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Jocelyn Amoroso, the Creatrix, Owner and face behind Triple Wick Goddess is an eclectic, crystal collecting, herb growing, moon gazing Witch. She has been pouring candles for a few wonderful years and manifesting her intentions for much longer. It was only natural to bring both passions together in Triple Wick Goddess.

She started her creative journey as an acrylic painter in the fine arts world, but she ultimately found it unfulfilling. Jocelyn enjoys anything that allows her to alter emotion through visuals. She also finds it extra rewarding if she can engage multiple senses, which is how she found her way into candle making.

She looks at each of her spell candles, soaps, or soaks as an art. She likes to live by keeping things in harmony and being grateful to nature for what it provides her and the universe. Jocelyn believes in doing good to receive good in return and that’s what she hopes to provide.

She has big dreams for the future of Triple Wick Goddess, as a community where everyone’s path is supported, promoting your manifestations and spiritual needs.

And I for one believe in her and her products.

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Q: What is candle magic and why do you think its beneficial to the craft?

A: “Candle magic has been performed for many years and most of us have practiced candle magic at least once in our lives, when making a wish on your birthday cake! One of the biggest advantages of candle magicking however, is its simplicity. You can take a ritual that normally would take months to prepare and condense it to a candle ritual, paired with the ability to return to that same ritual just by re lighting that intention is another benefit most busy modern-day witches would benefit from.

Candle magick usually goes as follows: candles will hold the vibration from the last use. Begin by cleansing and charging the candle/s with your intention before any ritual to increase the effectiveness. This can be done purely with the intention, but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils, blends, herbs or carve runes, words or symbols into the candle. Light the candle while visualizing what you wish to achieve. Sit and meditate on your goal while the candle is burning down. Once you feel intuitively that you are finished, always snuff out the candle or sit with the candle until it has finished burning. NEVER blow away your intention. If the candle remains and you wish to perform the same spell again, always keep the unlit candle in a safe place and treat with respect for your goal.  Each time you light the candle, renew your intention. Once the candle has burnt all the way down or you are finished using the candle either bury the remaining wax outside or dispose of it safely.

The simplicity also encourages inclusion, giving newer practitioners a chance to do more complex spell work with a tool they are already familiar with. This also goes for witches who are not outwardly identifying, they have a tool that blends in with regular home décor, so candle magic is accessible and for everyone.”

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Q: What drew you to start making Magickally infused candles?

A: “It started as a personal way to manifest and set intentions. I had been practicing herbal magick for some time beforehand. Candle making runs in my family so it really was only natural that intention candles would come next. I love making them into an art and focusing on the details. Each candle is created with full focus on its specific intention or manifestation. Every candle is poured during the most impactful corresponding moon, with placed herbs and botanicals to accompany the candles needs, a crystal to enforce the vibrations, a scent or oils to raise the purpose, and a hell of a lot of the right energy and intentions. Each individual candle component is smudge cleansed before pouring. After each small batch is complete, they are smudged again and charged for maximum impact. I take a lot of pride in what I do and magickally infused candles are a manifestation of that.”

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Q: Do you personally identify as a witch? Has candle magick enhanced your spiritual practice? How so and why do you think that is?

“I do identify specifically as a green witch. Candle magick has not only defined my spiritual practice but also my everyday life. I love candle magick because I can pack so much into one tool: color magic, herbal magic, oil amplification, crystal magic, and moon magic. It goes so much deeper than that though, I grow most of my own herbs that are used in my candles so that gives me the opportunity to grow these herbs or botanicals with the intentions I want. The number of wicks I use in the candle can even be used to amplify the spell in some cases, being able to make spell work an art and take every element into consideration makes it so impactful, and that to me is so exciting.”

Q: What is one piece of Magickal or spiritual advice you would give to a newbie just starting their path?

A: “Keep it simple. Use what you have, to me the most important part of practicing is actually practicing your craft and learning your path. You don’t have to wait till you have fancy tools or an altar set up before cleansing or protecting yourself. There are always elements you can interchange in spell work, be creative, use your intuition, and keep working your path.”

Q: What advice would you give to a fellow witchy centered business just starting out?

A: “Stay true to the craft you are best at or most passionate about. Your clients can feel the difference in the energy or vibrations when the passion element is lacking. Also be inclusive to everyone no matter what path they are on or whatever stage they may be at. You become a beacon of knowledge for others, know your niche and be willing to educate. There is nothing more powerful than knowledge and a community being built up together.”

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Q: Can you tell me more about your releasing mini collection?

“I am so excited for this, every few months I will be announcing a limited time mini collection. These mini collections will be a four-candle collection that have a specific theme. The collection we will be debuting with is our Goddess Collection. Four powerhouse Goddesses will be featured, Hecate, Aphrodite, Selene, and Lilith. Use them as offerings, to forge the connection, or just honor and channel the energy these ladies represent. These beauties will be available for a limited time through pre-order. Once they are gone, they will not be back in the permanent intention candle collection. Some of the other themes you will see in the future will be a Gods collection, as well as a few astrology based collections!”




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