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“Jaclyn is highly rare in her expertise, with an amazing keen insight into the core of the issue, she gently but, firmly reveals the truth layer by layer with a genuine care, kindness and wit. With thousands of tarot readers available – Jaclyn sets herself apart as one of the very rare few that hits the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ every time – the truth of any situation might not be evident, as often situations are seen from ones own perspective and can become biased; but, Jaclyn will remove the layers of false ego to reveal the heart of any situation and deliver the truth with precise clarity and wisdom. Simply put, Jaclyn is the best of the best!” -J.D

“My reading is something hard to put in words–Jaclyn was so in depth. It’s shocking because although the questions I asked were veryyyyyy vague it’s like she hit on all aspects of my life and what I know unconsciously she validated, and brought up what I had overlooked. This reading was not only confirmation but it kind of opened my eyes to some hard truths. It was very enlightening and I know not only will it help me grow in my craft but in my personal life as well. Thank you isn’t even enough. Also, thank you for interpreting it so well; it felt so pure and comforting.” -D.B

“Love her sense of humor! And, I was shocked to see how on point she was in my reading. Thanks for the valuable information. I’ll use it wisely.” -G.P

“Jaclyn is exactly who she says she is, a Torch Bearer. After reading a couple of highly resonating articles on her Nephilim Rising blog, I asked her for a spiritual consultation/card reading. She was not only highly accurate in the reading, but all her insights and words shone a light in my life when I needed it the most. She is a Witch, and if you need some help in remembering your own Magick, talk to her!” -B.V

“After reading a few articles on The Nephilim Rising and getting a great response I decided to give her tarot readings a try. I recieved a three card reading that not only was given very promptly, way quicker than expected, but was very insightful. In three cards she revealed information I knew, but needed affirmed; as well as more information I was unaware of. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is curious.” -S.S

“My first reading with Jaclyn had my jaw straight on the floor. She touched on things that even I had forgotten about and she honestly helped me piece together so many things I didn’t even know I needed! She is very in-depth in her abilities and I would without hesitation return to her for future readings.” -M.R

“Jaclyn is my go to when I need the brutal truth. She has time and time again shown me not to be afraid of my darkness, and through her readings and work with Shadow she has provided me with some of the deepest, most profound insight. I highly recommend her.” K.G

“I recently had an impromptu reading done for me by Jaclyn Cherie and I am still astounded as to how spot on this reading is for my current life situation. There was “in your face” and also “hidden and unexpected” messages received that in no way she could have known before the reading was done. It has lead me to re-evaluate my past and how it is affecting me today as well as current life situations that need my immediate attention. The reading was definitely Spirit lead and I am sincerely grateful to be on the receiving end. Thank you so much, Jaclyn for sharing your gift. I highly recommend your readings to others who are seeking answers in their life. You are powerfully connected. Sincerely thankful.” -K.K

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