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Maxine Simoncelli

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“To hate man and worship God seems to be the sum of all the creeds.”

Robert G. Ingersoll

The basis of my writing is usually my personal Philosophy and lessons I have learned along the way. I by no means consider myself an expert, on any topic, and I don’t pretend to be. I tell my story, my experiences, and my journey. I have evolved as a woman, as an Occultist, a writer, a Witch, and in so many other ways since I started really focusing on my spiritual journey. For a long time I remained without a specific path, just a “knowing” that there was a place that I fit, and a similar “knowing” that there was more than what I was experiencing; I found theistic Luciferianism and something clicked, it resonated down to the depths of my Soul. As most of you know, I struggle with Pagan traditions, I struggle with labels in general, and with fitting into boxes, no matter how much breathing room I am given. I feel like labels do nothing but confine my mind, my Magick.

I consider myself to be a theist because I acknowledge the God’s existence. I believe that all path’s stem from the same story, and if you do enough digging, you will find it to be true; everything connects to everything else. I believe that there are archetypes of specific deities who have been scattered throughout history and civilizations. I do not believe that there are God/s who rule, or dictate me and my life. I do not believe a Divine power has mapped out my life and I have no choice but to follow this route. I also will never believe in an omniscient God. The Source of all creation, which is everything and nothing, dark and light, masculine and feminine, the great void itself, could be considered omniscient, but I would be ignorant, and naive to try and define such a power with my human words.

I have been down the path of a monotheistic, worship based religion (Roman Catholic) and I want nothing to do with any type of worship. I am very self-sufficient and I do not feel the need to worship, pray, or perform rituals, to please a deity. I will barter with deities, but there will never be worship. This is something that I struggle with, and while I will give offerings when working with deities, I do not follow a schedule, or a moon phase to practice my “rituals”. I do not make ritual part of my routine. I have my way of “giving” to Lucy and Gabe, there is no rhyme or reason, and there will never be worship. For me personally I rather die than worship. I know it sounds like such a dramatic statement to make, but I cannot see myself believing that I am ruled, governed, dictated, at the mercy of, ANY God. I simply acknowledge they are there. I also have had my fair share of run in’s with a few so to deny them would be to deny my own experiences.

Without a doubt in my mind the reason for my anti-religion, anti-worship stance is because of my Catholic upbringing, and the feeling of being trapped inside those walls of that Holy place. I believe that religion is a necessary evil, and many will not agree, and even more will not even begin to understand why I say this. I think that this Beast known as religion is out of control, and necessary for society or not, I think this Beast needs to be put down. The question is at what cost? My anti-religion stance is not hidden, I do not keep it quiet, but that is not what this post is about. I am writing about worship. Perhaps the word itself is tainted for me because of Catholicism, or maybe I have the wrong definition in my head, but there is something about this specific word that makes me want to rebel, and stand in defiance.

Worship: noun: 1.The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. “The worship of God”

Synonyms: reverence, veneration, adoration, glorification, glory, exaltation; the acts or rites that make up a formal expression of reverence for a deity; a religious ceremony or ceremonies. “The church was opened for public worship” Synonyms: service, religious rite, prayer, praise, devotion, religious observance “morning worship” adoration or devotion comparable to religious homage, shown toward a person or principle. “Our society’s worship of teenagers” Synonyms: admiration, adulation, idolization, lionization, hero worship. “He contemplated her with worship” archaic honor given to someone in recognition of their merit.

BRITISH- used in addressing or referring to an important or high-ranking person, especially a magistrate or mayor. Noun: His Worship; noun: Your Worship; plural noun: Worships “we were soon joined by His Worship the Mayor” verb: worship; 3rd person present: worships; past tense: worshipped; past participle: worshipped; gerund or present participle: worshipping; past tense: worshiped; past participle: worshiped; gerund or present participle: worshiping 1.) Show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites.

When in text form, and I see the actual definition of the word, I can’t help but think ok, I show adoration for Lucy and Gabe, but is that worship? I look at Muslims, Christians, Wiccans, and some Pagans who worship a deity and I can’t help but think, I do not do that. I know many like myself who do not worship, I think the word has been drug through the mud so much that I simply cannot use it, in any context. I consider worship to be praying and expect that this deity; God, Goddess, or otherwise, is going to answer your prayer, believing that this deity is more powerful than yourself, you are less than them. I do not believe in any of this.

By this point you are probably wondering why I am ranting on about worship. I recently received the book, ‘The Complete Book of Demonolatry’ by S.Connolly. The book came highly recommended by a few people. I must note that I have not read the entire book, I am only noting something that has been on my mind.  My Soul Sister is reading the book with me, and she agrees with my confusion. We both are bothered by the author saying that Demonolatry is a religion, and the literal worship of Daemons. Here is an excerpt:

“Demonolatry—not to be confused with Demonology (the study of Demons)—means, literally, the worship of Demons. Although the word is old, it was originally used (like the label Satanism) as a term of derision to refer to a variety of different religions that the early Church persecuted. It was not adopted as a term of self-reference until relatively recently (late 1950’/early 1960’s). Even then, Demonolatry was clandestine. It was not until 1998 when the Guild of Demonolatry (now defunct) finally funded a website—Tezrian’s Vault- devoted to the religion that Demonolatry came out-of-the-closet. That site closed in 2001. Previously, many sects simply referred to themselves as followers of {insert name of Demon here}”

So, before I say anything else, let us define religion.

re·li·gion: noun: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. “ideas about the relationship between science and religion” synonyms: faith, belief, worship, creed; a particular system of faith and worship. Plural noun: religions “the world’s great religions” A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

Maybe it is because I am neurotic that I feel the need to be so “nit-picky” about this topic, but to me Demonolatry is not a religion, and worship is not part of it. I could absolutely be the only one who feels this way, but I am not wrong, just as the author is not right. There is no right and wrong with personal Philosophy that is why I went out on a limb and wrote about my inner struggles, as I develop my own path.

This is my Truth.

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Jaclyn Cherie, who is also known by the name Noir has her roots in New York. She is an Author, Writer, Hedge Witch Luciferian, and Wild Woman. © Jaclyn Cherie and The Nephilim Rising, 2015-2017


I work with demons however I do not worship them. The word ‘worship’ means to place the object you hold in adoration over yourself. It means to follow the rule of that deity or pantheon. Demons also do not expect our worship, but as the saying goes ‘if given an inch they will take a mile’. If you are dumb enough to bow your head to a Prince of Hell do not be surprised to feel the heel of boot on the back of your neck. I’ve seen too many who have stupidly traded their souls only to find out they were merely commodities on the market. Much like Noir, I do not worship demons I walk among them as equals, just as I do if a deity has crossed me. I am equal to all.

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