Lessons in Magick: To Thine Own Self Be True


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“All great and precious things are lonely.”

John Steinbeck

When talking to fellow Crooked Path practitioners, and any Mystic or Witch really, the reoccurring theme is the immense amount of loss that we all experience.

Whether it comes in the form of trauma, loss of relationships (familial/social/professional), or simply losing our old Self so that we may be born anew—there is a tremendous amount of destruction and metaphorical death on this path that we walk.

It usually starts out with the death of our old Self; obviously this is something that never really stops once it starts because self-evolution is eternal, but this death is the first catalyst.

This is the time that we begin to wake up to the illusions of this world, start to question what we have been told, and seek out the truth with a veracious appetite.

We begin to feel more and more out of place, and the Soul calling for something, some place beyond this one becomes louder, and louder.

This is where the descent down the rabbit hole begins.

Slowly we start to have less, and less in common with people who we may have otherwise considered friends, or people we had common interests with; it’s usually the casual relationships that go first, they seem easiest to cut when our frequency begins to change.

After this, the destructive power of truth begins to hit closer and closer to home, and our immediate relationships are affected.

You will notice that your loved ones start commenting on how different you are or how distant you are; ideally, they will be accepting of your awakening but often times this simply isn’t the case.

It’s hard to describe to people who don’t crave truth what it tastes like.

It’s hard to describe to people that find it easy to conform what it means to rebel.

The majority would prefer to go on living in their false sense of comfort than dare step into the unknown and THAT is why we are so misunderstood, so feared, so envied, even: we are willing to step into the darkness to become the light.

This path is about self-discovery and that means a lot of solitude, and yes, loneliness; a word and emotion people fear so much but there are so many amazing lessons to be found in this place of desolation.

To be confident alone we must drudge through the vulnerability of our loneliness and find the root causes of that loneliness; humans may be social creatures but we should be able to enjoy our own company without needing anyone.

When we enjoy ourselves, love ourselves, understand ourselves, we are more equipped to enjoy, love and understand others. I do not mean love ourselves unconditionally, either, because that is simply not realistic.

The biggest test for us is when we must put our truth into action and our words into motion with someone we love. We can’t talk this big talk about living and burning in our truth if we refuse to speak our truth when the time arises.

I know full well that my truth is my own, and it’s not for anyone else but I also must honor my truth.

Even though I have been walking this path for many, many years now I am still cutting and losing people from my life. And, yes, I have lost a few friends in recent weeks; although their absence is felt, their presence is missed and I will always hold a place in my heart for them, there is simply no longer room in my life.

If a relationship is not feeding your Higher Self, if it is not stimulating your Soul, then let it go.

Life is too short to hold onto mediocre people who put in minimal effort, and expect maximum result.

You do not need to apologize for being true to yourself, your morals, your ethics, and your convictions because at the end of the day, all you have is yourself.

At the end of the day, it is only your reflection that will keep you company.

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Jaclyn Cherie is a Word Alchemist, Witch, Herbalist, Shaivite Hindu, and Torchbearer with her roots planted in New York. © Jaclyn Cherie, Creatrix & Owner of The Nephilim Rising LLC (2015-2023)


Lessons in Magick


Thank You 😊 at this point in my life its great to read this since I have been loosing people mostly my whole life 😑 I usually just say its their loss. But theres a few people I can’t seem to kick even if certain things bother just waiting for when timing is right also.

This is so very true! I could’ve written this word for word myself @Jaclyn Cherie. Problem is I didn’t as my biggest because my health isn’t the best. Story of my life now I’m afraid a lot of the time.

However if not for Witchcraft, Magick & the Occult and what I’ve learnt from it all, I wouldn’t even be here. I’ve also studied Buddhism too along with many other religions and beleif systems until the way. Until I finally found my true path. Where I truly belonged, which made my soul sing with mystism and gnosis of eternally different never ending kinds.

For other rituals & magick such as necromancy (communicating with the dead) the cemetery is “the place to be when working with the disincarnate”. I do however understand that my ways are not for everyone. I always say when I practice at night….It’s not the spirits/ghosts or any disincarnate that frighten me….it’s real life people that frighten me, especially when alone at night. I’m lucky as it’s quite safe and quiet in this area.

Yet all of my crazy eclectic empathic chaos sea witchery, necromantic Magick, tarot & oracle and runes etcetera have really saved my life in so many different ways. That’s what my blog is mainly about. Hope it’s ok to say that here Jaclyn? As well as some historical facts from other pathways that I’ve learnt along the way and morphed them into my own individual very eclectic necromantic magickal practice over the years.

It’s a very sad fact but true what you’ve written about in your blog post here. However it’s one that needs to be addressed. I feel that I’ve outgrown nearly all of my friends over the years. Not because I am better than them but because I question life and see things in different ways than I used to. But for some strange reason they are totally blind to all? Even when I give some of them really stong hints…they still don’t get it, Duh?

It can be heartbreaking but I’d rather be alone more often than not. Than have to put up with being with people whom I’ve either outgrown and/or they have hurt me without ever saying “sorry”, My problem was that I used to be a chronic people pleaser my entire life until only about 12 years or so ago now But not anymore that’s for sure.

The world is so full of sheeple all doing what they are told most of the time like soulless drones. I’d rather be that black sheep that strays from the flock finding a new world to live in entirely. Then runs away to find its own place in the world no matter where that place is?

At other times I can at times feel somewhat alienated when I know I am amongst the sheeple. I feel,like a goat (to use another analogy) that has strayed into the wrong paddock at the wrong time yet again. Getting ready to jump or break through the fence asap. Because once I realise that I’m in a field full of sheeple that’s it…..I’m gone forever!

I just want to jump the fence to get away from the way they think and the stupid ways that they live their lives. Buying, consuming and trying to out do one another for the rest of their lives. They don’t even realise that they live in a consumer driven society driven by obsolescense, power and corruption at all levels.

I’m so glad that there are younger women like yourself that are not only passionate about the Craft of the Wise; but your also very intelligent and a very wise woman to go along with it.

Women like yourself give me hope for the future because I really hope more than anything to see an end to corporate greed, an end to world poverty and no more wars!!!

A beautiful peaceful clean world for my grandchilden to inherit wouldn’t that be nice for everybody!

Sounds like a dream I know! But with empathy, care, compassion and love it’s possible,

I know it is!❤️❤️❤️

Blessed Be & Namaste,

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