Lessons in Magick: Morals, Ethics, and Magickal Attacks

Stacey Shipp

Image: Stacey Shipp

“So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”

Ernest Hemingway

I am going to take this time to write about a topic that I think is long overdue. This opinion piece may cause you to feel some type of way.

Meaning, it will conjure emotions and provoke thought.

Topic is: Morals, Ethics (what they are and how they are different), Magickal attacks and how they all effect each other.

I am a Luciferian Witch, devotee of La Santisima Muerte and a Shaivite Hindu who incorporates many aspects of different traditions into my Magickal workings and personal Philosophy.

I am not part of a group, coven, sect, or any other social organization.

I do not adhere to “do no harm” as I believe those who cannot curse, cannot cure; you cannot do one without efficiently being able to practice the other.

I know many of you have just scoffed at such a concept, but it’s true.

When you are being attacked by a Spirit, fellow Witch, or an onslaught of negativity from wherever or whatever, you let me know how well that “do no harm” works for you.

I am not trying to mock another path but there are times when Wiccans become the Christians of Witchcraft and either judge us (ie. those who will hex, curse, defend themselves) or condemn our personal decisions, as if they are the morality police. (Yes, I know, not all Wiccans).

It’s really, really common. Like I said, not trying to mock paths, just calling it how I see it.

And, to be fair, I know some fiercely badass Wiccans.

A Witch is free to do what they see fit without being judged by others for it.

However, this is where it becomes blurred.

It seems that some people have lost all sense of ethical thinking, and have absolutely no moral compass.

So, on one side we have people (not necessarily just Wiccans) finger pointing for our decisions to do harm if the need arises; on the other side we have people who are hex-happy and have absolutely no sense of right and wrong, good or bad (no matter how subjective they may be).

It’s like we are suddenly defending ourselves from every direction.

Now, let’s talk about morals and ethics and how they are different.

Morals: “The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group or culture”.

Ethics: “Principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. While morals also prescribe dos and don’ts, morality is ultimately a personal compass of right and wrong”.

Get it?

Ethics are based upon an external source and/or influence; be it society, peers, or just your general environment (nature/nurture type thing).

Morals are your personal compass; how YOU, as an individual, view right and wrong, good and bad (or evil– interchangeable in this context).

As a walker of the Left Hand Path, I am all for the individual, but I am not for the individual who is a douchebag playing with Magick, attacking fellow Witches all because they have Ego and are oozing with jealousy; the weak always feel the need to prey on the strong, which is the dumbest logic ever.

Newsflash: there will ALWAYS be a stronger Witch out there.

Deal with it, accept it and move the fuck on.

After talking to a few fellow Witches, I found out that “Witch wars” are actually really common. I was shocked and horrified.

I have experienced this firsthand when some Witches had the nerve to come after me.

I am not suggesting that we all begin to think the same way, but I do believe there needs to be a baseline established of what is and is not acceptable conduct for a Witch.

Rules of engagement, maybe?


I look out at our community and the behavior I see sometimes is absolutely disgusting.

Whether you believe in do no harm, or will fuck someone up with a hex, just because you CAN do Magick doesn’t always mean you should.

Unless someone has attacked you first, unless you are under direct threat, there is NO need to send Daemons, bind Spirits, or attempt to hex another Witch (basic examples).

Drop the egos, and jealousy; that is usually where Magickal attacks stem from, anyways.

Rarely are these wars actually warranted, or have any merit whatsoever but the aftermath is tangible and tragic.

Is it really worth it? Are those few minutes, hours, possibly days draining another Witch of their energy really worth the wrath that will be unleashed when they come back to full power?

Just because a Witch has no coven doesn’t mean that Witch has no backup.

Like attracts like: Strong Witches attract other Strong Witches, unfortunately we also attract parasites.

It is a fine art to decipher the two.

For me, I know a strong Witch because I will not like them when we first meet; if I click immediately I know something is wrong.

I have always been proven right with this theory, not suggesting it works for everyone.

When we attack our Sisters and Brothers it is like spitting on the Craft itself, on our Ancestors and all they fought and died for.

Again, I am not saying we need to be all peace and love, blessed be, and full of light, but goddammit stop attacking each other without reason.

When you become power hungry in the Craft, that power will consume you and it’ll be your downfall.

As I mentioned above, there will ALWAYS be a Witch stronger than you.

Stop poking your wands where they don’t belong or you might poke a Beast you cannot put back to sleep.