Meeting Mephistopheles


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“People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the Devil. Evil is always possible, and good is eternally difficult.”

Anne Rice

I am used to having beings from beyond this world come to visit me, there are some who are welcome, others who are not, and some could care less if I accept them or not. I have always lived in places that were spiritually active, even now I don’t know if they were active before I lived there, or if I come with baggage in the form of spirits. For the most part I can handle the presence from Daemons, Angels, God’s, and Goddesses equally, when dead mundane’s start to visit is when the problem usually arises. I think the resentment that I have for human spirits that have passed stems from my childhood, and how I was so afflicted with this curse of seeing the dead that my life could not, and was not, normal by any definition. The reasoning matters not, but there it is nonetheless. I have been feeling “off” for the last week or so, and I blamed it on Mercury Retrograde, and although Mercury is not in my natal chart as a negative influence, I am overwhelmed by Chaos around me. I have been unable to shield the frustration that others are feeling from lack of communication, or lack of control due to Retrograde. I just put on some extra crystals, find calm in the storm, and wait it out.

Last night there was nothing that could be done to ease the pressure in my chest, and once the heat came, I knew I was in the presence of a “Big Boy”. I have been using this term since I was a child, and it is how I describe a higher level Daemon, it was the only way at such a young age that I could articulate their power.

I knew that something was wrong after I had went out to the living room, and asked my Mom if she felt anything. “Mom, something is off”, I said. Then, as if gasping for her last breath of air, she says, “Something *IS* off, I can feel it on my chest”. I get up to walk down the hallway towards my bedroom, and see a large black shadow in the top left corner, and I knew I was in the presence of darkness. This being was not threatened, or moved by the darkness that I myself possess, and he was most certainly unamused by my Mother’s light; when he was near her, it was as if he was repulsed by the light that irradiates from her being.

I went on with my business, and grabbed my sage to ease some of the thickness, as I smudge my house I am cursing Lucy and Gabe out for allowing such a being in my home at a time that I was completely unprepared to handle such a force. I have a secret weapon on my team though, a relationship that I have formed, and I use her when I need to blast back; A Fae. If you have never worked with, or encountered a Fae, then you might think I am going to say that she sprinkled some glitter and fairy Dust on this Daemon, and all was set right with the world; things did not quite happen that way.  I tapped into her Rage, Faes are known for throwing quite the “Fae Fit” when things do not go their way. However, they are also known to use this same rage towards anything that they deem as a threat to them, or what they considered theirs; Lucky for me, this Fae seems to have quite the love affair with my Daemonic side. She also has a strong gift of sight, and when we combine our energy it is like both of our sight’s become this all seeing-eye.

“Mephistopheles”, she says. I knew the name sounded familiar, so I grabbed my pendulum, sat in my circle and asked if this was the name of the Daemon who was in my presence, and it was a strong yes. I heard a loud knock behind me, and as I turned around I saw him kneeling down, to gaze into my eyes; his being the deepest, most beautiful shade of yellow I have ever seen. Unable to focus, and unable to stay away, I opened my circle, and let my shields down and allowed him to come closer. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, putting his fiery hand on the top of my head. The overwhelming heat is enough to give Lucy a run for his money. He also carries this pungent smell of sour milk. He didn’t stay long, bored by me, got what he wanted, I don’t know.

I can still see Mephistopheles in my mind’s eye, just staring into the depths of my soul–swirling shades of amber inviting me in for a Divine dip in his well of darkness. The energy from him was welcoming, but intense and supercharged it is a darkness that I want to be consumed within.

A force of Chaos to match my own.

Mephistopheles (Mephistophilis) is the Daemon in Faust Legend, and he is connected to the term “Murphy’s Law”; anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Which is really ironic because I am, quite literally, the epitome of Murphy’s Law.

The name first appeared during the Renaissance period, for this reason there is not one mention of him in the Bible. He is known as one of the Seven Chief Daemons of Hell. The names associated with this Fallen Angel are: Mephisto, Mephistophilus, Mephist, Murphy, Murphy Stoffelis, and Mephy.

“Mephistopheles was the first to join with Lucifer during the rebellion against God at the beginning of time. When the rebel angels were banished from Heaven, Mephistopheles was the second to fall, after Lucifer. In exchange for his loyalty Lucifer granted him power in Hell, appointing him his second-in-command. This is not widely accepted. Others believe that Mephistopheles was an angel that assisted God in the creation of the universe. He is known for the designing of orca whales, seals, and a few other ocean mammals typically working with a fellow angel named Cerenus. He joined the banner of Lucifer because he was jealous of humans.”

“Mephistopheles is portrayed in the legend of Faustus, as the name of the Devil to whom Faust sells his soul. This legend was famously recorded in Christopher Marlowe‘s play from the 1590s, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, and in the classic 19th century drama Faust (Part 1 and Part 2) by the influential German writer and humanist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.”

“Mephistopheles is known throughout Goethe’s book as a “fallen angel” himself, as he clearly states to Faustus. He rebels against the authority of God and is thrown out of heaven into hell. In a passage from Marlowe’s Faustus, Mephistopheles says “Why this is hell, nor am I out of it./ Think’st thou that I, who saw the face of God,/And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,/ Am not tormented with ten thousand hells/ In being deprived of everlasting bliss?”

“Mefisto is also the title of a book by contemporary Irish writer John Banville. The novel treats the descent of a young math prodigy, and burn victim, Gabriel Swann, into a personal hell, accompanied by various Mephisotopholean characters, including Felix and Mr. Kasperl.”

“The meaning, if any, of the name “Mephistopheles” is unknown, although the historical evidence suggests that it was invented by the anonymous author of the German chapbook that made the Faust story famous. Many attempts have been made to construct etymologies from Greek or Hebrew, but with no definitive results. Inasmuch as the similarity of the Greek “Me Fausto philos” and the Latin “Ne Fausto filius” goes, who could deny that Mephistopheles was not a friend to Faust? Some believe that the name may mean “He who shuns the light”. It is likely that the name was composed of Latin words ‘mefitis’ (also spelt ‘mephitis’, meaning noxious exhalation from the ground) and ‘fel’ (bile, poison), and orthographically dressed as a Greek name, as if transliterated from an imaginary Greek ‘Μεφιστοφέλης’. Perhaps a rhyme with the name ’Αριστοτέλης Aristotélēs (Aristotle) was also sought, as well as the reverse meaning: while the name ‘Aristotelēs’ means ‘noblest purpose’ in Greek, the rhyming ‘Mephistophelēs’ seems to mean ‘noxious bile’, in a semi-educated, or perhaps deliberately comic, mixture of Greek and Latin.”

To be quite honest with you, I have no idea why he came to me, from what my tarot cards, pendulum, Lucy and Gabe are saying, it is to give me a message. I feel the message is something major, it’s like I can almost see it.

There is something deep down that tells me my meeting with Mephistopheles is just another piece to my puzzle, and that my dreams of the Ocean last night, and an orca were him, trying to make his message, and presence more clear.


If you would like to read about the Faust Legend, click here:

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Jaclyn Cherie, who is also known by the name Noir has her roots in New York. She is an Author, Writer, Hedge Witch Luciferian, and Wild Woman. © Jaclyn Cherie and The Nephilim Rising, 2015-2017


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