Musings of a Spider Witch: Rekindling Our Magick

As the waxing moon radiates brilliance over my veiled head, The Badb beckons me into her moss painted woodland.

“Walk with me, Witch. Follow me through this spider laced thicket. Let your spider allies fuse their silken mastery with your lifeblood once more. Let them remind you of what you are, and of that which you have forgotten. Remember the powerful alchemy they bring to you. For they are of you, and you are of them.”

I follow carefully behind her, my beloved Goddess Badb, allowing the Araneus Quadratus weavers to burst into life and devour my dulled senses.

They chitter eerily as they scurry across every goosebump on my skin, swarming in unison to discard the banal detritus that has consumed me for too long.

They cover me in silk, and I slowly feel my soul change shape.
My eight feet bejewelled with lichen and labyrinth.
My eight eyes glistening with fate and prediction.

“You’ve allowed too much, Witch.” Badb scowls at me. “Too much has been taken by the mundane. Too much witchery has been extinguished. Too much vision blinded. Now you will feel again! Now you will see again! For you are Weaver, and you must never lose your magic!”

“Now, reborn and renewed, bring your dreams to me, little on.
We shall weave them like no other.
For you are a tapestry,
And we must spin your greatest yarn.”

This Spider Witch has been revived!

But after she releases me from my purge. I wonder…..

How many of us reach this point? How many of us sacrifice our magic because we are forced into societal prisons full of conditions and stress. How many of us slowly lose our light as we become more and more filtered down?
And it’s hard, right! It’s hard to keep your craft fully charged when your battery is constantly drained by forced routine. So very hard!

So today, make time for your spirit and your spiritual. Don’t allow your flame to be extinguished.

We are torches! We are healers! We are witches!
And we are needed!

Lyndsey x

©Badb’s Cauldron

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Lyndsey Watson is the owner of Badb's Cauldron (Est 2017). She's a Priestess of The Morrigan, she's The Wildwood Seer, a shamanic worker, a word weaver and a witch. She's a spider spirit walking the liminal path, weaving deep relationship to the Olde Ways, to deity, to spirit, ancestor and land.

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