MINI SERIES: Part 3- Abortifacients & Ethics

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Part 3- Abortifacients & Ethics


Link to Part 1 introduced you to the terms Emmenagogue and Abortifacient.

Link to Part 2 covered some herbs that emmenagogue specific and some toxicity related cases of pennyroyal essential oil.


Part 3 Abortifacients & Ethics- submitted a little later because I wanted to make sure I wrote about it not delicately, but *responsibly*; I could list all the herbs that might cause an abortion to occur, but what if you have complications? What if you die? What if you were unable to abort and had to carry to term a fetus born with deformities or the like? Since I am technically in the business of knowledge, this means you wield that sword how *you* choose to. Essentially, I am not responsible for the outcome of *your* choices (some could and would argue that point).

Libraries and google exist, do they not?

Consider me a variation of the two, except with some working knowledge and first-hand personal experience.

Let me be vehemently clear:

Free speech technically allows me to share knowledge as an Herbalist, it *does not* allow me to diagnose or prescribe jack shit to you or for you.

There are many herbs that could possibly cause uterine contractions. There are also many herbs that could cause a great plethora of malice for any unintended outcome that causes bodily strife unrelated to the uterus but was a byproduct regardless of best intentions. It is my hope that you would find a registered herbalist (or appropriate health care professional) to help guide you through this arduous physical process as it is, or can be, mentally and spiritually taxing on an individual just as much.

Let us now define ‘Uterine Stimulant’ as written by

Uterine Stimulants (uterotonics) are medications that cause, or increase the frequency and intensity of, uterine contractions. These drugs are used to induce (start) labor, facilitate uterine contractions following a miscarriage, induce abortion, or reduce hemorrhage following childbirth of abortion. The three uterotonics used most frequently are oxytocin, prostaglandins, and ergots. Depending upon the type of drug, uterotonics may be given intravenously (IV), intramuscular (IM), as a vaginal gel suppository or in oral form. (Encyclopedia 2022)

I have added the link in case any individuals printing/saving/downloading the entire chart would like to do so for their personal record or library. I do not know how much longer this file will be publicly available. I would not use it as an “end” list but a springboard to seek out which specific herb(s) might work best for you.

Only one herb on this pdf list (from University of Texas at El Pasa) specifically was mentioned as a ‘Uterine Stimulant’ and it is as follows:

Dioscorea villosa Wild yam, Cabeza de negro Root and rhizomes Tea, tinctures, capsules Uterine stimulant

It is a rather long list that shares which parts of the plants are used and how or what form to utilize it as; however, please note dosages are not given! FOR THE REST OF THE CHART CLICK HERE. (Also please see the link about ‘herbal safety’ landing page I have provided from UTEP CLICK HERE)

Some information on the wild yam and its ‘scams’ as quoted below from another source. CLICK HERE to read more on that:

Many wild yam products on the market are being marketed as natural progesterone but in fact contain no progesterone. Other products come with false information such as “wild yam has a very high concentration of a substance called diosgenin which converts in the body to natural progesterone.” Other companies promote the misleading concept of “natural progesterone from wild yam.” (Hudson 2022)





Uterine Stimulants.” Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health. . 25 Apr. 2022 <>.

Vol4_Issue3_11.pdf (

Hudson, Tori (n.d. )Women’s Health Update: Wild Yam, Natural Progesterone, Unraveling the Confusion | ENCOGNITIVE.COM, retrieved 05/11/2022

The History of Birth Control: Early Methods, Legal Issues, & More (





Please seek the appropriate healthcare professionals to answer medical/drug-related questions. This information is for knowledge purposes only and not meant to replace any advice or care provided to you by your Health Care Team Providers. ANY INFORMATION WITHIN ‘BASICS OF BOTANICALS’ LITERARY WORKS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS MEDICAL ADVICE NOR SHOULD IT REPLACE ANY MEDICAL SERVICES. ‘BASICS OF BOTANICALS’ IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION; It is meant to be a spring-board type guide to getting individuals into searching in-depth further on their own. If any information is incorrect/missing, please email with the following:

  • Citations missing or incomplete
  • Inaccurate information
  • The specific post/article in question


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