Spiritual Consultation

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Spiritual Consultations are perfect for those of you that seek guidance on your path, be it Magickal, mundane, or both.

A Consultation is an intuitive look into your current situation, and what I believe as a seasoned Witch would be the best way to navigate the storm, tackle unforeseen obstacles, defeat unknown negative influences in your life, cut cords and break patterns of unhealthy behavior, and thinking.

My main focuses and passions are Sacred Sexuality, Yoni healing, Shadow work, and the Left Hand Path but I am comfortable discussing a wide range of topics; even if you just need a fellow Witch to bounce ideas off of, this is for you!

I do not claim to be an expert, or guru of any kind, but I have plenty of life and Magickal experience.

I consider myself a Seer and added with Neptune in the 12th house, my intuition is abysmal as Mother ocean herself.

I have a knowing, an understanding of things unseen and use this deep intuition to help guide other’s through the Dark Night of the Soul that I am all too familiar with. I use not only my intuition but divination including Tarot, bones, pendulum, and scrying via mirror, water and/or flame to receive my answers.

Besides divination, I tap into your energy, and often find Ancestors and Spirits all too willing to come forth and talk on your behalf (it’s a common occurrence).

Also, taking into consideration Auric, and Chakra energy and tears along with Soul Wounds and trauma–all of these factors help me better understand YOU .

Through these communications it is my hope that you will break through your blockages, release all that no longer serves you, find a solution to your problem and above all, realize you are not alone.

Advice given is not to be taken over medical, or psychiatric guidance. I am not a trained medical professional and I cannot, and do not diagnose or treat any conditions.

I can, however, offer insight and set you on a path to a deeper understanding of Self.

Think of me as a Mentor if you like, or better yet just someone you can chat with when you have nowhere else to turn.

To schedule your Consultation, contact me below.


INCLUDED IN COST: A detailed intuitive write-up (via Word document) addressing your current situation and/or any specific questions you want addressed; as well as ongoing email communication and counseling pertaining to your situation.

In Light, in Dark and in Shadows,

Jaclyn Cherie




Detailed Intuitive Write-up