SHOP REVIEW: Reed’s Handmade Incense

I am finally sitting down to write a long overdue blog, and it’s the first of a new series I am introducing.

I have so much new content coming out in the next few months, as well as a huge collaboration with Poisoner’s Apothecary and two new Anthologies from Girl God Books; one I wrote the preface, and the other I am authoring some essays and have been chosen as an Editor.

Life is so fucking surreal lately.

That’s not even everything that is currently on my plate, either.

This blog series is where I will be doing honest reviews of Witch and Occult Shops.

I have in the past done Holiday Shopping Guides, but now I want to take it a step further and give genuine, personal reviews for some of my favorite products, Shops, and people.

Because transparency and I are such good friends, I must tell you now that some of these Shops have reached out to me and asked to send freebies and a review in return; I am always up front about this.

There are other Shops that will be featured because I am a frequent patron, or I stumbled upon a gem!

This is not a series where I will talk shit about a Shop—to put it bluntly, if I don’t genuinely believe in the brand and products, they won’t be featured here. Simple as that.

First up is the online Shop, Reed’s Handmade Incense.

Okay, so first I really like the fact that the Shop has a blog where they talk about not only Incense but other Metaphysical topics that align with their brand. So, if you are a buyer and are curious to know more, you don’t even have to go to Google, you can just check out their blog.

The layout of the Shop is extremely user friendly from both mobile and computer devices.

As folks may know, I usually use Resin Incense Blends but there are times when stick incense are perfect for my purpose.

For example, stick incense have a perfect burn time for me to sit and practice Japa Yoga (Mantra repetition 108 times).

I also use sticks as offerings for Hindu Gods (I am a Shavite Hindu for anyone who does not know).

Stick incense are great for energy clearing; clockwise to invite, counterclockwise to banish. They are also great for clearing your space before and after Spell work.

I love to use sticks when I am creating Witch Bottles and Amulets for my Shop, too.

I am fussy when it comes to incense though, and *whispers* there is one brand that is so cheap it gives me migraines.

This Shop, thankfully, only carries one item of that brand. Phew.

They carry Indian & Japanese Sticks; they are building their Resin inventory.

The items were packed securely, with eco-friendly materials and USPS Priority Shipping.

I received the Incense shown above, along with the Incense Burner (space for four sticks and a cone—SCORE!).

I also received the most adorable spoon and tong set for Resin blends and dried botanicals & herbs.

There was also an energy tuning chime placed in there. I love using sound in my practices! I have a Tibetan Singing Bowl, Ceramic Rattles, and now this chime. I must admit, for its size it sure gives off a high pitch, tune, and it’s beautiful! It also breaks up stagnant, negative or just blah energy *extremely fast and effectively*.

I highly recommend this Shop. The Customer Service was amazing, the selection of products is great and updates frequently.

If you are working on a budget, want quality Ritual tools, or simply just like Incense, this Shop might be something you want to check out.

In general, you may want to check them out because they have some good stuff!

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