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This week’s Witch of the Week is a brand that has become a movement and a Woman on a mission.

Lauren Roberts is a student of Lunar Alchemy, a crystal witch, and a warrior for empowerment of the Divine Feminine in her many forms.

Born under the New Moon, with the Sun in Aquarius, Lauren is dedicated to bringing change to a world that is READY for a new paradigm. She works with women to help them align with the Cycles of the Moon and the power within their natural feminine rhythm.

Recently her work has shifted to focus primarily on dealing with the Witch Wound, and she has begun to focus her energy on helping women heal from lifetimes of systematic oppression, persecution and torture.

Today Lauren is working with women, both 1:1 and in groups, from all over the world. Through her soul-aligned business, Womb Tree Alchemy, she offers individual and group coaching sessions and courses to empower women to reclaim their truth, show up authentically, and make BIG MAGIC in the world.

You can connect with her Facebook Group here:


Lauren is currently available for 1:1 coaching and will be opening registration for the 3rd round of the Moon Cycle Mastery Course in late August. If you are looking to dive deep with the phases of the Moon and the Feminine Archetypes reach out to Lauren and to be notified when registration for the MCMC is open.

Her Site: https://www.wombtreealchemy.com/

You can also find her writing (alongside myself) over at The House of Twigs.

Lauren’s Course ‘Waking the Feminine with Cyclic Alchemy’ will be launching on The House of Twigs: School of Ritual soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!


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Q. You are an advocate for Sisterhood, Womb and Moon Magick. What called you to this path? Has the issues Women face always been a passion of yours, or was there a specific moment where you said, “this is what I need to do”? Why do you think Womb and Moon Magick are important areas for Witches to focus on? 

A. “A deep connection to my feminine lineage and powerful Sisterhood of women is what lead me to my craft. I didn’t know I was a witch, until I was dancing with Sisters in a circle, celebrating the magic of our blood and the sanctity of our Sisterhood. In that circle, we called for rain to quell the fires burning in the next Valley over. We called in the energy of the New Moon, we summoned the goddess, and just like that, the skies opened the rain began to fall.

“And suddenly I remembered lifetimes of making magic.

“Magic lives within our blood and bones. When we gather in Sisterhood and activate through the connection between our Wombs, the Magic is undeniable.”


Photography by Ashley Morris

Q. As a fellow Feminist, and a Woman who works closely with other Women, what are some tips that you would give to gain access to our Womb Wisdom? For those of us, like myself who had a hysterectomy, or our Transgender Sisters who biologically don’t have a Womb, what are your tips to connect with that space? How do we gain wisdom and power from our pussy when *so many* spiritual teachers only teach about the power of blood, in-tact Women, and/or disregard Trans Women as Women? Where do the rest of us fall in?

A. “I am so grateful that you asked this question. Our Womb’s are energetic portals, and a connection to the Feminine gives you access to this space. Even my cis male fiancé can tap into the energetics of the Womb if he is willing to do the work.

“I don’t believe that being born with a uterus, or possessing one, is a prerequisite for having a potent connection to the magic energy and creative force that is the Womb. Although the physical organ can make it easier to anchor into that energy, it’s not required.

“My biggest piece of advice for ANYONE looking to connect with the cyclic power and nature of the Womb, is to tap into the Moon and her powerful rhythm, she will guide you home to your own unique cycles.”


Photography by Ashley Morris

Q. You have recently started a journey with Cacao, what it is about this amazing Earth medicine drew you to its Magick? What are the benefits, both health and spiritual of Cacao, and Cacao ceremonies?

A. “I have been working with Cacao off and on for about 4 years now, but in the last 12 months I have taken my relationship with this sacred plant ally to a new level of dedication. On the surface it felt like I was drawn to this medicine because of my love for chocolate, but now I see that I was drawn to chocolate because of my LOVE for this Medicine.

“Plants have long been friends of mine, and Cacao’s subtle psychedelic effects open me up in ways that other plants have not been able to.

“Physically, Cacao is a vasodilator, it increases blood flow in the entire body, and it is PACKED with micronutrients and antioxidants. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is prepared with very specific intention, and I believe that it is important to source your Cacao from places that are considering the lands and the people who produce this crop, that’s all a part of the magic that come with her.

“Spiritually, Cacao is a Heart Opener. And for Witches, and other people who have experienced deep oppression, Cacao can soften and open the heart to allow the individual’s Soul Purpose to come through. I’ve seen it happen with so many people.

“Purpose becomes primary. I have watched Cacao empower an individual to leave their soul-sucking day job for a life that serves them after ONE CEREMONY.”


Photography by Ashley Morris

Q. Living in these uncertain, toxic, overtly Patriarchal times there has been a rise of Earth based and Pagan belief systems; there has also been a re-wilding of sorts that has swept across our community. Do you think in a sense Witches and Women are being called to arms because the Divine Feminine has been silenced for so long?

A. “YES! Witches from across time are gathering here in this moment on earth, act as midwives as the Feminine wakes Up. Collectively, we are moving out of the Dark Moon phase of the Feminine, and the CALL to show up comes from the part within each of us that is waking up with her.”

Q. What is one piece of Magickal advice you were given that you will never forget?”

A. “Wise woman, Author, and Inspiring Witch Danielle Dulsky said to me at a workshop here in Eugene that “the most potent and powerful rituals will be written in my own hand.” And that was the medicine that my Witches Soul had been yearning for. It gave me permission to be my own version of my Witchy self.”

Q. What is one piece of advice that you wish you knew when you started that you would like to pass on to other Witches (no matter their skill level)?

A. “My bit of advice is that the antidote to the Witch Wound (the fear of showing up in our fullness and the fear of speaking our truth) is a CLEAR awareness of our Soul’s Purpose. If we can see with CLARITY what we are on this earth to do, if we are connected to the very mission that our Soul incarnated to complete, then fear becomes just an emotion, not a roadblock. Show up Magical! That’s why you are here!”

Social Media Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wombtree.alchemy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wombtreealchemy/

Lauren is a fierce Advocate for her work, and healing the collective and individual Witch Wound. She is an embodiment of the Goddess, and represents and includes all aspects of the Divine Feminine in her teachings.

For these reasons and so many more, Wombtree Alchemy has been selected as this week’s Witch of the Week.

Congratulations, Lauren.

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Jaclyn Cherie is an Author, Word Alchemist, Witch, Seer, Luciferian, Intersectional Feminist, Animist and Torchbearer with her roots planted in New York, and her mind in other worlds. © Jaclyn Cherie, Creatrix of The Nephilim Rising™ (2014-2019)


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I’m so glad that you are all speaking out about the divine femine. As someone whom was forced to have a hysterectomy in my mid 30s as I wrote about before to you Jaclyn; it’s something that used to worry me a lot before but not anymore. I have reframed my thoughts about my lost womb in many different ways. One is to remember my uterus with love, passion and grace. My womb produced two healthy babies to me for which I’m eternally grateful for. Yet the symbology of the divine femine will always be with us all. Yet we are all far more than any singular part of our body. We are whole empowered beautiful women with or without it.

I also think it’s important to empower transgender women whom don’t have wombs that they are still just as much female as those with a womb are. Yes I used to feel quite sad that I didn’t have a uterus anymore; but now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I realise that it’s not as important as I once thought it was. We are all warrior wylde women whether we happen to have a uterus or not. We are female and that is what empowers us and makes us the magickal women whom we are today.

Celebrate being a woman in every way that you can. We are powerful, we are strong, we are invinceable because we are women. Women whom are one of “the craft of the Wise”. Women whom are magickal whom can heal and weave the divine feminine to our will. We are all far stronger than this mortal finite body which holds our soul for a set period of time. We are women whom are reclaiming our strength and sisterhood throughout the world at this important stage of human evolution.

Never be afraid of whom we truly are. We are all goddesses and that’s the most important thing. We are creatrix’s whom weave the world in so many different and colorful ways. Never feel less than just because you don’t have a womb. Feel strong, feminine and blessed because that’s whom we truly are and will always be. Reclaim our power and the sisterhood that resides behind the symbology of the womb. As we live out our destiny as the beautiful spiritual beings that we are inside this wonderful mystical body that we all inhabit at this time.

Blessed Be & Namaste to all,🙏


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