Silence No More: My Message to Humanity

Emma SIlk

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“One love, one heart, one destiny.”

Bob Marley

I have been busy the last few days working on chapters for the book, along with just a general need to distance myself from Social Media a bit. It seems no matter how busy I keep myself, or how much distance there is between me and another Soul, I still feel it, my mind still thinks about it.

I can’t describe it other than a hole in my chest, a pain, an ache like nothing I have felt before, as if humanity, the collective unconscious itself, has been blasted wide open and mortally wounded.

I am referring to Paris, and the pain caused by the mass murders that took place.

The pain I am feeling is not just for the lives lost, may all those Souls find rest on the other side; this pain is for the division these acts have created, for the hatred, and anger that has been brought to the surface.

We live in a volatile world, full of tension and tempers, ignorance and indifference.

We have no compassion for our fellow man, we are nothing without compassion. This entire experience is nothing, it is pointless, eventless, and without lesson if we have no compassion.

I have my own ideas about the reason for the attack, but the reasoning doesn’t matter right now, what matters is unity, what matters is how well we see through the illusions that are being created by our politicians and media.

We need to approach our world as we approach our craft, by questioning everything.

A war has erupted on Twitter and Fb because of the whole “Pray for Paris” hashtags, the profile filter and memes. It didn’t take long for such a horrific event to cause division among the masses, because let’s face it, everyone is searching for reasons to be offended.

We have one group saying, “You don’t need to pray for Paris, you need to fight. You need to stand up for what is right.”

On the other hand, we have the PFP people who are feeling ganged up on, like their voices don’t matter, and their thoughts (intentions) mean nothing, which is leading to religious debates sprouting up all over the place.

If people want to Pray for Paris, let them. Yes, I agree that we need to take a stand, and fight back against the system, but to deny people the comfort of prayer in a dark time like this seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Is that prayer harming you? Is that prayer interfering with the investigation? Is that prayer anything other than sending good intentions to those affected?

People are so against the word prayer because they are so against religion, but religion didn’t fire those guns, religion didn’t take those lives, religion didn’t make them do it.

People with their own free will took those lives.

They may be using religion as a ploy, as a mask to wear, as a poor excuse to carry out their truly sadistic desires, but religion did not kill those people. Do you not see this is all part of the plan?

Let’s put a different spin on this: There is an estimated 1.3 billion Christians worldwide, and an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide, if religion truly, and I mean truly were the issue, then they would all be murderers.

I am aware of the oppression in predominantly Muslim countries, and I am not denying those facts. I am also not denying the Christian-Right and their cries of religious intolerance over every damn thing. I am, however, playing Devil’s Advocate, and simply trying to point out that religion is not necessarily the problem.

I AM anti-religion, but I am pro-individual; if someone wishes to follow, or practice a religion that is in their right to do so. It is when we start to venture into extremism that we begin to have problems, so please let us not confuse the two.

We do not judge all Christians based on the acts of the Westboro Baptist Church or the FLDS, so why should we judge all Muslims based on the acts of a terrorist group? Generalizations have never helped any situation, groups of people, or social issue, so let’s stop mass stereotyping.

The PFP movement, for lack of a better term, is to show support and solidarity for a city that was shook by violence.

I am aware of the atrocities committed in other parts of the world such as the attacks on Beirut, Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq, all within days of the Paris attack. It seems that society pays more attention when terror hits the Western world.

Irony at its finest seeing how the Western world terrorizes everyone else, but when it is returned, society loses their collective minds.

All lives matter. My life here in the West matters as much as a Woman, Man or child living in a remote village in Africa, India or any other place in this world. My life matters as much as a Woman being stoned to death for being raped. My life matters as much as the migrant seeking refuge from war. My life matters as much as the black man being murdered by the hands of those meant to protect us.

I feel for every Soul suffering, and I know they are no different than me, and if circumstances had been slightly different, I could have been dealt a completely different hand of cards; a life where I would truly know the definition of oppression because so far I have only had a small taste compared to the majority of my fellow man.

Every act of terror, on any scale, no matter who it is committed by is an unacceptable act, and if we remain silent during these times, it is as if we are compliant; it’s as if we are rolling over and accepting our fate.

I will not accept this fate, not for myself, and certainly not for humanity.

As for the profile filters on Fb, who cares. I mean, really, who cares? This has turned into the ‘red cup’ issue of this week. If there was no filter made available to show unity with Paris like there was one created to show unity for same sex marriage then people would cry out and be in an uproar over that.

Start addressing the real issues here, begin to see through the illusions that are being created, and start to unite with your fellow man. We have more similarities than we do differences, it’s time to start building the foundation of our ascension as a planet on those similarities, and rise up.

We are better than this current situation we have found ourselves in.

As a unit we can defeat those who wish to destroy us, we can fight back against our oppressors; only as one unit can we really dive into hidden knowledge, only as one unit can we win this war.

I am sure many will not agree with some of the things said in this post, the truth hurts, and it is indeed a hard pill to swallow.

Stop being offended over prayer, and filters, and start getting angry, allow that anger to become rage, justified rage, and then channel it; we are being dragged into a systematic war, a war where our lives don’t matter.

Now that’s something you should be offended over.

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