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Tarot Readings, Magickal Consultations & Spiritual Consultations are perfect for those of you that seek guidance on your path, be it Magickal, mundane, or both.

A Reading or Consultation is an intuitive look into your current situation(s), and what I believe as a seasoned Witch would be the best way to navigate the storm, tackle unforeseen obstacles, defeat unknown negative influences in your life, cut cords and break patterns of unhealthy behavior, and thinking.

My main focuses and passions are Sacred Sexuality, Yoni healing, Shadow work, and the Left Hand Path, but I am comfortable discussing a wide range of topics. Also, LGBTQA friendly.

I do not claim to be an expert, or guru of any kind, but I have plenty of life and Magickal experience.

I consider myself a Seer and added with Neptune in the 12th house, my intuition is abysmal as Mother ocean herself.

I have a knowing, an understanding of things unseen and use this deep intuition to help guide other’s through the Dark Night of the Soul that I am all too familiar with.

I use not only my intuition and Tarot but divination including bones, pendulum, and scrying via mirror, water and/or flame to receive my answers.

Besides divining with tools, I tap into your energy and often find Ancestors and Spirits all too willing to come forth and talk on your behalf (it’s a common occurrence).

Also, taking into consideration Aura and Chakra energy and tears along with Soul Wounds and trauma–all of these factors help me better understand YOU.

Through these sessions or readings it is my hope that you will break through your blockages, release all that no longer serves you, find a solution to your problem and above all, realize you are not alone.

Advice given is not to be taken over medical, or psychiatric guidance. I am not a trained medical professional and I cannot, and do not diagnose or treat any conditions.

I can, however, offer insight and set you on a path to a deeper understanding of Self.

Think of me as a Mentor if you like, or better yet just someone you can chat with when you have nowhere else to turn.

INCLUDED IN COST OF READING: A write up of my interpretation of the cards sent via email in both text and attached document form.

Energy is everything and everything is energy.

Please use contact form below to send your inquiry, along with your zodiac sign.

You will receive an email from me once your payment and inquiry have been received, at which time I will give you the date of your reading.

Please understand I am a one Woman show balancing a lot on her plate and am offering these readings due to the high volume of requests.



FOR SPIRITUAL CONSULTATIONS: Please include as much information as possible in the contact form; what are you looking for, what are you seeking clarity on, what are looking to receive from the session, etc. We will schedule a time within 2 weeks of payment for the Consultation to happen. I am on EST.

In Light, in Dark and in Shadows,

Jaclyn Cherie

THREE CARD PULL: Past, Present, Future

This is a three card pull regarding the Past, Present, and Future. It can be a general card pull–a “Where am I at? What am I doing?” type of deal, or you can ask a specific question regarding a relationship, job, or other life challenge you may be facing. The past card represents events/influences that led you where you are, present is where you are currently, and future is what the outcome or end result will be.


THREE CARD PULL: Animal Spirit Deck

This is a card pull using a very particular deck for a very particular reason: this is to gain insight into yourself, and yourself alone. These cards are representations of different aspects of your psyche, and as such, they are used as a looking glass to show you what needs to be seen. These are very powerful cards, and as with all Tarot, they have no filter. Do not purchase this reading unless you are fully prepared for what nature reflects.


THREE CARD PULL: Halloween Oracle Deck

This is a three card pull with an otherworldly Oracle deck that has great energy! This is great for anyone looking for insight into the darker aspects of themselves, insight into their Shadow and how to create change. This deck has beautiful imagery with amazing symbolism to help grant clarity to anyone who seeks it.


Three Card Pull: Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

This is a dreamy deck that dives into the collective unconscious helping us reveal our Shadow. These 78 cards are designed after Ancient symbols, Jungian Archetypes and more! This deck is great for times when you're truly stuck in life and need a mirror to reflect your inner truth back to you. Think of them as a reminder of who you are.


Celtic Cross Spread: 10 Card Pull

The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most basic in Tarot, but even in it’s simplicity it is powerful. That’s why I love it. This spread allows me a full glimpse into the current happenings in your life, what events brought you to your current situation and what you can do to remedy any angst you may have. You may ask for a general reading, advice about a life path or career, a relationship, even; I will not use my ability to be your Seer for malice, however.


Your Year Ahead: 13 Card Pull

This is a card reading for your year ahead; each card represents a month, and the 13th card gives an overall theme, goal to work towards and/or vibe of the year. 13 is a very important number to Witches. This is the perfect spread for anyone who is embarking on a new journey, or simply curious about how their year will play out. You can do a general reading, focus on career, or on love; I always suggest general readings, that way you know what to expect each month and can Divinate to gain further insight.


Magickal Consultation (Prices Vary)

I receive emails daily asking for Magickal Advice, often times the questions being asked are not simple and require my time, energy and personal Magickal resources–which are not free. In an attempt to find balance, I am offering Magickal Consultations (starting at $50) for my advice on YOUR Magickal workings, or how to tackle a particular Magickal situation. Think of me as backup–a Coven Witch for hire, of sorts. I will give you recipes, and spells where needed–a nudge in the right direction with a pep talk at other times. I do not offer Spell Work services, so if you are looking for me to do that–this isn’t it. I will, if the situation requires it, back you up Magickally. We will work side by side, you are required to do the majority of legwork though.


Spiritual Consultation: 30 Minute One-on-One Session

A Spiritual Consultation is a one on one with me directly. You will get 30 minutes of uninterrupted time via email, Facebook messenger, What’s App or, if discussed in advance, a Skype session. This is perfect for those of you who feel stuck, and it’s deeper than Spell work, or one particular situation; this is for the times you need to connect with another Practitioner to bounce ideas off, seek solace or receive comfort. If you seek advice, I will offer what I can. If you seek a listener, I will listen. If you seek a Torchbearer, I will light the way for you.