams, just everything seems to be about Her. It seems even my Pinterest account has become hacked by the Universe, and there are signs all over there, too.

I am writing, rambling, like this because it has been too long since I said something, but also because I want to know if anyone else has been experiencing this? From my own observations on Fb, the consensus seems to be that things have been “weird”.

2015 has been pretty gnarly when it comes to cosmic energy, this month being particularly hard, but this is deeper.

We are at a breaking point, and the only way to get through this is to destroy ourselves.

We have to destroy that which no longer serve its purpose, this goes for people, relationships, and material possessions, too.

Our planet, our people, are dying: we are dying.

People have become so concerned with themselves, money, and “internet fame” that we have lost track of community, blessings, and humility. It’s like I live here with a bunch of narcissistic pricks who love the sound of their own voice so much that they can’t hear the cries of their fellow human, or animal for that matter.

All of our advances in technology, scientific and medical, and we choose to poison our people through medicine, and vaccines labeled “good for us” or “necessity”. Even our food has become more “food like” than actually nutritious.

We have shown our true colors as a species via the internet. I mean when twerking videos get more views than political debates, or revolution efforts aka the truth movement, it says so much about our society.

We are lied to and poisoned by TV, digital and social media all the time, too. Please do not think that this is only environmental in the sense that it is our food, or medication, no it’s everything.

We have been warned of the consequences of our actions on this planet, both to the Earth itself, and her inhabitants but not enough have acknowledged these warnings. It is clear that the few awakened ones, and our efforts to awaken the masses have failed, miserably. Now, it seems that we are on the brink of disaster, destruction, all in the name of mass awakening because clearly, thus far, nothing has worked.

The murders, systematic racism, inequality of the sexes, the disastrous state of our justice and political systems, all the way down to the endangerment, extinction of animals at a rapid rate, global warming, and war seem to not be enough for people to “get it”.

Maybe when the Divine has had its say and the destruction has hit home, and it’s immeasurable, people will finally wake up from their coma, but right now, right this very second, we are on a collision course with destiny, and I’m not sure if the human race is ready for what destiny has to say.

Wake up, humanity, before it gets too dark.