Taroting Depression: The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress from the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larsen

The Empress comes to us as a woman about to give birth. Indeed she can also be seen as Mother Earth herself. She is glowing with life and the fullness that comes from being about to bring something or someone into the world. 

The Empress knows her power comes from love and that is also her gift. She is sure of her place in this world and although her task is to give birth, that is not all she is.

Many of us who have Depression have made a conscious choice not to have children, so that we don’t pass this terrible condition on. And many of us are childless by circumstance, as I am. Children didn’t happen for me and coming to terms with this very nearly put me right over the edge. I came dangerously close to allowing the demon to win and to take me over fully.

Goddess knows that would have been easier.

But it wouldn’t have been true to my path. 

Although I’ve never given birth to a child, I’ve given birth to many ideas, books, relationships, and other creative endeavors. 

The Empress can bring news of the birth of a child, but she can also bring news of the birth of an idea, a project, a new attitude, even something simple as a new day. She’s about the abundance of earth, nature, and love. Simply love.

When we have Depression, often the only abundance we can see is misery. We feel we are too much, too sad, too useless, too…whatever. 

This isn’t true. And the Empress reminds us that abundance can be found in simple things, if we choose to look for it. And she also reminds us that we don’t usually have to look too hard. 

If you’re struggling to see the abundant beauty in your life or in your surroundings, work with the Empress. She’ll show you how and where to find it.

colorful roses

Walking with the wisdom of the Empress

Sit, or lie down comfortably and take a few moments to wriggle about and settle yourself. 

Begin with some box breathing. Make sure that when you breathe in, it’s the deepest breath you can manage.

Now, breathe in for a count of four, hold  for a count of four, release for a count of four, hold for a count of four.

Once more, breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, release for a count of four, and hold for a count of four.

One more time, breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, release for a count of four, and hold for a count of four.

Continue to breathe deeply as you picture yourself standing at the top of some beautiful marble stairs, leading down to a grassy open field. 

As you take your first step down the stairs you start to relax your entire body. Another two steps down and you relax even deeper.

The next two steps have you feeling even more relaxed but it’s tinged with a little bit of excitement as you know you’re about to go on a new adventure.

The next two steps lead you to the bottom of the stairs. You feel the grass under your bare feet and you can smell the faint aroma of roses off in the distance.

You walk towards the beautiful scent and find yourself in a small, circular, garden full of rose bushes, of many different colors. Blue, violet, pink, white, red, even black.

In the center of the garden there’s a marble bench and a beautiful pregnant woman is sitting on it. She beckons you to sit next to her, which you do.

What color is the woman’s dress? What meaning does that color have for you?

What perfume is she wearing? What does that remind you of?

What message does the woman have for you?

If you have any other questions for her, now is the time to ask them.

The woman reaches behind her and pulls out a small package with a red bow on it, and she hands it to you.

What’s in the package? Whatever’s in there is a clue to a part of your life where you can focus on the abundance and beauty of it. It’s something that you can always have with you, to remind you that you do have love around you. 

You thank the woman for the gift and she tells you that you’re always welcome here in her garden and you can return anytime you feel the need to.

You turn to leave and begin your walk back to the marble stairs. You feel warm, relaxed, and confident with your new gift and your new sense of abundance. 

As you take the first two steps you wiggle your toes and your fingers.

The next two steps have you coming back to awareness of your body and your surroundings.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you open your eyes, wide awake and feeling relaxed and grateful.

If you’d like some help with anything the meditation has brought up for you, please just email me at drusilla@depressionmuse.com and I’ll help you interpret your gift.

Tarot Deck used is the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larsen.

Fiona Tate, AKA the Depression Muse, is a Lilithian Witch, Writer, and Mental Health Mentor. She helps people with Depression use it as a superpower and turn it into a Creature of Fucking beauty. She’s on a mission to reduce the global suicide rate to zero. Follow this link to receive a free copy of her book Depression Sucks and join the waitlist to hear more about Black Orchid Alchemy: The alternative way to manage Depression.

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